MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 178



“Xiao Zhang, Guo Shao holds you up like this, and he doesn’t respect Guo Shao for a drink.” This is the voice of director Dong Hongjie.

Zhang Qiuyue’s voice immediately sounded, “I, I can’t drink alcohol. I substitute tea for wine, I would like Guo to have a cup.”

“What does it mean to use tea, Miss Qiuyue, do you look down upon me Guo Hang?” There was a roar on the table, and then a young man’s unpleasant voice rang.

“Me, I don’t mean that. Guo Shao, I just” Zhang Qiuyue explained a little hurriedly.

“Xiao Zhang, you are a newcomer, and you don’t understand some rules. I won’t say you anymore. But Guo Shao gave you a face, you have to grasp it. You don’t want to apologize to Guo Shao.” Director Dong Hongjie said in a deep voice.

Zhang Qiuyue was obviously not very comfortable with this kind of occasion. Hesitated and said, “I, I.”

But at this time, Guo Shao seemed to be a little impatient, and shot directly at Zhang Qiuyue, “Miss Qiuyue, I am not at peace You turned around and talked straight away. Tonight you will accompany me for one night, and I will guarantee you smooth sailing in the future, I ”

Zhang Qiuyue’s tone changed as soon as he heard this,” Guo Shao, please be respectful. I It ’s not that kind of person, I do

n’t wait for Zhang Qiuyue to finish, Dong Dao Shen screamed: “Xiao Zhang, Guo Shao fancy you, that ’s your blessing. You do n’t know, how many people take the initiative to contact Guo Shao every day If you want to find this kind of opportunity, Guo Shao will not agree. This is your opportunity, you have to seize it. ”

Zhang Qiuyue said solemnly:” Director Dong, no matter what you say, I definitely do not like this kind of thing. I will do it. Sorry, I still have something to do. Let’s go first. “So, Zhang Qiuyue was leaving.

But the other party obviously would not stop there. Guo Shao coldly said, “Miss Zhang, you are not giving me Guo Hang’s face!”

“Come, please ask Miss Zhang to sit down.”

Suddenly, there was a loud noise inside At the same time, Zhang Qiuyue’s exclamation and Guo Shao’s smug laughter were also heard.

Hearing these sounds, Fade Chen looked cold, and his eyes were raging, and he quickly rushed over. Looking at the closed door of the private room, he kicked the door open with a direct “boom”.

Into the private room, the scene inside suddenly fell into the eyes of Fade Chen.

The director and his party were sitting in the door, and in the main seat facing the door, a young man of twenty-five or sixty years old was sitting. Obviously, they were just Guo Shao.

At this moment in front of Guo Shao, two burly men in black bodyguards were holding Zhang Qiuyue, so that she would no longer struggle. Guo Shao smiled evilly, and a salted pig hand popped up on Zhang Qiuyue’s chest. “The woman I fancy Guo Hang has never escaped from my palm.”

Fade Chen kicked the door and interrupted Guo. The few movements surprised everyone in the room, and Qi Qi looked over to Fade Chen.

Especially Zhang Qiuyue, turning her head to see Fade Chen, her tears could no longer stop, and the la la la came down, “Brother Chen, they”

Fade Chen stepped forward a few steps, one foot, two black clothes The bodyguard kicked directly to the ground. Then put Zhang Qiuyue in her arms and comforted her: “Brother Chen is here, Qiuyue don’t be afraid anymore.”

Guo Shao, who had come back to God, saw Fade Chen doing this, and his face sank instantly. Who are you? “The

director said quickly:” Guo Shao, this is Miss Zhang’s friend, accompanied him to shoot the advertisement. ”

After that, the director Dong Hongjie came together and said to Fade Chen:” Mr. Chen, this is Hanjiang Guo Shao of the city, Guo Shao, Guo Shao is ”

Shut up for me!” Fade Chen slapped on the director’s face and immediately printed a bright red five-finger print.

Then, Fade Chen looked at Guo Shao coldly, and said coldly: “Dare you dare to move the manual foot in Qiuyue?”

Guo Hang raised his eyebrows, proudly, and said: “Laozi does not only move the manual foot, but also Sleep her. What do you want? ”

“Smelly mouth!”

A crackling sound of “Slap”, Guo Hang was full of arrogant cheeks, which was directly deformed by Fade Chen’s slap. The huge force made his cheeks swell quickly.

“You, you dare to beat me, do you know who I am?” Guo Shao clutched his cheek, pointed at Fade Chen in shock and anger, and shouted angrily.

Fade Chen was cold and cold, he slapped over again, turned Guo Shao directly, and then sat down on the ground.

“Lao Tzu was beaten by someone, and you still stunned what to do. Both gave Lao Tzu, killed him, and killed me.” Guo Shao angrily shouted at the two bodyguards who had just climbed off the ground.

The two bodyguards suddenly rushed towards Fade Chen, but it was their feet that greeted them.

One by one, the two flew out directly, with great force to let them fall heavily on the ground, and then passed out directly.

Fade Chen walked to Guo Shao coldly, looking down at him from a condescending position, and said with a cold voice: “Roll over, kowtow and apologize.”

“You make me apologize, I” Guo Shao gritted his teeth and resented.

Fade Chen politely kicked him on his abdomen, and Guo Shaowa spit out a saliva with pain. Holding his belly and rolling on the ground, his red and swollen cheeks were completely twisted.

“Kowtow, apologize!” Fade Chen’s cold voice sounded again.

Guo Shao dare to say anything at the moment, climbed in front of Zhang Qiuyue in agony, knelt on the ground, banged bang three bangs, said: “Miss Zhang, I’m sorry, I was wrong, I will never Yes, please forgive me for Miss Zhang. ”

Zhang Qiuyue gave Guo Shao a disgusted look and didn’t want to see this guy again.

Seeing this, Fade Chen sang coldly, “Go!”

Guo Shao was suddenly amnesty, and even fled and escaped from the private room.

The director and his party also want to leave now. But as soon as they moved, Fade Chen turned around and said coldly, “Am I letting you go?”

Everyone was stunned, standing pale with a fear on his face. After all, the ferocious shot by Fade Chen just exceeded their imagination. Even Guo Shao dare to fight, what are these of their staff.

Director Dong Hongjie is still self-righteous at this moment, turning his eyes to Zhang Qiuyue, saying: “Xiao Zhang, you are a newcomer in the entertainment industry, I don’t know this. But in fact, this kind of thing in the circle can’t be normal. I introduce Guo Shao You, that’s for your own good, do you know Guo Shao is? ”

” Don’t say it, I’m not the kind of person. I don’t want to rely on improper means to get higher. “Zhang Qiuyue angered.

Dong Hongjie looked like a long-spoken man. He shook his head and said, “Xiao Zhang, you are still too young. There are some things that you don’t understand. You let your friends start beating people, and now you are angry. But you haven’t thought about it later. , How can you mix in the circle in the future, Guo Shao’s words will ruin your future in the circle, and you will never have a chance again in the future. ”


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