MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 179



“I would rather not be a star than such an opportunity.” Zhang Qiuyue shouted seriously.

“Xiao Zhang, don’t be impulsive. Do you know how many beautiful girls think about their debut every year, and they don’t find the right person to take the initiative to dedicate themselves. I give you the opportunity, but you don’t know how to cherish, I really feel sorry for you! Dong Hongjie shook his head and sighed, but said more and more true, a tone of consideration for Zhang Qiuyue.

Zhang Qiuyue was so angry that he could not speak.

Fade Chen’s eyes were cold, and he walked to the director. “Slap” was a slap on the director’s face. He sneered and said: “Take the unhealthy winds in the circle as truth, but also self-proclaimed and profound, use these distortions Come to educate newcomers. The entertainment industry is chaotic because you are too scumbag. ”

” You, you dare to hit me. “The director shouted, he dared not speak to Fade Chen, but only shouted to Zhang Qiuyue,” Zhang Qiuyue, you quickly let your friends stop, otherwise, I will block you, and you do n’t want to be in the circle again in the future. ”

Zhang Qiuyue ignored Dong Hongjie at all.

“Stop!” Fade Chen sneered. “You scum, should be blocked.”

Then, Fade Chen touched his mobile phone and dialed Huang Weizi’s phone, saying: “Huang Fatzi, give I check a person. It ’s called Dong Hongjie, a director. I do n’t want to see him in the circle in the future


And Dong Hongjie listened to Fade Chen’s phone, and looked disappointed, saying: “Who do you think you are? Want to block me, it’s a joke. Don’t pretend to be in front of me, I tell you”

He doesn’t think Fade Chen Phone is true. After all, if he really has any strong relationship with the entertainment industry, Zhang Qiuyue has already become popular directly, which scenic spots are used to receive this kind of advertisement.

But before he finished speaking, his phone rang.

Taking out his mobile phone, as soon as he saw the investor’s phone, Dong Hongjie hurriedly connected the phone. “Boss Wang”

had just spoken, and a roar came from the end of the phone, “Dong Hongjie, what the hell did you do. You Seek death by yourself, do n’t involve Lao Tzu, I do n’t want to be buried with you. ”

Dong Hongjie was scolded with confusion, some unknown. So,“ Boss, what the hell happened, I ”

“ You do n’t know what happened yet! ”Boss Wang roared Road, “Boss Huang just released news in the circle, all people or things involving you are blocked. I just made 50 million investment for you, so you come here.”

“What, block me. “Dong Hongjie was shocked and gave Fade Chen a glance, feeling still unbelievable,” Boss Huang, who is Boss Huang? ”

” Which one? Bay City, the one with the strongest momentum recently. “Boss Wang shouted .

“What, boss Huang!” Dong Hongjie’s face changed drastically.

The boss Huang in their mouth is Huang Wei’s father. Their Huang family was mixed with Uncle Long. With the destruction of the Wan Family, the Longteng Group expanded rapidly, and the power even began to spread to the surrounding urban areas.

Therefore, their Huang family naturally took advantage of the wind and waves to expand.

As a result, the Huang family’s fame in the surrounding urban areas can be described as soaring, and the bosses in the other provinces and cities have been suppressed.

Boss Huang made such a speech, Dong Hongjie could not have a job in Bay. In the other nearby urban areas, even if the Huang family cannot directly decide, but as long as they say it, the other party will obviously give the Huang family a face.

After all, Dong Hongjie is just a third-rate little director, compared with the Huang family. There is no need to hesitate to please anyone or give up.

“Dong Hongjie, my words are here. If you don’t handle things well, don’t blame me for not feeling old.” After that, boss Wang snapped the phone.

But just hung up the phone, the phone rang again, phone, text message, WeChat, qq, people are constantly contacted, do not need to look closely, just one less, they know that they were found because of the blockade.

For a time, Dong Hongjie’s face was pale, and his face instantly lost his expression. Look at Fade Chen’s eyes again, full of fear and incredible expressions, “You, who are you, what is your relationship with Boss Huang, and why are you?”

Fade Chen was not interested in saying anything to him, directly kicking Dong Hongjie He kicked out, then took Zhang Qiuyue’s slender jade hand and walked out of the private room.

Back to the scenic hotel with Zhang Qiuyue, Su Momo, who heard the news, rushed over angrily, hoping to rush down the mountain and beat Guo Shao and Dong Dao directly again.

Fade Chen comforted a few words, and left the rest to Su Momo. She got into Zhang Qiuyue’s bed directly tonight, accompanied her to sleep, and comforted her by the way.

The following day, the scenic spot also learned about the relevant matters. The person in charge came to the hotel in person and apologized to the three Zhang Qiuyue. At the same time, they were very angry and took Dong Hongjie to court, demanding Dong Hongjie to compensate for the losses related to the scenic spot.

At the same time, the new director who arrived from Bay City overnight took over the rest of the work and finished shooting the promotional film.

After another day of rest in the scenic spot, Zhang Qiuyue was not as interested as when he first came. Obviously, that incident made her have some bad thoughts about the entertainment industry.

In order to unravel Zhang Qiuyue, Su Momo directly pulled Zhang Qiuyue and took Fade Chen by the way. From the scenic area, he came to the downtown area of ​​Hanjiang City to find the school sister she knew in the school student union.

The scenic area specially sent people to send the three to the city. According to the disciples left by the other party, the three came to a high-end community.

Fade Chen looked at this community, it should be expensive, although not comparable to that kind of villa area, but in Hanjiang City, this community should be able to rank in the top three. It seems that Su Momo’s school sister has a pretty good family.

After the three reported the name of the school sister, the security guard asked them to register the information and then entered the community.

The elder sister did not come down to greet and directly reported the house number to let them pass by.

The three didn’t care about these people, so naturally they didn’t feel anything. After searching for it, she came to Room 302 where Xuejie’s house was located.

I rang the doorbell, the door opened, and a young woman came out.

Fade Chen looked at the woman, but she was 21 or 12 years old, but she was very mature. A shawl with long hair dyed yellow, a pretty makeup on his face, a short skirt with half of his thighs on his lower body, and a pair of hate high leather shoes on his feet.

“Sister Xue, we are here.” Su Momo smiled, and then began to introduce people, “Sister Xue, this is Zhang Qiuyue, my roommate. I mentioned it to you at school. This is Fade Chen, My friend. ”

Su Momo then introduced to Fade Chen and Zhang Qiuyue:” This is Tan Yuqin, my sister. She is also the vice president of our student union of Bay University. ”


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