MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 165



“Young man, you are too arrogant.” Shancus Wan shouted angrily, his white hair fluttering frenzily as though they had a mind of their own.

“Try me.” Fade Chen’s braced himself as he released a surge of pressuring energy.

“You’re courting death!” Shancus Wan was really angry. As the head of the Wan family, his position in Bay City could be said to be superior.

But now, such a young man actually made him look bad.

Shancus Wan’s strength grew exponentially as his fury rose. Strands of his hair danced madly in the wind and he bent his body slightly concentrating all his strength on his fist. He pulled it back in a clean motion as though pulling a bow, and shot out his fist explosively.

This movement was not fast, but the martial arts practitioners present were all stunned, and their faces were full of surprise and excitement.

“Old Wan indeed. He is so powerful when he strikes!”

“This action seems simple, but its momentum is really amazing. Jimmy Wei and Aaron Wan can’t be compared to Old Wan at all.”

“This move is at least at the Peak of the Yellow Level.”

While exclaiming, Shancus Wan’s thunder-like punch hit Fade Chen hard on the chest.

Fade Chen’s expression remained calm as he faced the powerful punch. He raised his palm to meet Shancus Wan’s fist and gently pushed it away.

“He’s too arrogant! That young man took Old Wan’s punch with his palm!” The crowd exclaimed.

A sharp light flashed through Aaron Wan’s eyes, and he shouted, “You’re courting death!”

Horace Wan was even more emotional. With a face full of resentment, he shouted, “Grandpa, beat him to death!”

Further away, Quin Lin and Lily Wei could not help but be nervous. They exclaimed, “Be careful.”

To the contrary, it was Jimmy Wei and Tom Wei who were looking relaxed at the moment. They tried to reassure the two ladies.


The two men met and exchanged an array of blows. Yet, the crowd was flabbergasted when they did not see Fade Chen losing out to Shancus Wan, who suddenly looked extremely surprised. Then his expression changed and his arm quickly moved to resist the attack .

However, a huge force still surged over, shoving Shancus Wan a few steps back. He quickly defended against Fade Chen’s attack by blocking it with both hands, and only barely managed to hold his ground.

This scene shocked everyone. They did not expect Shancus Wan to be at a disadvantage with just a blow.

Fade Chen stood still with a calm face, not budging from his spot. On the other hand, Shancus Wan had been pushed back for more than ten steps. His arms were still trembling from the last attack as he braced them in front of his body, his face flushing with an unnatural crimson red due to the surge of energy.

“Father (Grandfather)…” Aaron Wan and Horace Wan exclaimed when they saw this.

However, Shancus Wan stretched out his hand and stopped the two from talking. Then he stared at Fade Chen coldly and said in a deep voice, “It seems that I underestimated you just now.”

“Judging from the attack just now, you should have the strength of the peak stage of the Yellow Level.” Shancus Wan said, “To reach the peak stage of the Yellow Level at your age, you are very impressive indeed, much better than my worthless son and grandson.”

Hearing this, the crowd looked toward Fade Chen in awe. At this moment, Old Wan had personally confirmed that Fade Chen’s strength was at the peak of the Yellow Level, which surprised everyone. After all, he was only in his early twenties but he had managed to achieve such a great strength. His potential was really limitless.

All of a sudden, the crowd burst into a heated discussion. “He’s at the peak of the Yellow Level. He’s really terrifying!”

“You should know that two big shots in Bay City, Aaron Wan and Jimmy Wei are only at the late- stage of the Yellow Level, which is still some distance away from the peak of the Yellow Level!”

“Being even stronger than those two at such a young age, it was almost guaranteed that he was going to have a promising future.”

“It’s just a pity that he messed with the Wan family. No matter how good his potential is, if he doesn’t have a chance to fulfill it, it’s a waste.”

“But didn’t he just push back Old Wan? Maybe he is more powerful than Old Wan.” “What a joke.” Someone said, “Old Wan didn’t even use his full strength just now. If that’s the case, how could he be considered as being forced to retreat?”

“That’s right. Old Wan reached the peak of the Yellow Level more than ten years ago. No matter how strong the young man is, he is still at least ten years short of experience than Old Wan.”

In the midst of the discussion, Jimmy Wei and Tom Wei smiled at each other and they both showed a look of disdain.

“A group of nonentities are talking about Brother Fade’s strength in a self-righteous way.”

“Old Wan’s made a wrong judgement too. That’s because Fade Chen’s strength is far beyond his imagination.”

Ignoring the discussion of the crowd, Shancus Wan stared at Fade Chen with a solemn expression and said sternly. “You’re pretty good, but you shouldn’t have provoked the Wan family. Now you’re going to… die.”

After saying that, Shancus Wan roared. A visible aura surged out of his mouth and exploded in the air, resonating in the sky just like thunder booming during a thunderstorm.

At the same time, Shancus Wan’s muscles tensed, his veins popping out visibly. Everyone felt oppressed by his extreme aura that he was giving out, as though the sky was falling down on them.


With a shout, Shancus Wan stepped forward and slammed his foot on the floor, causing the ground to tremble. With his kick, a hole appeared on the hard marble floor.

At the same time, Shancus Wan took advantage of this force and flew towards Fade Chen in a blur of movement matching that of a falling meteorite.

Shancus Wan then gave a punch with the strength equal to that of a great giant, and his violent demeanor almost sent the innocent bystanders flying.

The guests, who had already retreated to the furthest end of the hall could still feel the deadly pressure that was being emitted from Shancus Wan, some finding it difficult to even take a breath. They looked at him in a mixture of shock, awe and primal fear.

Some of them who knew martial arts cried out.

“This, this is the strength of a Black Level expert.”

“A Black Level expert. I didn’t expect that I would actually be able to expert during my lifetime.”

“Black Level, this is a Black Level master. Even in Long City, he can do whatever he wants!”

“No one in Bay City will be able to stand up to the Wan Family now.”

“It’s over. Fade Chen is dead for sure.”

Horace Wan and Aaron Wan were so excited by the turn of events that they started shivering in pleasure.

The sweet taste of revenge could already be seen on Leonard Zhu and Lincoln Xie’s faces. They couldn’t wait to see Fade Chen dealt a death blow by Shancus Wan.

As for Dawson Zhang, he looked at his son who had died miserably and was full of malice. He gritted his teeth and said, “Go to hell, I want you to die. Give your life for Howard.”

Seeing this, Lily Wei and Quin Lin could not help but be nervous again. Their fists were clenched so tightly that their knuckles turned pale.

Even Tom Wei could not help but be a little worried at this moment. After all, they had just been guessing Fade Chen’s strength, never actually getting a confirmation from the man himself regarding his strength or skill level.

However, Jimmy Wei was confident and said, “Don’t worry, Fade Chen will be fine. Shancus Wan is just at the early stages of Black Level. He won’t be a threat to Fade.”


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