MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 169



Seeing Sergeant Wang accept the written confession, Fade Chen spoke. “Sergeant Wang, we are a little tired. Can we return home to rest? If you require anything else from us, let us know and we will be there in a second.”

Seeing him being so courteous, Sergeant Wang nodded.”No worries, Mr Chen. You may leave now. Thank you for your kind cooperation.”

With these words, Sergeant Wang gestured at his subordinates to allow Fade Chen and his companions to leave.

As he oversaw their departure,Sergeant Wang sighed in relief. This went better than expected. At least there was a written admission complete with signatures and reliable witnesses, which would mean the matter could be settled with ease.

Sergeant Wang beckoned his men to return to the police station.

However, at this moment, there was the sound of a sudden commotion.

Sergeant Wang observed a troop of men in black uniform approaching. They looked as though they belonged to some special branch of the police force. Sergeant Wang became tense as they moved towards him and his cohort, speaking in frustration. “Why are they here at this time of the day? Are they looking for trouble?”

Fade Chen was also aware of the approaching troops. He looked on curiously, assuming they were probably some special branch of the police task force. Then, he ignored them, and began to leave with his companions.

The troops directly barred Fade Chen from leaving. One of them, clad in leather boots and dark glasses, spoke commandingly. “Don’t move.”

Fade Chen frowned and spoke icily. “What do you want?”

“What do I want?” The man in shades scoffed. Sizing up Fade Chen, he continued. “People have been killed. Do you really think you could just leave?”

Fade Chen frowned as he scrutinized the man. He started to reply.

At this moment, Sergeant Wang hurried over and tried to defuse the situation. Speaking to the man in shades with a smile, he said, “Captain Hu, our unit has investigated the matter. Mr. Chen acted in self-defense. I will make a full report with all relevant information pertaining to this case.”

The man in shades, Captain Hu, snorted at this. “Sergeant Wang, two men have died and many have been injured. You can’t just chalk it down to an act of self-defense and let everyone go. That is such negligence on your part.”

“Also, martial artists have been implicated in this case. This falls into the jurisdiction of the Stealth Team. You and your local police officers have no authority over this matter. Now, hand over the relevant information to us.” Captain Hu spoke in a pompous tone, derisive of Sergeant Wang.

Sergeant Wang was furious, his expression darkening. However he did not dare to disobey and show his temper. It was obvious that he was speaking to someone of a higher rank.

Fade Chen frowned at the man’s words. He was mystified. “What is the Stealth Team?”

Before Sergeant Wang could respond, Captain Hu replied him in a haughty manner. “The Stealth Team is a special task force set up to deal with martial artists who flout the law like you. Your murder case falls under our jurisdiction.”

Fade Chen understood the situation.

Due to the immense strength and extraordinary skill of the martial artists, the ordinary police force would not be able to handle the situation if they were implicated. Therefore, a special task force called The Stealth Team, was set up specifically to deal with these cases.

The Stealth Team members seem to consist of mostly martial artists, and they were equipped with weapons of high technology. Their skill and strength superseded even other branches of special police units. They were evidently of much higher rank than the average police officer such as Sergeant Wang.

Since the captain was just doing his official duty, Fade Chen was cooperative. He spoke, “I have handed over to Sergeant Wang all information relevant to the events transpired. You can take a closer look at the documents.”

Sergeant Wang handed the written confession to Captain Hu. “Captain, it is quite clear. Mr. Chen and his companions are the victims in this case. They were forced to retaliate in self-defense.”

Captain Hu glanced at the confession and sneered, “A retaliation in self-defense? Sergeant Wang, you can’t just jump to that conclusion without any concrete proof.”

Captain Hu looked directly at Fade Chen, speaking in command, “Come with me then, we need to investigate this further.”

Fade Chen frowned at his words. He suppressed his annoyance, speaking without emotion. “The written admission is very clear on what had happened. We are exhausted, and need rest. If you have anything that needs further clarification, we will be happy to cooperate with you.”

“Rest?” Captain Hu sneered. Raising his voice, he continued, “This case involves two deaths, one of them being Old Wan, a venerated elder. You must be joking!”

“Arrest them!” Captain Hu gestured. His Stealth team members moved forward and surrounded them, looking stern and grim.

Jimmy Wei was furious as he shouted, “How dare you? When the Wan Family was harassing us, you were nowhere in sight. Now after we had to defend ourselves, you are here to arrest us.

Tom Wei also felt his temper rising, saying, “I would not be a member of the Wei family if I was intimidated by you.”

Upon hearing this, Captain Hu darkened in expression and his voice steeled. “Are you trying to start a fight?” he retorted.

In a split second, members of the Stealth team moved closer to them. Encircling them were gusts of energies. It was evident that most of them were martial artists of high level. One of them pulled out a weapon resembling a huge gun, apparently designed for battle against martial artists. The atmosphere became strained. Both sides seemed prepared for combat, waiting for someone to pull the trigger.

Sergeant Wang felt panic rising. Both sides were skilled and experienced fighters. If a battle really started, many would be injured and he would have to suffer dire consequences.

Sergeant Wang gritted his teeth and tried to be the peacemaker.

“Captain Hu, don’t act impulsively, Mr. Chen and his companions were truly the victims in this circumstances. They had to defend themselves against their assailants.”

“Mr. Chen, many apologies for the trouble. Captain Hu is just carrying out his duties. He means no harm, and if it is convenient for you, I hope you could just cooperate with us for now.”

Captain Hu folded his arms and snorted. He obviously did not take Sergeant Wang’s words seriously.

Fade Chen paused for a second and then nodded his head. He did not want to add to Sergeant Wang’s troubles. “I will listen to you and go with you. But I would like to make a request.”

“I killed the two men, so I am willing to go with you for further investigation. But please, let my companions leave.” Fade Chen gestured to the others, in particular Quin Lin and Lily Wei.


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