MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 159



“Nice one!” Horace Wan blocked the incoming punch from Tom Wei.

Seeing two of Bay City’s famed martial artists going at it, the wedding guests moved back hastily. At the same time, they were piqued with curiosity. After all, one did not often get to be a spectator of such a battle.

“Crash, Bang, Pow!”

They fought, at times attacking and at times defending against each other.

Tom Wei was taken aback and mused, “Horace Wan has progressed greatly in skill and strength.”

In spite of exchanging only a few blows, he could feel the significant improvement of Horace Wan. Previously, Horace Wan had a skill equal to Tom Wei prior to training with Fade Chen. That was around the lower Yellow level, where Tom Wei had remained without advancement in skill for years.

Later, after meeting Fade Chen and training under him, Tom Wei broke through his plateau. He improved much under the guidance of Fade Chen, and his skill rose to a level far above Horace Wan.

But now, only after a few months, Horace Wan seemed to have reached the mid-yellow level as well. His strength and skill were equal to Tom Wei’s.

Although Tom Wei wasn’t prepared for this increased strength in his opponent, he was not intimidated. He remained focused and attacked with renewed ferocity, pushing back on Horace Wan. Time passed, and no one seemed to be gaining ground on each other.

Amidst the battle, Howard Zhang used the opportunity to secretly gesture towards his guards. They surrounded Lily Wei and Quin Lin.

Tom Wei was enraged. “Shame on you!” He sped towards the ladies in aid.

Horace Wan still remained calm, following him. “Brother Wei, don’t get distracted, otherwise I will show no mercy.”

Horace Wan upped the ante on the attack, pouncing on Tom Wei.

Tom Wei intended to retaliate, but he had to protect Lily Wei and Quin Lin who were behind him.

Seeing him with his guard down, Horace Wan gathered all his strength and attacked Tom Wei ferociously.

Tom Wei was distracted and couldn’t react fast enough. As a result, Horace Wan managed to land a blow on his chest, making him splutter blood and stagger.

The crowd gasped at this scene. Horace Wan stood triumphant in front of Tom Wei, shaking his head. “Brother Wei, you have grown weak and soft.”

Howard Zhang, Leonard Zhu and Lincoln Xie stood smiling in glee behind Horace Wan. At this moment, Howard Zhang gestured for his guards to take Quin Lin away.

Tom Wei blocked them from her, retorting.”How dare you! No one can take her away.”

Howard Zhang looked at Horace Wan. As if on cue, Horace Wan spoke to Tom Wei, “Brother Wei, this is Master Zhang’s wedding ceremony. If you would still like to cause a disturbance, I will have to show no mercy.”

Tom Wei’s expression hardened, a steely glint of determination appearing in his eyes as he gritted his teeth in resolve. He would have to fight these people till the bitter end.

“Over my dead body!” Tom Wei sneered. He wiped the blood off his mouth, standing upright.

This display of fighting spirit caused Howard Zhang and his friends to step back in fear, slightly apprehensive.

Horace Wan frowned.”Brother Wei, I just wanted to challenge you. But if you remain so stubborn, then don’t blame me for showing no mercy!”

“No worries!” Tom Wei retorted. “I’ve never tried to be polite with you, Horace Wan. Get off your high horse and come get me.”

“So be it!” Horace Wan gritted his teeth and anger and renewed his attack on Tom Wei.

Tom Wei clenched his fist and defended himself.

The fight continued.

Determined as Tom Wei was, he had suffered an injury. Horace Wan had the upper hand, and not long after, Tom Wei got more injuries. He started bleeding profusely and his face grew pale.

“Get out of the way!” Horace Wan bellowed.

Tom Wei replied valiantly. ” I’m not done yet!”

“Then..let me help you with that.” Horace Wan roared, landing a punch on Tom Wei’s chest.

Tom Wei’s resistance was giving way as blood continued to spew from his mouth.

As he fell down to the ground, Horace Wan did not stop with the attack. Filled with burning rage, he continued pummeling him.

Lily Wei was overcome by panic, as she shrieked, “Horace Wan, stop it!”

Horace Wan retorted, “He hasn’t admitted his defeat yet.”

It seemed like Horace Wan was about to resume his attack on Tom Wei, but right at this moment, someone shouted. “Stop it!”

The crowd spied four men walking out of the elevator, looking ready for vengeance. At the forefront was Darren Hong.

Horace Wan was stunned. “The Four Heavenly Kings of North Bay City.”

Hearing this, the guests stared at these new arrivals. Their reputation preceded them since they were well-known figures.

Why were they all here? Even Tom Wei? Most guests could not begin to comprehend.

What was the relationship between this wedding and the Long Enterprise for Master Wei and the Four Heavenly Kings to intercept?

“Horace Wan, what have you done?” Darren Hong spoke in an accusatory tone, pointing towards an injured Tom Wei.

Horace Wan sneered. “He’s just tired and gone soft.”

“You..” Darren Hong was infuriated. Tom Wei pulled him back, gesturing towards Quin Lin, “Bring them to safety, they will not dare to further harm me.”

Darren Hong agreed. Restraining himself, he prepared to leave with Quin Lin.

Horace Wan saw them leaving. His expression stiffened. “Where do you think you are going?”

Darren Hong did not back down. ” I am leaving with President Lin.”

“You can leave. But President Lin stays.” Horace Wan retorted.

“If we don’t obey you?” Darren Hong spoke gravely.

“All of you can remain here then!” Horace Wan waved his hand and around eight henchmen appeared. Looking strong and skilled, they were highly trained martial artists, seemingly ready to take on the Four Heavenly Kings.

Ass the henchmen surrounded them, Horace Wan spoke icily “I will repeat one last time. Leave her here, and you can go in peace.”

Darren Hong knew that the four of them were no match against the eight henchmen, but he could not leave Quin Lin behind. Darren Hong spoke resolutely. “Alright, let’s fight it out then.”

“Attack them!” Horace Wan gestured to his men. They pounced forward, eager to attack. They were about to be embroiled in a bitter battle. Suddenly someone spoke, growling in fury. “How dare you mess with my people?”


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