MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 162



Jimmy Wei valiantly defended himself against Aaron Wan. However, he was starting to feel exhausted as he faced the continuous onslaught. His resistance was weakening.

“This must be because of that red pill.” Jimmy Wei thought. He urged Tom Wei again, “Leave quickly.”

Tom Wei’s expression darkened at this command. He could sense Second Uncle’s alarm at the situation. He steeled himself, looked knowingly at the four Heavenly Kings and they instantly formed a circle to protect Lily Wei and Quin Lin. In such a formation, they started moving forward.

However, their opponents wouldn’t let them leave without a fight. In a split second, a group of guards had rushed over to stop them.

In just a short time, the top floor of the hotel was embroiled in chaos. Both elders battled it out valiantly, while the others fought just as fiercely by their side.

However, fierce as the battle may have been, it started to become clear that Uncle Wei and Tom Wei were at a disadvantage. The Wan Family and their henchmen were starting to gain the upper hand.

Jimmy Wei’s countenance became even more grave. Aaron Wan could not contain his glee and taunted. “Brother Wei, if you continue fighting you may harm the very source of your inner energies. Is this matter really worth such a risk?”

Jimmy Wei’s heart lurched slightly. These words might have been able to persuade him in the past. He would have stopped the fight in an attempt to protect his reputation and consolidate his social standing in Bay City. After all, Aaron Wan was giving him the opportunity to leave without any repercussions.

But it was different now. Fade Chen had come to his rescue and saved his family multiple times. He protected Lily Wei, killed the assassin and healed his wife, even helping him to put an end to Kevin Huang. Jimmy Wei felt he was greatly indebted to him.

Also, after the battle with Kevin Huang, Jimmy Wei was a changed man. His worldview had shifted and broadened, becoming interested in going out into the world to experience fully all it had to offer. Bay City’s enterprises and wealth were no longer of such great priority to him.

As all these thoughts swirled in his head, Jimmy Wei resolved to focus all his concentration on the battle at hand. He made great effort to gather his strength, and blocked Aaron’s Wan’s incoming attacks with all his might.

Aaron Wan smiled unperturbed. “Brother Wei, it’s hard to train to such a high level and accumulate such inner energy Why don’t you just give in, I will go easy on you. ”

Ignoring him, Jimmy Wei continued his attack.

Aaron Wan laughed heartily. “Brother Wei, you really would like to continue with this? Even if you do not care for yourself, you should think of your nephew and daughter!”

Howard Zhang, who was hiding in the corner with a few others, was delighted that Aaron Wan was dominating. Hearing his words, he couldn’t help interjecting, “Uncle Wan, why are you being so gracious? You have gained the upper hand. Don’t spare him, take no prisoners!”

Leonard Zhu and Lincoln Xie nodded sycophantically beside him. They clearly agreed with him.

Horace Wan however shook his head. “It’s not that my father wants to go easy on Jimmy Wei, he’s trying to make him take the bait.”

“Bait?” Howard Zhang was confused.

Horace Wan smiled knowingly. “Even though my father says he is going to go easy on him, you can see clearly that he is still fighting with full force. These words are just a way to mess with his mind. Once Jimmy Wei allows these words to distract him, it will have a negative effect on him. And at that moment, my father will move in for the kill.”

Howard Zhang understood this instantly. “I see, mind games are also part of martial arts.”

Horace Wan smiled. Almost as if he was giving a lecture, he continued. “The martial arts revolves not just around the physical aspect. Once reaching a certain level, the mind, the heart, the spirit and will these play just as important a role as the physical.”

“I see. Uncle Wan has reached such a high level, it is truly admirable! Howard Zhang complimented him. Horace Wan’s smile became even more pronounced.

At this moment, Aaron Wan’s edge over his opponent started to become even clearer.

Tom Wei was also suffering a setback, and all four Heavenly Kings were injured. Jimmy Wei had to assist them and thus the situation became even more critical. Aaron Wan went in for the kill and left him spluttering with blood.

For combat involving high level martial artists of almost the same caliber, it took time for a victor to emerge.

Seeing Jimmy Wei coughing up blood, Howard Zhang and his cohorts were filled with excitement, almost cheering with joy.

Aaron Wan was unrelenting. He attacked with increased ferocity, completely dominating Jimmy Wei. Jimmy Wei was on the receiving end of a series of frenzied blows. He spat out more blood and his face became even more ghastly pale .

“Brother Wei, you have lost!” Aaron Wan laughed derisively. He pounded on Jimmy Wei’s chest, launching him forward and sending him flying across the room. He smiled in triumph as he approached Jimmy Wei with murderous intent.

Concurrent to this, Tom Wei howled in pain as he was struck down, the four heavenly kings following soon after. The henchmen of the Wan Family surrounded Quin Lin and Lily Wei, capturing Quin Lin and taking her away.

The wedding guests sighed. The Wei family was destined to be defeated. Bay City would remain with only one elder after this battle.

At this moment, the crowd looked on at Aaron Wan with a combination of respect, apprehension and adulation Horace Wan beamed with pleasure as the crowd started to congratulate him and shower him with compliments and flattering words.

Still smiling, Horace Wan grabbed Quin Lin and pushed her towards Howard Zhang. “Brother Zhang, here she is. Enjoy your evening.”

“I am indebted to Master Wan for his great assistance.” Howard Zhang nodded in thanks. He turned his eyes to glare at Quin Lin, who was completely pale. He lowered his voice. “If it is to your pleasure and gratification, I will let you spend one night with her.”

Quin Lin turned as pale as a ghost upon hearing this. Not only was Howard Zhang shameless, he was also weak minded. Seeing the Wan Family defeat the Wei Family to become the only martial arts clan of Bay City, he would willingly offer her up as a prize in flattery.

Horace Wan gazed at Quin Lin, his eyes slightly radiating, lust and desire burning in him. However he turned down the offer. “Thank you, but that won’t be necessary. However, Fei Enterprises Holdings Inc..”

“Naturally, Master Wan. No worries at all. Once I take over Fei Enterprises Holdings Inc, I will allocate a generous portion of the company shares to you.” Howard Zhang replied him instantly.


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