MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 158



“Tom Wei!”

Someone in the crowd shouted this name, while the other guests stared at him, stunned. Howard Zhang’s expression sank while Quin Lin’s face lit up.

Seeing the security guards blocking Quin Lin from exiting, Tom Wei went forward and pushed them away. Then, he turned to speak to Quin Lin with a respectful tone, “Let’s go, sister-in-law.”

Lily Wei rushed forward, clasping Quin Lin’s arm. She whispered to her, “Fade called me, saying that he was not in danger

“Oh, great! I knew he will be fine. “Quin Lin seemed teary eyed with joy.

Howard Zhang’s expression darkened. He gazed icily at Tom Wei. “It is my wedding today. How dare you try to ruin it! You’ve crossed the line.”

Tom Wei snorted. “Have I? B*stard, you are the one who forced my sister-in-law to marry you.”

Howard Zhang looked at Quin Lin. “She has given her hand to me in marriage by her own will. Who could threaten her to do such a thing? Quin, please tell them.”

As they spoke, someone behind Howard Zhang raised his cell phone. On the screen, Fade Chen whose face was full of blood was pleading for mercy.

Seeing this video, Quin Lin trembled, her eyes glistened,” I….I…”

Lily Wei was shocked and seemed worried as well.

However, Tom Wei dismissed it. “It’s fake, don’t believe it.” He didn’t have proof, but he was utterly convinced by Fade Chen’s skills and abilities. No one in Long City could measure up to his strength. Therefore, this video was surely a hoax.

Quin Lin looked at Tom Wei briefly, then slowly nodded and said, “Howard Zhang forced me into marrying him.”

Her words caught the attention of the wedding guests. They began chattering and whispering amongst themselves. This wedding had been announced in such a sudden manner, and there had been so much speculation towards what was going on. Now, this actually explained everything perfectly.

Upon hearing this, Howard Zhang glared at Quin Lin. Infuriated, he snapped at Tom Wel. “You can’t leave with her!”

“Are you trying to stop me?” Tom Wei challenged him.

Howard Zhang felt his heart stopping for a second. He was afraid of him. After all, Tom Wei was no ordinary man but a famed martial artist. He would defeat himself with ease.

But at the same time, he could not give in. Howard Zhang looked at his friends for assistance.

Leonard Zhu, clad in a tuxedo, stood up, coughing slightly. ” Tom Wei, we are all part of the same social circle. All disagreements can be settled privately. You are causing a scene here at Master Zhang’s wedding, isn’t that rather rude of you?”

“You are trash! I don’t belong in your circle! Stay out of this!” Tom Wei retorted.

Leonard Zhu was infuriated, his face flushing a bright red. He was one of Bay City’s elite, being both wealthy and privileged. To be disrespected by Tom Wei in front of all the guests was crossing the line. He stood up and rolled up his sleeves, preparing to fight.

Tom Wei sneered. “Do you want to fight me?”

He launched his hands into a stone counter next to him, shattering it into pieces. He flung them towards Leonard Zhu, striking his face, leaving him with a pained expression.

It was clear that Leonard Zhu’s skills paled in comparison to mid-Yellow Level warrior Tom Wei. He knew that he would not have the strength to fight back or retaliate.

However, if he gave in, it would be even more humiliating. Faced with this dilemma, Leonard Zhu seemed indecisive, the atmosphere becoming tense as he remained silent.

Tom Wei smiled disdainfully and turned to leave.

At that moment, someone else stood up and shouted, “Enough. You may not respect them, but you will respect me!”

Tom Wei looked over. It was Lincoln Xie speaking.

Lincoln Xie smiled in self-assurance. “Tom Wei, these are my friends. Since I am here for the wedding, I would like to see them treated with the respect they deserve. I can’t allow you to act like this. On behalf of the Xie Family of Long City, leave Quin here and excuse yourself quietly, do you understand?”

As soon as he said the words “Xie Family of Long City”. many guests were filled with wonder and disbelief. The Xie Family was well known and of high social standing. People around him stared at him closely.

Hearing the name, Tom Wei was unmoved. “Lincoln Xie, I will still be leaving with Quin, regardless of your family background”

“Are you against the Xie Family?” Lincoln Xie asked him gravely.

Tom Wei froze. He crushed another stone counter, raising his voice. “What if I am? Would you dare stop me?”

Hearing this, Lincoln Xie was speechless. His family was renowned and possessed great wealth, but he had no experience with such a hot-headed man. He had no skill in combat, and would definitely lose to him.

Looking at Howard Zhang, Leonard Zhu and Lincoln Xie who were all silent, Tom Wei snorted and left. Lily Wei and Quin Lin followed him closely.

All eyes were on them. As Tom Wei reached the elevator, a young man in a white suit called out, “Brother Wei, wait a second. ”

Tom Wei froze. It was Horace Wan.

“Horace Wan, are you interfering in this matter as well?” Tom Wei spoke.

Horace Wan shook his head. “I don’t know much of what is going on. However, these men are my friends. I can’t let you treat them with such disrespect.”

Tom Wei’s expression stiffened. He discreetly pushed Lily Wei and Quin Lin behind him. Glaring at Horace Wan, he asked, “Are you trying to pick a fight?”

Horace Wan smiled slightly. “I feel confident after our last battle. I would like to challenge you, Brother Wei.”

“Bring it on!” Tom Wei roared, throwing a punch at Horace Wan.

Horace Wan was that of similar ability and skill with him. Tom Wei had a slight advantage over him due to Fade Chen’s training and guidance. However, he did not want to underestimate his opponent. The Wan Family had a long history of martial artists, unlike the other men who had no skill whatsoever.


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