MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 182



Fade Chen followed behind, although there was some distance, but he also heard the conversation between the two clearly.

It is nothing more than to let Su Momo seize the opportunity, get to know the rich and powerful businessmen of Hanjiang City, and strive to make a good impression on everyone. At the same time, it also hinted several times that his family’s business is very compatible with the Su family. If there is an opportunity, they can cooperate.

Su Momo didn’t like these, but after Fade Chen’s enlightenment yesterday, he also knew that this was a common thing in society, so he coped with it casually.

After chatting with Su Momo and entering the venue, Tan Yuqin introduced Su Momo to the wealthy businessmen in Hanjiang City. Speaking of her identity as the Su family in Nan’an City, coupled with Su Momo’s sweet and lovely appearance, it is naturally very popular, and many people come to chat and chat.

Tan Yuqin took the opportunity to walk over, glanced at Fade Chen and Zhang Qiuyue who were sitting and eating, and whispered: “Come here.”

Fade Chen and Zhang Qiuyue were a little dissatisfied, but they followed the villa A corner.

Without Su Momo, Tan Yuqin will no longer cover up at this moment, looking at the two of them with a cold face, and said: “I tell you the truth, the people who came to this party are the rich and powerful people of our Hanjiang city, worth At least all of them are above the ten million level. If Momo insisted repeatedly, I would never let people like you attend the party. ”

” We like us! “Fade Chen’s eyes dropped, his expression a little cold.

Tan Yuqin glanced at him, does not care, continued: “.. That I was insulting you these words in this society is, not a person level, the gap will only grow.”

“You talk all the action tonight Be careful, do n’t make trouble, you ca n’t afford to sell you anybody, ”Tan Yuqin said with a warning.“ Also, do n’t be too embarrassed to eat or drink, showing the face of your country gangster. Otherwise, you ’ll lose face. Me. ”

” Sister Xue, we “Even the good-tempered Zhang Qiuyue couldn’t help being angry at the moment.

But Tan Yuqin but still a condescending attitude, said:. “Do not call my sister, in this case, you consciously point as well, the best is quietly hide in the side, do not come out disgrace”

heard footsteps, Tan Yuqin glanced and saw Su Momo approaching here, suddenly speeding up his speech, saying: “Of course, to be able to participate in this level of party. For you, it is also an opportunity. Pay attention to yourself. Maybe the young lady, rich and young, is in a good mood, and rewards you tens of thousands to more than tens of thousands, which is enough for you to struggle for several years. ”

” No, we “Zhang Qiuyue said.

But before finishing the speech, Tan Yuqin put on a smiley face directly, turned to meet Su Momo, and smiled: “Momo, so chatting? Those are all young talents of our Hanjiang city, If you have the heart, I will help you to match the line. ”

Su Momo smiled politely and said:” No. By the way, Sister, they seem to have talked to you, don’t you go? ”

” Talk to me! ” “Tan Yuqin showed a surprise on her face, hurriedly sorted out her clothes, and then moved towards the group of people just now.

Su Momo couldn’t help but stick out his tongue and smiled toward Zhang Qiuyue and Fade Chen: “Hey, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. A group of people smiled pretentiously, not talking about stocks, companies or funds Futures, it’s too boring. ”

” Oh, what’s wrong with the school sister? “Su Momo could not help saying when she saw Zhang Qiuyue’s sad expression.

Zhang Qiuyue didn’t want to cause trouble to Su Momo, he smiled and said, “It’s okay, I will eat with Brother Chen. It’s good.”

“That’s fine!” Su Momo nodded, and then came over from Chen. Picking up an apple on the plate in Fei ’s hands, some stuffed into the mouth and chewed up. “These people are also true, saying that it ’s the party, but they did n’t have anything to eat. I did n’t come to dinner. Yes, standing and chatting with them for so long, my heart is tired and my body is tired. ”

Looking at the cute appearance of Su Momo chewing fruit in his mouth, Fade Chen and Zhang Qiuyue couldn’t help but feel good mood, and left Tan Yuqin’s words just behind his head, and they all laughed together.

The three of them were eating and chatting here, and Tan Yuqin’s group of people over there was now chatting more and more enthusiastically. One of them was faintly headed by a tall and handsome suit man, and several young men and women around them were holding wine glasses and chatting excitedly.

It’s Tan Yuqin, with a flattering look on his face, it’s hard to plug in. Obviously, in that circle, her status is still lower.

Several people seemed to talk about some interesting topics, and their voices grew louder.

One of the women in red said: “Have you heard, Guo Shao was beaten.”

“I also heard that it seems to be quite serious. What is going on? In our Hanjiang City There are people who dare to move Guo Shao, “said a man.

The woman in red rolled her eyes and said, “I heard some inside information.”

“What inside information, hurry up!” The people nearby also came to interest, and the atmosphere became warmer.

The woman in red looks mysteriously and says, “This is how things go. Guo Shao went to play in the hot spring scenic area. I heard that there was a new actress from Bay who was shooting advertisements. He looks pretty good, and was favored by Guo Shao. ”

” So, Guo Shaola’s actress went to dinner and also hinted at some things, you know. ”

Everyone nodded again and again, apparently already used to this kind of circle Unspoken rules.

Red woman continued: “As a result, you did not think of how it turned out that the actress refused Guoshao requirements, also called her boyfriend to come, will Guoshao to storm beating..”

“No, actually Dare to fight Guo Shao, are they looking for death? “Someone was surprised.

The woman in red said, “It’s not just a fight, but it’s also a very powerful one. I heard that Guo Shao was even forced to kneel to admit his mistake.”

“What, let Guo Shao kneel to apologize, how is it possible?” Someone shook his head in disbelief.

“Guoshao father Guo Qidong, but our big brother Han River City entertainment ah That actress and her boyfriend are silly you, seize such opportunities do not know, dare to hit.”

“Out of town, we do not know Guoshao name, it should be misunderstanding. ” ”

Well, was misunderstood. but afterwards, etc. Guoshao find out that the actress in the field even think about escape, that time must have been blocked. ” ”

to me, that woman The star is completely stupid. A newcomer, Guo Shao fancy, it is her luck. The result is completely unaware of cherish, it’s awkward

. . Guoshao potential, no chance. ” ”

I say, pretending that the actress is pure, like hanging Guoshao appetite, the results did not expect to play smashed, this is probably regret was crying out at the bar! ”


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