MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 168



Horace Wan trembled in fear and he could not hide the truth. “It’s from the Third River Clan.”

“Third River Clan!” Hearing this name again, Fade Chen asked, “What is the connection between the Wan Family and The Third River Clan? Speak the truth!”

Horace Wan started describing the relationship between the Wan Family and The Third River Clan. Aaron Wan, who knew all this first hand, would add to the details.

After he finished, Fade Chen had a better idea of what the connection between them was.

Shancus Wan wasn’t lying, he really was a disciple from the Third River Clan. The Wan family was a local family with a history of emerging martial-artists. Back then, Shancus Wan was not the family favorite, as his skill and strength was considered merely mediocre.

Shancus Wan was young and ambitious, so he left his family and traveled extensively. He made his way to the Third River Clan where he started his apprenticeship. Saga He, whom he mentioned earlier, was accepted as a disciple at the same time.

The two got along well, and trained together for five years at the Third River Clan. It was at that time that the heir of the Wan Family met with an accident and passed away. Shancus Wan was summoned, as one of the next of kin, to return to the family.

Shancus Wan had been at the clan for five years, and was beginning to be bored and tired of the lifestyle there. He left and returned to take care of Wan Family matters at Bay City.

Although he was just a disciple of average level at the Third River Clan during his five years there, his skill and strength was considered outstanding when compared with outsiders. Slowly he rose amongst the ranks of his family members and in another five years became the patriarch of the Wan Family. He was only in his thirties at that time.

While Shancus Wan was elected as head of his family, Saga He of the Third River Clan was improving in skills and strength. His talent and abilities led him to be inducted into the inner circle of the Third River Clan. The Third River Clan grew in strength and reputation, and Shancus Wan kept in contact with Saga He, maintaining a good relationship with him.

In recent years, both had grown in age and stature, and there were not many opportunities to meet. Therefore, the task of maintaining connected fell on the shoulders of the younger generation.

Horace Wan had procured the Guanyin Drunken Medicine from one of these exchanges. Its use was instrumental in harming many innocent people. Howard Zhang and his cohorts heard of this potion, obtained some from Horace Wan and used it against Quin Lin.

In addition, Horace Wan and Aaron Wan’s rapid progress in skill and strength stemmed from the pills they had acquired from the Third River Clan. It helped them achieve this feat in a short time.

Hearing their explanation, Quin Lin, Lily Wei, Jimmy Wei and Tom Wei felt worried. Third River Clan disciples were of the Black Level, and an elder of a Black Level clan would be a formidable opponent indeed.

However, Fade Chen was not affected by this. He was not intimidated by the strength of a Black Level martial-artist. Even if he faced off with a martial-artist of the Earth Level or Heaven Level, Fade Chen would not be fazed, as they would not be able to cause him any harm.

It seemed from the account of Horace Wan and Aaron Wan that the relationship between Shancus Wan and Saga He shifted throughout the years. Saga He rose over the years in prominence at the Third River Clan, and so the Wan Family became more ingratiating. The close friendly relationship turned into a situation where the Wan Family paid tribute to Saga He.

Saga He had not visited the Wan Family in recent years, and he probably would not make the trip just because he was angry and wanted to avenge Shancus Wan.

After consoling Quin Lin and her companions till they felt more at at ease, Fade Chen proceeded to cast out Aaron Wan and Horace Wan. As they had lost all skill and inner energy, they would no longer pose any threat to him.

Only Fade Chen and his comrades were left at the top floor of the hotel.

He took the time to make sure Tom Wei and Jimmy Wei were healed and patched up, then they left the top floor.

As the elevator arrived at the lobby, Fade Chen spotted police officers guarding the entrance. At their helm was none other than Sergeant Wang.

Sergeant Wang’s heart sank at the sight of Fade Chen and his companions. He twitched in apprehension.

Most of Bay City’s who’s who, the rich and famous and the elite, were attending Howard Zhang and Quin Lin’s wedding ceremony. It was an important event, and the police force were of course patrolling and on guard.

They were expecting an uneventful evening with no major disturbances. To their dismay, not only were there disturbances, people were killed. Howard Zhang and Shancus Wan had lost their lives.

And the assailant was of an unusual background. As the husband of President Lin who was President of Fei Enterprises Holdings Inc and Mr Wu’s honored guest, Fade Chen had been capturing the attention of many at Bay City recently.

Murder cases involving the elite were already a serious matter, but now that martial artists were involved, Sergeant Wang felt at a loss. Fade Chen was able to deal with and kill Shancus Wan, a martial-artist of the early-Black Level, without effort. All the ordinary members of his police force were not up to the task of confronting and dealing with him.

Sergeant Wang and his officers had arrived much earlier to the scene. However, due to these concerns, they decided to remain at the lobby, waiting for Fade Chen to come down.

Quin Lin and the others exited the elevator. As they noticed the police officers, their expressions darkened in anxiety.

Jimmy Wei spoke in a brusque tone. “Old Wang, it’s not our fault today. The Wan Family and Zhang Family started this mess.

“That’s right, brother Fade only acted in self-defense.” Tom Wei agreed.

Sergeant Wang was vexed and felt his hand were tied. Yes maybe they were telling the truth, but people have lost their lives in this situation. How can a sergeant of a police station just let them walk away without consequences? At the same time, if he provoked them, all of his officers including him might just perish in vain.

Feeling these conflicting emotions, Sergeant Wang grimaced. He spoke, “Mr. Chen, you have been accused of murder, this matter..”

Fade Chen did not want to make life difficult for the police officers. He nodded, “I did kill someone in self-defense. I have a written confession from the relevant people who were plotting against me. They have signed it in admission of their guilt. Sergeant Wang will be able to deal with this case accordingly.”

While speaking, Fade Chen handed over Lincoln Xie’s written confession to Sergeant Wang, Sergeant Wang scanned the contents of the document and thanked him. This written confession would make his job much easier. After all, Lincoln Xie, Howard Zhang and his cohorts were plotting against Fade Chen, therefore his actions in this case were justified.


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