MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 177



The voice of the team leader and the young waiter was not very loud, but at this moment the scenic spot was blocked, there was no other people at all, and it was night, and the silence was extremely high. Their words immediately reached Su Momo and Fade Chen’s ears clearly.

For a time, their faces changed. Su Momo’s already rosy cheeks were almost dripping water at the moment.

Fade Chen coughed a few times and said, “It’s not too late, I’ve soaked enough, and I’ll go back first.”

Fade Chen got up and prepared to go ashore, but just standing up, he suddenly found himself without clothes. At this moment the wooden fence was gone, there was no covering at all, Su Momo’s eyes could see the scene here.

Therefore, Fade Chen can only pick up a piece of clothing, blocking the key parts, and then ran away.

Beside, Su Momo lowered his head, and his face was so blushing that he didn’t dare to see it. But Yu Guang in the corner of his eyes still caught sight of Fade Chen’s embarrassing escape scene, and the blush on his face became more intense.

A quarter of an hour after Fade Chen returned to his room, Su Momo also returned.

The two met in the hallway, and they consciously didn’t mention the matter just now, but opened the topic.

Fade Chen looked at the time and said, “It’s not too early. The shooting on Qiuyue should be almost over. Let me pick her up.”

“I’ll go with you.” Su Momo said.

So the two walked towards the night scene together.

It is a scenic platform halfway up the mountain. You can see the mountains behind and the vast night sky. It is a good viewing point. Zhang Qiuyue shot the night scene here.

However, when Su Momo and Fade Chen came to the platform, they didn’t see Zhang Qiuyue’s figure, even the director and his party did not see it, only some workers were busy dismantling the setting.

Upon seeing this, Fade Chen frowned, and asked a worker in a loud voice: “Hello, may I ask, where did the person who took the advertisement?”

The worker glanced at Fade Chen and said, “The advertisement was finished half an hour ago. Did you come to see the stars? Come late, hurry up next time.”

“What, finished.” Fade Chen felt faintly wrong. a feeling of.

Su Momo also noticed the anomaly and quickly asked: “Then do you know where the star who made the advertisement?” The

worker shook his head and said, “I don’t know. I just saw that the star and the director took the car together. It’s gone, it seems to be going down the mountain. ”

” Let’s go with the director. Could it be that the shooting team finished shooting and went to the mountain to celebrate together. “Su Momo speculated.

Fade Chen did not think so, and shook his head, saying: “It should not be, according to the plan, there are at least three locations where the shooting has not been completed. To celebrate, also after tomorrow’s shooting, celebrate together. What to celebrate now.”

“That” Su Momo frowned and immediately reached out his cell phone. “I called Qiuyue to ask.”

There was a sound from the phone. After a while, Su Momo put down the phone and shook his head to Fade Chen, saying: “Shut down.”

Fade Chen felt that the situation was getting worse, and said, “I’m going down the mountain to find it.”

“I’m going too.” Su Momo said quickly.

Fade Chen persuaded: “Tianheishan Road is not easy to go, Momo, you don’t have to take risks. Besides, I move faster on my own.”

Su Momo wanted to say something, but it justified to listen to Fade Chen and nod , Said: “Then I will go back to the hotel to wait for your brother-in-law’s good news.”

“Well, you pay attention to safety yourself.” Fade Chen asked, and then separated from Su Momo, and quickly went down the mountain.

With Fade Chen’s strength, this hill, which is only a few hundred meters high, is almost flat. In less than five minutes, Fade Chen came from the middle of the mountain to the foot of the mountain.

Compared to the coldness on the mountain, the mountain is obviously more lively. Along the tourist street built at the foot of the mountain, various gift shops, hotels, hotels and restaurants line up one after another, and the colorful lights flash, making people dazzled.

Fade Chen glanced, and his eyes fell directly on the most high-end restaurants and hotels on the three streets. After all, if it’s really a celebration feast, the director group should not go to that kind of small storefront.

Using a mobile phone to call up Zhang Qiuyue’s photo, Fade Chen went to the hotel and restaurant one by one to ask the waiter to see if the other party saw anyone. After all, the director and his party are still very eye-catching, if you see it, you should not forget it.

Due to the blockade of the scenic spot in the past few days, there are not many tourists under the mountain. Fade Chen soon heard about Zhang Qiuyue.

A restaurant waiter said that just ten minutes ago, she saw Zhang Qiuyue and the director walking into the most upscale hotel diagonally opposite. The reason why I was impressed is that the forty-something male director, with a little braid and a pair of sunglasses, was a bit imposing.

After receiving the news, Fade Chen hurried to the hotel diagonally opposite.

At the front desk of the hotel, Fade Chenliang showed Zhang Qiuyue’s photo and asked the waiter: “This girl has come to your hotel, where is she?” The

waiter glanced at Fade Chen, a little surprised, then his eyes flickered and shook his head. Tao: “I don’t know, she’s not here with us.”

Fade Chen frowned, then reached out and grabbed the right hand of the waiter who was going to make a call. Then coldly said: “What are you doing?”

“Nothing. I just” the waiter panicked.

Fade Chen directly traced out the identity and rank of Linglong and showed it in front of the waiter. He said coldly: “Are you sure you want to lie in front of me?” The

waiter was frightened when he looked at the certificate, he quickly said: The girl is in the 203 room. ”

“Who else is there?” Fade Chen said coldly, “It seems to be a line of directors. And Guo Shao is also here.”

“Guo Shao?” Fade Chen frowned.

The waiter quickly explained: “Guo Shao is called Guo Hang, and his father Guo Qidong is the big brother of our Hanjiang entertainment circle. Guo Shao is famous in our Hanjiang entertainment circle.”

“Entertainment circle, director.” These words Connected together, Fade Chen can already guess the reason why the director took Zhang Qiuyue down the mountain.

Suddenly, his eyes were gloomy, and he walked toward the 203 private room, “Qiuyue is best, otherwise, I have to pay no matter what Guo Shao or fewer dogs!”

Fade Chen heard that before he walked to the 203 private room. There was a loud roar of excitement.

“Miss Zhang, don’t you give Guo Shao face?”

“Miss Zhang, Dong Dao is giving you the opportunity to introduce you and Guo Shao. You must remember Dong Dao’s kindness!”

“Yeah, little Zhang. For our business, getting to know people is the most important thing. Guo Shao ’s identity, I do n’t think I need to say more, you should know it yourself, it ’s a noble. ”

“ Miss Qiuyue, I have no other skills for Guo Hang, but I want to say man holding a star, I can boldly say that I absolutely Hang Guo is the number one master. ”


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