MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 171



“What happened? Were you spying on a beautiful girl while she was bathing? And someone caught you in the act?” The old man grunted while speaking to Fade Chen.

“Old man, I’m not like you! It’s the Stealth Team, I had a confrontation with them at Bay City!” Fade Chen answered.

Fade Chen proceeded to narrate the events to him. Hearing his words, the old man replied, “This is just a small matter. Why you do need my assistance, you can just beat them up and leave them for dead.”

“I could easily give them a good whipping alright. But if this escalates into a bigger issue it may get you in trouble too. “Fade Chen said. “Anyways, I came down from the mountains to train and increase my inner energy, so I have to do it while maintaining a low profile.”

“Okay, fine. I will make a call and help you sort out this matter. I will get you some identity card or birth certificate as soon as possible. Next time, try not to contact me for assistance over such trivial matters and disturb my night time pleasures. The old man sounded irritated.

“Old man, have some self-control. Don’t turn all dry and withered when I return.” Fade Chen answered and hung up.

Returning to the living room, he saw that his wife was also on the phone. Fade Chen eavesdropped on the conversation, realizing that it was Housekeeper Wong who was speaking to her.

An hour ago, Jimmy Wei had sent some men to bring Jordan Qi home and was currently undergoing check-ups at the hospital. Housekeeper Wong went to visit her son immediately once she heard the news.

Hearing from her that Jordan Qi was in good condition, Quin Lin sent greetings and hung up.

At this moment, Fade Chen thought of getting intimate with his wife, however suddenly the roaring sound of car engines could be heard outside the mansion.

Quin Lin was surprised. She walked to the window and looked out. Fade Chen got up and stood beside her.

On the road leading to the mansion, around twelve cars were roaring towards them. Quin Lin looked on fearfully.

From the emblem of the cars, it was clear that the Stealth Team had arrived.

Quin Lin was filled with anxiety as she spoke to Fade Chen. “You have to run, I can deal with them. They won’t dare to do anything to me.”

Fade Chen hugged Quin Lin gently. “Honey, don’t worry, it’s just the Stealth Team. It will be fine, they won’t cause me any harm.”

“But…” Quin Lin was still not convinced. Looking at Fade Chen with his confidence and lack of fear, she nodded. “Alright then, if they want to arrest us, I will be by your side.”

Gazing at Quin Lin,who had a solemn expression on her lovely face, Fade Chen felt a warm surge of passion. He bent over in the spur of the moment and kissed her lips, grabbing her lightly on the waist. “We will not be caught,” he assured her.

As they were speaking, the fleet of cars had arrived in front of their mansion. Men were getting off the cars and approaching the mansion at lightning speed. At their helm was Captain Hu.

Captain Hu looked sullenly at the brightly lit mansion. As he spotted Fade Chen, his eyes flashed with anger, and he gestured to his men. “Go, arrest them.”

At once, around forty or fifty Stealth Team members made their move and rushed towards the entrance of the mansion.

The members in the front line was just about to smash the door when it opened by itself. Fade Chen, in his nightclothes, stood there in front of them.

Captain Hu ordered in a hostile tone, “Arrest him!”

The members in the front line moved towards Fade Chen.

Fade Chen remained calm and collected. “Captain Hu, what is the matter now?”

Captain Hu spoke coldly, “What matter? You are a martial artist, yet you committed murder senselessly. You also broke the law and attacked the Stealth team. I’m bringing you in to justice.”

“Senseless murder?” Fade Chen sneered and retorted, “I submitted the evidence to you that contained the written testaments of the guilty party. You did not even examine it, and now you accuse me of senseless murder. Are you trying to frame me?”

“How dare you!” Captain Hu roared in anger. “You are inhumane and ruthless, and now you’re trying to use me as your scapegoat. You are really asking for trouble.”

At this moment, two members of the Stealth team moved close to the mansion from both sides of the gate. They were apprehensive and unsure of how to deal with Fade Chen since in terms of strength and skill, he was rather intimating and way above them.

Seeing them rather hesitant and uneasy, Captain Hu spoke angrily in command, “Why are you still standing there? Go ahead and arrest him!”

The two members of the Stealth team gritted their teeth and rushed toward Fade Chen. Fade Chen’s eyes glinted icily. He waved his sleeves, and a gust of strong wind sent the two team members flying to the ground.

“How dare you…” Captain Hu shouted in fury.

Before he could complete his sentence, Fade Chen sent another blast of wind his way, knocking Captain Hu to the ground. He spoke coldly. “I will spare you, so please take your men and leave. I have no interest in having a conflict with you.”

Captain Hu had to be lifted up from the ground by a fellow member. A dark cloud hung over him, as he quivered in absolute fury. He was the respected leader of the Stealth Team, a martial artist of the late Yellow level. To be humiliated as much was something he had never experienced.

He was apoplectic with rage, his eyes turning scarlet red. He continued gesturing his hand to his subordinates, “Go, capture everyone in the mansion.”

All the Stealth team members began to charge forward noisily. Some moved towards other directions, trying to get in the mansion from a window or a back door. Fade Chen even heard some members on the roof.

Quin Lin, who was in the mansion, was frightened by this commotion. She shriek in fear, her face turning pale from the anxiety.

Hearing this, Fade Chen’s expression turned ice cold. He stared at Captain Hu, speaking in a hostile tone. “You are asking for trouble!”

“Go on, arrest them!” Captain Hu shouted and sent some members on the offensive.

Fade Chen snarled, and from his body emerged a terrifying blast of wind. He shook his shoulders slightly, and the gust of wind broadened and launched into the assailants with great impact. Seven or eight of the incoming assailants were sent flying to the ground.

Without waiting for Captain Hu to react, Fade Chen spun slightly, transforming into a mere shadow and appeared with lightning speed in front of him.

“What, you..” When Captain Hu saw this, he couldn’t help crying out in horror. Fade Chen grabbed his throat, stifling his outcry.

“I told you not to harass me any further, or you have to suffer the consequences…” Fade Chen was stone cold, glaring savagely at Captain Hu.

At this moment, at the sight of Fade Chen’s wrath, the fury in his heart was doused by ice, and in an instant was replaced by absolute terror.


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