MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 163



After hearing so, Howard Zhang exhaled deeply and was secretly relieved. After all, he really couldn’t bear to give Quin Lin, such a beautiful woman, away.

As for the shares of Fei Enterprises Holdings Inc, they had already calculated the profit distribution. Not only the Wan family, but also the Zhu family and Xie family would get their share. Otherwise, these people would not have been so hardworking to help the Zhang family.

Seeing as these calculative people had begun to distribute their share of the cake, Quin Lin turned pale. Her eyes looked desperate as bit her lip almost ruthlessly, blood slowly oozing from the corners of her mouth.

At the same time, Aaron Wan stood in front of Jimmy Wei, and the vital force in his palm surged up. He looked at the lower abdomen of Jimmy Wei with a look of regret. “Brother Wei, it was not easy for you to reach this level of skill. I didn’t want to, but..”

Hearing this, Jimmy Wei’s face changed. He knew that Aaron Wan was going to destroy his skills.

Gritting his teeth, Jimmy Wei glared at Aaron Wan and spat, “Aaron Wan, just wait and see. When Master Chen comes back, he’ll come for you and the Wan family.”

At the thought of Fade Chen’s unfathomable strength and background, Jimmy Wei couldn’t help but laugh. He couldn’t wait to see the day where Fade Chen could avenge him and lay waste to the Wan family. He looked at Tom Wei and said loudly, “Tom, don’t blame me. We lost today, but Master Chen will avenge us.”

Tom Wei spat out a mouthful of blood and said with a smile, “Second Uncle, how can I blame you? It’s my honor to die for Brother Fade. I can’t wait to see the destruction of the Wan family!”

“Master Chen, Brother Fade?” Aaron Wan’s face froze slightly, and he immediately realized that the two people were talking about Fade Chen. He couldn’t help but frown slightly, and he had some doubts.

He didn’t understand why Jimmy Wei think very highly of Fade Chen, even going so far to say that he could destroy the Wan family easily.

The guests were also puzzled. When they heard what Jimmy Wei and Tom Wei said, they immediately understood that the two came to help today because of Master Chen.

However, everyone was puzzled to why the big boss of North Bay City would give his all just for the sake of a young boy like Fade Chen.

But at this moment, Horace Wan didn’t think too much about it. When he heard Tom Wei’s words and thought of when he was defeated and humiliated by Fade Chen, he couldn’t help but be furious. He stormed over to Tom Wei and slapped him. “You’re half dead and yet you’re still spouting nonsense? Let’s see if your Brother Fade will come avenge you if you’re already down in hell?”

Just as the slap was about to land on Tom Wei’s face, a small but strong voice resonated through the halls. “I’m back.”

Everyone was shocked when they heard the voice, turning towards the elevator to see who it was.

To their surprise, a young man in his twenties walked out of the elevator, his expression dark as though the calm before the storm. It was Fade Chen.

The Fade Chen of this moment had ragged clothes draped messily over him and looked extremely out of place. However, many could feel the strong sense of pressure he gave out as he walked out of the elevator, the air in the hall hanging ominously as though marking a turnover of events.

Seeing this, Tom Wei was overjoyed and exclaimed, “Brother Fade, you are back!”

Jimmy Wei’s face beamed with delight. He sighed and his whole body relaxed. He sat on the ground and starting resting without a care in the world. It looked as though he was paying no attention to Aaron Wan, who was still standing clad in front of him with much killing intent.

As for Quin Lin, her eyes were brimming with tears. Biting her red lips, she could no longer hold back her tears.

Fade Chen’s eyes swept around the room and roughly understood the situation here. He nodded to Jimmy Wei, Tom Wei, and Quin Lin and said softly, “You all have suffered a lot.”

Upon seeing this, Horace Wan’s eyes narrowed slightly. He gritted his teeth and raised his palm again, slapping Tom Wei. “He’s just a young kid. So what if he comes back?”

“Slap! Slap!”

His hand was full of strength and headed towards Tom Wei’s cheek like a strong gust of wind.

Precisely then, Fade Chen turned his head and looked over. With a cold look in his eyes, he shouted, “Get away!”

Immediately, a surge of white energy burst out from his mouth and zoomed towards Horace Wan like the speed of light. It hit him directly in the chest and Horace Wan was directly knocked away, falling heavily to the ground with a thud.


Seeing this, everyone could not help but gasp in disbelief.

Master Wan was sent flying by Fade Chen’s bellow. No one could believe that he was so powerful.

Even Aaron Wan was shocked, his expression steeling. He rushed over to help his son up, took out a pill, and stuffed it into Horace Wan’s mouth.

At this moment, Fade Chen walked up to Quin Lin with a faint smile on his face. Stretching out his hand, he gently wiped away tears from her eyes and said with a smile, “Dear, don’t cry, otherwise, you won’t be beautiful.”

“Oh, you’re back. You’re finally back.” The president, who had always been cold and strict, suddenly rushed into Fade Chen’s arms like a little girl and burst into tears.

When the guests saw this, they were shocked. After all, not many people knew the fact that Fade Chen and Quin Lin were husband and wife. The thought of Howard Zhang forcing Quin Lin to marry him once again sparked discussion amongst them.

Seeing this, Howard Zhang’s face glowered. He glared at Fade Chen with immense hatred in his eyes. He gritted his teeth and said, “Fade Chen, Quin Lin is my fiancee. You..”

“You dare to speak again?” Fade Chen glared at Howard Zhang and sent a flying fist towards him.

Feeling the imminent danger approaching, Howard Zhang was scared and shouted in a hurry, “Help me!”

Seeing this, Dawson Zhang hurriedly shouted, “Stop!”

Aaron Wan’s expression hardened and he also shouted, “Stop, boy!”

Fade Chen didn’t pay attention to them. His eyes were deathly cold, and he slapped Howard Zhang’s head with his palm. With a loud crack, Howard Zhang’s neck snapped unnaturally, blood oozing out of his mouth and nose. He fell to the ground and stopped moving.

“Howard, Howard…” Dawson Zhang ran towards Howard Zhang and attempted to feel a pulse with no avail. His face contorted with sorrow and anger as he glared at Fade Chen with eyes full of resentment. “You killed my son.” I want you to pay with your life. You killed my son…”

When the guests saw this, they were shocked and stepped back one after another. They looked at Fade Chen in fear.

Never did they expect this young man to actually have the skills and tenacity. He managed to first hurt Horace Wan with one move, then slapped Howard Zhang to death. It was really shocking that he dared to kill him so boldly.

“You killed my son. I won’t let you go that easily.” Dawson Zhang charged at Fade Chen.

Fade Chen glared at him coldly and gave Dawson Zhang a slap so hard it forced him on the ground. Fade Chen spat out a mouthful of blood and remarked coldly, “I can fulfill your death wish.”


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