MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 160



His voice resonated clearly in the hall, causing the crowd to feel a sense of foreboding. They turned their eyes towards the elevator.

A tall muscular man with a dragon tattoo on his neck emerged. Everyone held their breath in anticipation, feeling a growing trepidation.

He was the well-known Jimmy Wei, or nicknamed Uncle Wei of North Bay City.

The eight henchmen who were surrounding the Four Heavenly Kings froze upon his arrival.

Uncle Wei stepped forward and shoved two henchmen away effortlessly.

They flew across the room, crashing against the wall. As they dropped on the ground like dead flies, blood gushed out of their mouths.

The remaining six men were intimidated and began to retreat.

Uncle Wei bellowed to them, “Get lost!”

Filled with fear, they ran away with lowered heads.

Uncle’s Wei authoritative presence caused complete silence to fall over the hall. No one dared to utter a word.

Looking at the injured Tom Wei, Uncle Wei blinked his eyes slightly. “Is he dead?” he asked.

Tom Wei shook his head and replied, ” I’m still alive.”

“Get up then. Leave now.” Uncle Wei spoke in command. As Tom Wei stood up in pain, Uncle Wei looked towards Quin Lin and Lily Wei. “Bring them with you.”

Tom Wei understood his intention. He nodded and prepared to leave with Lily Wei and Quin Lin.

Horace Wan frowned. “Uncle Wei, President Lin is Master Zhang’s fiance. She has to remain..”

Jimmy Wei cut him off. “Who are you to speak to me?. You have absolutely no say in this matter. Leave, and ask your father to come speak to me.”

Horace Wan’s expression stiffened. After all, he was Master Wan, and had never been humiliated like this. However, facing Jimmy Wei, he had no choice but to take a step back.

Jimmy Wei gestured for Tom Wei to leave quickly.

At this moment, a middle aged clad in a tuxedo man spoke. “Uncle Wei, please wait a second.”

Jimmy Wei stared at him.” Dawson Zhang, what do you have to say?”

Dawson Zhang was the CEO of Hans Real Estate,and Howard Zhang’s father.

Dawson Zhang smiled. “I have always been respectful towards you, Uncle Wei. However, don’t you think you are going a bit too far today?”

“How so?” Jimmy Wei retorted.

Dawson Zhang pointed at Quin Lin. “Today is Howard Zhang’s wedding ceremony. You brought men to cause trouble, even going as so far as to leave with my daughter-in law, isn’t that crossing the line?”

“Your daughter-in-law?” Uncle Long said, “President Lin did not agree to marry your useless son.”

Dawson Zhang’s expression turned an ugly purple from the shame, “Uncle Wei, that’s enough. There are many people here. Hold your tongue.”

Uncle Wei snorted as a response, and chided, “Then, let President Lin decide whether she is willing to be your daughter-in-law or not.”

All eyes were on Quin Lin. Howard Zhang became anxious, wanting to threaten her with the video of Fade Chen’s torture again.

Even before he could open the video, Uncle Wei flicked a piece of rock across the room, and like a bullet it hit the laptop right on target. The laptop flew right into the concrete wall behind them and shattered into countless pieces.

Such a move caused Howard Zhang to tremble in fear and he ducked into the crowd, not daring to face Jimmy Wei.

Quin Lin chose that moment to speak out, “Howard Zhang kidnapped one of my loved ones to threaten me into marriage. This is an evil scheme, and I will not go through with the wedding.”

As soon as she uttered these words, there was an uproar amongst the crowd, and the guests begin to buzz with chatter.

Jimmy Wei smiled in satisfaction, looking at Dawson Zhang “Did you hear that now? This wedding is just part of a huge conspiracy.”

Dawson Zhang’s expression darkened. He glared at Quin Lin and spoke, “Quin Lin, Howard Zhang is in love with you. How dare you speak in such a manner about him? If you insult our family, you will suffer the consequences.”

This was said in a fierce and threatening tone, traces of anger etched on his face.

Jimmy Wei reacted, ” Are you threatening President Lin?”

“Zhang family affairs are not of Jimmy Wei’s concern.” Dawson Zhang replied, addressing Uncle Wei by his real name.

“Not of my concern?” Jimmy Wei snickered. He grabbed Dawson Zhang by the neck. “Looks like it will be after all. Now what say you?”

Dawson Zhang was not expecting brute force from Jimmy Wei. He could not breathe and he panicked, flailing his arms in vain as he tried to release himself from Jimmy Weis grasp. However, it was to no avail.

Dawson Zhang was turning pale. At this moment a blast of energy was sent towards Jimmy Wei. He let Dawson Zhang go and blocked it.

A deep, masculine voice could be heard. “Jimmy Wei, you are crossing the line.”

Jimmy Wei turned and saw a middle-aged man in black walking in a distinguished manner towards him.

Horace Wan’s face lit up. He walked over. “Dad.”

Dawson Zhang looked at him in gratitude. “Thank you, brother, for your kind assistance.”

Jimmy Wei looked rather sullen as he spoke. “Aaron Wan, are you meddling in my affairs?”

This man was Aaron Wan, the current patriarch of the Wan family.

He shook his head, speaking to Jimmy Wei. “I’m not meddling in yours, but you are meddling in Brother Zhang’s affairs. You shouldn’t cause so much trouble at their wedding.”

“Cause trouble?” Jimmy Wei sneered. “President Lin just explained that she was threatened and forced into this marriage. She never wanted to marry that useless man.”


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