MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 181



Su Momo also realized this matter, and deliberately cited the topic to Zhang Qiuyue and Fade Chen, but Tan Yuqin was obviously not interested in the two of them, and after a few words, the topic was again brought to Su Momo.

Moreover, he also mentioned the Su family business several times, saying that he had the opportunity to visit the Su family in Nan’an, and he said that the two should cooperate well. It’s like turning tourism into a business meeting.

Su Momo didn’t want to talk about this, and he coped vaguely with the past without eating, which made Tan Yuqin’s face not very beautiful either.

After playing for a day, in the evening, Tan Yuqin had to take the three people home, rest for another night, and continue to travel tomorrow. But before he got home, Su Momo answered the phone, and then apologized to Tan Yuqin: “Sister Xue, I’m sorry. I sent a picture in the circle of friends. It happened that a friend from Nan’an was in Hanjiang City. Go to dinner in the evening. I will not go to school sister’s house for a rest today. ”

” Friends of Nan’an City! “Tan Yuqin asked with a look of expression,” Partners of the

Su family’s business? ” Su Momo shook his head and said,” It was once

My middle school classmates also came to travel in Hanjiang City. ” Tan Yuqin responded and said,” Oh! Do you want me to send you over. ”

” No, my classmate is at a home hotel not far away. We can walk over To. “Su Momo smiled.

Hearing the Rujia Hotel, Tan Yuqin’s face changed slightly, and he knew that this classmate was not a high-end friend, so he was lack of interest, and said: “Then I will send you here. Come out tomorrow to play, Momo you contact me again. ”

Uh um, thank you Sister Xue.” Su Momo said.

Immediately, Tan Yuqin opened the door and the three of them got out. After waving his hand, Tan Yuqin drove away.

Watching Tan Yuqin leave, Su Momo and Zhang Qiuyue seemed relieved, and at the same time breathed out a smile on their faces.

Fade Chen looked at the second daughter, smiled, and said to Su Momo: “Mo Mo, when did you learn to lie? There are no classmates at Home Inn.”

Su Momo glared at Fade Chen and waved a little. The pink little fist said, “You know everything, brother-in-law, and you are still pretending to know nothing.”

Immediately, Su Momo’s expression was a little sad, and the tone was low: “Sister Tan Xue warmly invited me to play, I thought she was warm and hospitable. But I didn’t expect that she was interested in my family’s business. From yesterday to today, she kept mentioning cooperation. ”

Zhang Qiuyue was silent for a while, and said softly,” Momo, don’t be sad. My sister is also very enthusiastic and took us to play with so many attractions. “Zhang Qiuyue is kind-hearted and habitually thinks about the benefits.

Su Momo pouted and said, “I don’t mean to say that she’s not good. It’s just,” the

little girl didn’t know how to describe her mood at the moment.

Seeing this, Fade Chen smiled lightly: “It’s just that you were looking forward to a pure friendship, but you didn’t expect that the other party was for the benefit.”

Su Momo said, nodded and said, “That’s what it meant. ”

Fade Chen said,” Momo, your ideas are naturally correct, but pure friendship is a very difficult thing. In this society, most of them are still intertwined with various interests. Although your sister’s approach is not How good, but also normal. Because, this is society. ”

” Society! “Two simple little girls chewed Fade Chen, bowing their heads and thinking, digesting the first lesson of entering society.

After a moment, Su Momo looked up and smiled at Fade Chen, “Brother, I understand. I will relax.”

Zhang Qiuyue also nodded solemnly.

Seeing that the second woman was relieved, Fade Chen opened the subject with a smile, and said, “It’s not too early. After a day of playing, my stomach can be hungry.”

“Me too!” Zhang Qiuyue nodded with a smile.

Su Momo’s bold five-star hotel not far away, said: “Let’s go, let’s have a big meal.”

With their current economic conditions, the five-star hotel is naturally nothing, so three people directly enter the five-star hotel, Had a good meal, also set three luxurious rooms in the hotel at night, and had a good night’s rest.

The next morning, Su Momo called Tan Yuqin again and said that he would come out to play with his classmates today and asked if Tan Yuqin would like to be together.

Sure enough, Tan Yuqin then made an excuse and said that sometimes he could not come.

So, Su Momo and the three of them started playing by themselves. Although there was no guide like Tan Yuqin, it was not so convenient to travel. But the three obviously played more relaxed and comfortable than yesterday. After all, when no one is traveling, they often talk about business cooperation in your ears.

In this way, for another day, the three played the famous attractions of Hanjiang City, and returned to the five-star hotel at more than four o’clock in the afternoon to get ready for a rest.

As a result, in the evening, Su Momo received a call from Tan Yuqin, saying that there was a party tonight in Hanjiang City, and that all the people coming from Hanjiang City had faces and invited Su Momo to join him.

Su Momo knew at first hearing that it was nothing more than a reception where the rich and powerful businessmen had a relationship with each other. He was not interested in these and refused politely.

But Tan Yuqin insisted again and again that Su Momo was no longer good enough to refuse and could only agree. Of course, the requirement is that the three of you should go together.

Originally, Tan Yuqin was not prepared to invite Zhang Qiuyue and Fade Chen together, but Su Momo insisted that the three should be together, and Tan Yuqin had to agree.

So the three took a shower in the hotel, changed their clothes, and then went to the place where the evening party was held. Because the three of them were not interested, they didn’t have any special dress. They were almost the same as usual. By the way, they took a taxi.

The party was held in a luxurious villa by the river. The owner was a local business tycoon, and the people invited were basically tycoons in the Hanjiang city circle.

Tan Yuqin, who was waiting for Su Momo at the door of the villa, saw that the three had come in a taxi, and they were wearing a little too shabby, and their faces suddenly looked sad.

Su Momo is pretty good, although it is ordinary clothes, but after all, his family background is good, and he usually wears high-end brand goods, which is also good for participating in a reception. But the dress of Zhang Qiuyue and Fade Chen made Tan Yuqin’s eyes twitch fiercely.

Because she saw that the clothes of the two of them would not exceed two hundred pieces in unit price, and the sum of up to five hundred pieces in one body, to attend this kind of party, it was like two beggars entering the palace.

Seeing these two people, Tan Yuqin wanted to pretend not to know, but after all the other party came with Su Momo. She had to squeeze out a smiling face and greeted her.

However, after greeting smoothly, Tan Yuqin immediately took Su Momo to chat, and at the same time accelerated his pace, deliberately leaving Zhang Qiuyue and Fade Chen behind.


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