MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 166



Amid the crowd’s exclamations and noises, everyone’s eyes followed the powerful Shancus Wan’s attack and focused on Fade Chen.

Facing such a punch, Fade Chen’s expression was still the same as before. He stood quietly in the same place with a faint smile on his face, as if he didn’t notice the incoming attack.

When Shancus Wan’s fist was about to hit Fade Chen, he finally moved.

He took a step forward leisurely, raised his right arm, and struck out with his palm.

His move looked powerless and weak, making it look like he was just playing around. Yet, when his fist landed on Shancus Wan, his aura intensified and his strength grew. As a result, his attack packed a great punch and landed right on target.


With a loud noise, Fade Chen’s fist came hurtling down.

Shancus Wan was also thrown off by his attack. He quickly withdrew his arms and put them above his head to block Fade Chen’s attack.


With a loud snap, Fade Chen’s palm landed on Shancus Wan’s arms and both of his arms were broken in an instant. At the same time, the huge force forced him to the ground.

“Boom, boom!”

Following the loud noises, Shancus Wan’s knees left two gaping cavities on the hard marble floor. Cracks started to form from the puncture and spread outwards, forming an eerily web of lines that looked like a spider’s web.


There was dead silence as everyone was taken aback by this move and could only gawk at the scene. Someone rubbed his eyes hard, as if he could not believe what had happened.

“He was defeated. I can’t believe Shancus Wan has lost.”

“He’s a Black Level expert, but he was defeated so easily just like that.”

“He defeated a Black Level expert with one move. How powerful is Fade Chen?”

“How, how could this be possible?”

“Father (Grandfather)…” Aaron Wan and Horace Wan smiles stiffened. They were aghast and looked at Fade Chen in horror.

In the mere moments where everyone was still overcome with awe, Shancus Wan’s eyes were full of terror as blood slowly seeped out from his tight lips.

This was because it was only when he had faced Fade Chen head on did he realize that this man was his worst nightmare. This move was not simply to defeat him, but to kill him.

He struggled to look up and saw the cold murderous intent in Fade Chen’s eyes. Goosebumps formed all over his body as he stammered, “Please, please don’t kill me.”

Fade Chen retorted coldly, “You just wanted to kill me. Why can’t I kill you now?”

The conversation between the two shocked everyone, leaving everyone’s expression in shock and horror. The thought that Fade Chen was just trying to defeat Shancus Wan and never thought that the moves aimed at Shancus Wan were lethal.

Momentarily, everyone looked deeply astonished by this turn of events. There were quite a lot of differences between defeating a Black Level expert and killing a Black Level expert.

When Aaron Wan and Horace Wan heard this, they were horrified and quickly shouted, “Fade Chen, let go of my father (grandpa).”

Fade Chen snorted and said, “The two of you aren’t even qualified to bargain with me.” The two of them trembled, traces of fear seen clearly in their eyes as they huddled together. If Fade Chen dared to kill Shancus Wan, they would be easy targets for him.

Shancus Wan saw this and said with difficulty, “As long as you let me go, you can have anything that belongs to Wan family. The entire Wan family can also be given to you!”

At this point, he had completely admitted defeat and just wanted to survive.

However, Fade Chen shook his head and said, “There’s nothing I want from you. Besides, if I kill you, the Wan family will be mine. I don’t need you to give it to me.”

Shancus Wan’s heart thumped loudly in his chest. A snap was once again heard from his arms as the remaining bones in his hand were broken, accompanied by a sharp piercing pain.

The imminent feeling of death made Shancus Wan panic. He grunted loudly, “What do you want then? I’ll promise you anything as long as you let me go.”

Fade Chen said coldly, “I’m going to… kill you!”

As he spoke, Fade Chen lowered his palm again until it was less than ten centimeters away from the top of Shancus Wan’s head.

Shancus Wan was terrified and shouted, “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me.”

Fade Chen ignored him and continued lowering his palm, which was now less than five centimeters away from the top of Shancus Wan’s head.

Shancus Wan was enraged. He shouted, “Fade Chen, if you kill me, you’ll die a terrible death. My junior won’t let you off.”

“Your junior?” Fade Chen had never heard of Shancus Wan having a powerful junior.

Shancus Wan noticed Fade Chen’s hesitation and quickly shouted, “I am a disciple of the Third River Clan. My junior,Saga He, is the leader of the Third River Clan. If you dare to kill me, he will not let you off.”

As soon as he uttered the words “Third River Clan”, most of the people present looked puzzled. Obviously, they had never heard of this name before.

However, some martial arts people who knew about the clan started to explain, “Third River Clan is a famous martial arts clan in Sunriver City, located southwest of Bay City. Five years ago, the entire Third River Clan’s skills rose from Yellow Level to Black Level. It is a considered a powerhouse locally”

“Black Level skills? Are they that good?” The crowd couldn’t help but exclaim.

After all, among the several big shots in Bay City, even the strongest Wan Family could only be considered a Yellow Level clan during the selection processes to filter out the big four clans in the area. A Black Level clan would already hold power unimaginable compared to that of a Yellow Level clan.

Someone chimed in, “The Sun family in Dragonville, Long City is also a Black Level clan.”

Hearing this, everyone was even more surprised and they understood it more clearly.

The Sun family was a famous family of martial arts that had been in the Long City for hundreds of years. Initially though, the Sun family was only slightly stronger than that of the Wan family, barely making the threshold to consider itself a Yellow Level clan.

The Sun family then gradually developed its connections and fame in Long City. Despite becoming a growing powerhouse, it still had ways to go before it could be considered a Black Level clan. However ten years ago, a great change had taken place in the Sun Family.

At that time, Francesca Sun, a woman from a branch of the Sun Family, suddenly returned to the Sun Family after wandering outside for more than ten years. She then reigned victory over the power struggle in her family ranks through her fists and became the leader of the Sun Family.

In the next ten years, under the leadership of Francesca Sun, the Sun Family rapidly developed. In just six years, they had become a Black Level clan and was one of the largest families in Long City.

In recent years, the development of the Sun Family gradually slowed down. But compared to the smaller clans, it was still much faster.


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