MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 180



Zhang Qiuyue was very polite, nodded to Tan Yuqin, and said, “Sister Xue is good.”

Tan Yuqin also nodded in response, “Well, hello. Momo and I mentioned you and said you sing very well, and now both It’s a star. ”

Zhang Qiuyue quickly waved his hands and said modestly:” No, no, I’m still a student. ”

Tan Yuqin is obviously a polite, not too much understanding of Zhang Qiuyue, and then looked at Fade Chen.

Fade Chen smiled faintly, and also politely greeted, ”

Miss Tan !” But Tan Yuqin glanced at Fade Chen’s dress, his eyes flickered, his brows lightly wrinkled, and his face returned to normal, gently Nodded and responded, “Well, hello.”

Her movements were so small that Su Momo and Zhang Qiuyue didn’t even notice it. When Fade Chen caught this sharply, he couldn’t help thinking about it secretly, “This Momo’s school sister doesn’t seem to be that kind of simple person!”

However, after all, he came to be a guest. Although he guessed in his heart, Fade Chen Hard to say anything, he followed Su Momo and Zhang Qiuyue.

The room is not small, more than 100 square meters, and Tan Yuqin lives alone. The decoration inside is quite exquisite and luxurious. Several people were more certain that Tan Yuqin’s family was pretty good.

Politely greeted a few people to sit down, and then Tan Yuqin asked the nanny to pour water for them, and then chatted.

Tan Yuqin and Su Momo are the most familiar, and the person who chats is naturally Su Momo.

She took Su Momo’s hand and first asked Su Momo how she was studying at school. Then I asked Su Momo if she was interested in joining the student union. In another semester, she was about to graduate. Before leaving school, she could recommend Su Momo to join the student union and seek a good position.

Su Momo jumped off his lively temperament, and was not interested in these things, so he pushed away casually.

Tan Yuqin didn’t feel anything, and then the topic gradually shifted to the family background of several people.

“Momo, what are you two friends doing at home?” Tan Yuqin glanced at Zhang Qiuyue and Fade Chen.

Su Momo immediately looked at the two, with an inquiring expression, apparently asking the two, saying it was convenient for him.

Zhang Qiuyue didn’t think so much and said directly: “Sister Xue, my family is in the countryside, my father works in the city, and my mother works at home.” When

Tan Yuqin heard this, the muscles on his face pumped and he sniffed his nose. A moment, then his eyes turned to Fade Chen.

Upon seeing this, Fade Chen frowned lightly and said lightly: “I am a Chinese medicine doctor who works in the autumn group’s medical room.”

“Autumn Group, a very large company, does a good job.” Tan Yuqin said smoothly, although the words sounded appreciated. But that attitude seemed very indifferent, even disdainful.

After asking this sentence, Tan Yuqin didn’t waste time on the two of them, and turned to Su Momo directly, saying: “Mo Mo, is your home in Nan’an?”

“Well!” Su Momo didn’t realize anything, Answer smoothly.

Tan Yuqin’s eyes lit up and said, “I heard that your family is in business, wouldn’t you be a member of the

Su’s family in Nan’an?” Su Momo was a little surprised that Tan Yuqin mentioned things about his family, but he didn’t think much about it. , Nodded and said: “Yes, I am from the Su family.”

Wen Yan, Tan Yuqin’s eyes lit up, said: “The Su family’s business is quite wide, I don’t know what business Momo is responsible for?”

Momo frowned, slightly. Some discomfort, but still said: “My dad is responsible for real estate business.”

“Real estate!” Tan Yuqin’s eyes were brighter, and his heart was secretly excited. Real estate can be regarded as one of the pillar industries of the Su family. Su Momo’s father is responsible for real estate business. It seems that Su Momo’s status in the Su family is not low.

Thinking of this, Tan Yuqin leaned back to Su Momo and said, “Momo, your real estate business is doing well. My dad happened to have some related business. I don’t know when it will be convenient. I will have a meal together and cooperate. ”

Su Momo felt a little bit disgusting as she heard it, and she put down her teacup and said,” I don’t know anything about business. ”

” Yes, my sister, what’s the fun in Hanjiang City! It’s hard to take a holiday, we can Please relax. “Su Momo wisely opened the topic.

Tan Yuqin knew not to be in a hurry, so he restrained his excitement and moved out of the laptop, saying: “Momo, you can rest assured. I have already arranged the tourist route, you see, these scenic spots are well-known attractions in our Hanjiang city, It’s very unique, and it’s very suitable for winter tours. ”

” Well, thank you Sister Xue. “Su Momo thanked.

Tan Yuqin smiled and said, “Thank you for our relationship. Today you are tired from traveling, and I will rest at my house for one night. I will take you to travel tomorrow.”

“Well, I’m in trouble,” said Su Momo.

In the evening, a group of people ate dinner at a good-quality hotel outside the community, and then strolled outside for two hours, and then went home.

In the evening, she arranges a sleeping place. There are many rooms in the Tan Yuqin family. She lives in a master bedroom by herself. A large guest bedroom was left to Su Momo, and then Zhang Qiuyue was assigned to another small bedroom.

As for Fade Chen, Tan Yuqin said with a smile: “Mr. Chen, I’m sorry, the remaining bedroom is full of debris, and I haven’t had time to clean it up. Today, I can only trouble you on the sofa in the living room. It will be overnight. ”

Before Fade Chen had spoken, Su Momo said, “Otherwise, Qiuyue and I will have one. Feige, your own.”

Zhang Qiuyue then nodded and said, “The guest bedroom has a large bed, I Together with Momo, it wo n’t squeeze. ”

Fade Chen glanced at Tan Yuqin, and then said lightly:“ It ’s okay, I ’

m a big man, and I can sleep when I lie down. ” Tan Yuqin wanted to say something, but Su Mo Mo said: “It’s winter now. It’s easy to get cold on the sofa. Besides, I usually sleep with Qiuyue many times, and this time it happens to be a lot of people warming the bed.”

Seeing Su Momo insisted, Tan Yuqin said nothing more, just Faintly said: “Then Mr. Chen sleep over there, the bedding is inside, trouble Mr. Chen to do it yourself.”

One night passed, the next morning, after a group of people had breakfast. Tan Yuqin drove a BMW, and the four went on a trip together.

Since the route has been booked long ago, and the tour guide Tan Yuqin, it has been a smooth journey, and everyone is quite happy to visit.

But along the way, even the insensitive Su Momo and Zhang Qiuyue found a difference in Tan Yuqin’s attitude.

Along the way, she accompanied Su Momo almost all the way, explaining it enthusiastically. As for Zhang Qiuyue and Fade Chen, that is irrelevant. After one day, there were no more than ten speeches.


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