MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 164



Dawson Zhang was so frightened that his whole body trembled. He was aware of his injured body and did not dare to say anything more.

On the other hand, Aaron Wan sent his subordinates to look after Horace Wan, then came to Fade Chen with a taut expression. He gritted his teeth and said coldly, “You have destroyed Horace’s skills. I demand an explanation.”

The Aaron Wan of now spoke with a broiling sense of anger, his aura sending chills down other’s spine. His murderous intent was greater than when he fought with Jimmy Wei just now.

After some examination, he found that Fade Chen’s blow hit Horace Wan directly in the lower abdomen, piercing and shattering his spiritual core. As a result, Horace Wan had lost all martial arts skills, reducing him to no more than a frail man.

When everyone heard this, they were shocked by the turn of events. Horace Wan was the lone successor of the Wan family and was given extra training since young. Now that Fade Chen handicapped him and took away his abilities, the Wan family would never let Fade Chen get away with this.

At the thought of the angry Wan family, the guests couldn’t help but feel hair on every inch of their body stand up. They quickly backed up until they were pressing against the walls, not daring to move closer to the center of the ruckus.

Fade Chen looked at the enraged Aaron Wan with an calm and composed manner. Instead of feeling threatened, he sneered and said to Aaron Wan, “Explanation? I haven’t gotten an explanation from you and your family, but now the pot is trying to call the kettle black.”

Aaron Wan’s voice contained a boiling rage just like the calm before a storm. He said in a low voice, “The Wan family doesn’t owe you anything. And now you owe the Wan family your.. life!”

He stressed the last word “life” very hard with intense murderous intent.

Fade Chen’s voice also steeled. “My life? If you have the ability, then come and get it.”

“You.. are asking for death!” Aaron Wan had not been so enraged for a long time. He couldn’t believe that a young boy in his early twenties dared to provoke a big shot like him.


Aaron Wan moved as quick as the lightning as he dashed towards Fade Chen with heaps of murderous intent. He was determined to teach him a lesson that would at least leave him crippled for the rest of his life, if it had not taken his life by then.

Everyone on the floor felt the ground underneath them shaking unsteadily. The whole floor rumbled noisily and the air was filled with the murderous aura of someone who was already bent on revenge. The pressure moved towards Fade Chen like an arrow heading towards its target.

Facing Aaron Wan’s furious attack, Fade Chen smirked and narrowed his eyes. He gently let go of Quin Lin, who was in his arms, and then raised his right arm.

He clenched his right fist in the air, pulled back and released a punch.

The crowd only saw a blur of motion as Fade Chen’s punch fiercely headed towards Aaron Wan like a roaring dragon. When the crowd saw this, they couldn’t help but exclaim.

“Head-on confrontation!”

“Does Fade Chen want to die? How dare he confront Aaron Wan head-on!”

“Aaron Wan is already a late Yellow Class expert who’s nearing the pinnacle of the Yellow Class!” Aaron Wan took on Fade Chen’s punch fearlessly amongst the exclamations of the crowd. All of a sudden, his expression soured as he gasped in disbelief which quickly morphed into fear.

The moment he felt the punch in front of him, he couldn’t help but tremble at the sheer oppressive force he felt. His attack was completely suppressed and left him defenseless.

Moreover, his opponent’s momentum was still rising like a huge wave about to crash onto the shores. It pressured Aaron Wan so greatly that he knew immediately that he was vulnerable.

“What, what on earth are you…” Aaron Wan couldn’t stop exclaiming.

Precisely then, Fade Chen’s punch rained down on him like daggers, the force so great that it felt like he was a puny man trying to resist against a giant’s strength.

The huge force sent Aaron Wan flying backwards in the air. He could hear his ribs snapping, and he could taste a coppery metallic taste as blood gushed out from his mouth uncontrollably.


A mere punch was all it took to send Aaron Wan who seemed to be so confident in his skills, flying. With blood still dripping out of his mouth, he crashed through the glass wall of the building and fell out the wall.

Seeing this situation, everyone was shocked and could not help but scream.

Even Jimmy Wei and Tom Wei, who were injured, were excited to see this.

Both uncle and nephew looked at each other, and their eyes were full of shock and joy. This was because they could see that Fade Chen had powered up impressively compared to when he was dealing with Kevin Huang that night.

This meant that Fade Chen had not shown all his strength. Thinking of his background and the various tricks up his sleeve, Jimmy Wei and Tom Wei couldn’t help trembling in excitement. They vaguely guessed that Fade Chen’s identity that was shrouded in mystery was something that they could only look up to.

Just as everyone shouted in shock and Aaron Wan was about to fall off the building, an old and deep voice said. “Young man, you’ve gone too far.

At the same time, an elder dressed in a red traditional gown appeared out of nowhere. Although he was holding a crutch, his movements were swift. Before Aaron Wan could fall to his death, he managed to catch him with his crutch.

Aaron Wan’s face was pale as he gasped weakly for breath When he saw the old man crouching in front of him, he couldn’t help but look happy and whispered, “Dad, take revenge for me and Horace.”

When the guests heard Aaron Wan’s words, their eyes widened in shock and bewilderment. “That’s Aaron Wan’s father. That’s the old master of the Wan family, Shancus Wan or Mr Wan.”

“I thought he hasn’t shown up for more than ten years? Some people even said that Mr Wan has passed away.”

“Fade Chen is definitely in a tight spot now that the Mr Wan has chosen to appear. You should know that more than a decade ago, Mr Wan has already reached the peak of the Yellow Level, and now he may have entered the realm of Black Level

“Things are going to get messy now that Mr Wan has showed up.”

In the midst of the discussion, Shancus Wan lowered his head to look at his son, Aaron Wan, who looked half dead, his face instantly turning grave. Due to such serious injuries, even if Aaron Wan could be saved, his powers would definitely be greatly damaged, leaving almost no room for improvement in the future.

It could be said that Aaron Wan’s path as a martial artist had been completely destroyed.

With the addition of his grandson Horace Wan, two descendants of the Wan family were now doomed to leading normal lives if they survived this ordeal. Shancus Wan’s expression darkened as he glared at Fade Chen coldly. He pounded the floor with his crutch and bellowed, “Young man, you shouldn’t have attacked the Wan family!”

Fade Chen snorted and did not retreat, instead saying, “The Wan family shouldn’t have attacked me first.”

“You destroyed my son’s and my grandson’s martial skills. How dare you try to argue with me?” Shancus Wan fired back.

Fade Chen scoffed and said, “The reason why I destroyed them is because the Wan family has been up to no good, even hurting my friends and family.”

“Your family and friends are just lowlifes to me. They are not worthy to compare with the descendants of the Wan Family!” Shancus Wan said in a low voice.

“Lowlifes?” Fade Chen’s raised an eyebrow in displeasure. “You, the Wan family, think you are superior to others. But in my eyes, you’re all also lowlifes.”


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