MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 154



Hearing his words, Uncle Whittaker froze. He lost the will to fight back and could only mutter helplessly. “Tianwu Mountain… Are you saying you are a disciple of the Tianwu Clan which is of the Heaven Level?

Even Watson Xie, who was no martial artist, was overcome by shock and disbelief when he heard the words “Tianwu Clan.”

According to lore, the skills of the martial artists were divided according to levels. From highest to lower, they were the Heaven, Earth, Black, and Yellow levels.

Among these four levels, martial artists of the Heaven level were the rarest. Members of the Tianwu Clan, who situated at Tianwu Mountain, were amongst those few martial artists.

The Tianwu Clan had proven to be extraordinary in strength. Since it came into existence half a century ago, many powerful martial artists had emerged from the clan. They came to represent absolute power, and their members were seen to be able to rub shoulders with the elite and wealthy.

Every disciple coming from Tianwu Mountain would be immediately be given many offers by the elite and those in power to be an ally or of service to them.

Watson Xie had never heard of someone from the Tianwu Clan in Dragonville of Long City, not to mention being in Bay City.

And yet, they had offended a disciple of the Tianwu Clan who was standing right in front of them now.

Uncle Whittaker did not defend himself from Fade Chen’s blow. He had accepted his fate since there was no use fighting back now that he knew.

Fade Chen sent another blow towards Uncle Whittaker that caused his neck to snap. He died and fell over.

Watson Xie was completely distraught and dumbfounded. All traces of arrogance had long left him. Kneeling in front of Fade Chen, he begged, “Master of the Tianwu Clan, have mercy on me, I have offended you. Please, give me a chance and accept my humble apologies…”

Fade Chen shook his head. Silently, he gathered energy within.

Lifting his palm, he sent a surge of energy towards Watson Xie.

Seeing as death was descending upon him, Watson Xie was stricken by terror and tried to plead, “No, please, Quin Lin..”

“What..” Fade Chen frowned at the mention of Quin Lin. However, the force of his blow landed directly on Watson Xie, killing him in an instant.

Fade Chen sighed with relief since Watson Xie and his men were all disposed of. “I am from Tianwu Mountain, but I never said I’m a disciple of the Tianwu Clan.” He spoke, addressing their corpses.

Fade Chen began to generate energy from deep within. On his palm, bright red air started to appear and swirl around mysteriously.

This ball of energy seemed vibrant as it pulsated steadily, looking like it was on fire.

Fade Chen launched it onto the corpses in front of him. Instantly, they caught fire and started burning, the rain bearing no effect on it.

In a few minutes, only ashes remained, and they were washed away by the torrent, leaving nothing behind.

Returning to the cabin, Fade Chen dealt likewise with the remaining corpses.

Jordan Qi was still unconscious. It would have been inconvenient if he had regained consciousness while all these were happening.

Gazing at the dark skies stained with torrential downpour, Fade Chen felt unease creeping into his heart since Watson Xie’s last words uttered were his wife’s name. Also, he did not forget how assured Watson Xie was that he would be able to lay hands on company shares of the Fei Enterprises Holdings Inc. He wondered if Watson Xie had already some sinister plot in motion.

Fade Chen was a little worried as he was not sure how to proceed with Jordan Qi on his side. Being alone would have been easier.

Fade Chen lifted Jordan Qi, infused him with some of his inner energy and willed him to awaken from his coma.

However, just moments later, Jordan Qi started coughing up blood, his face turning an irregular shade of blue.

Fade Chen froze and inspected Jordan Qi carefully. Rage overcame him when he found out that Jordan Qi had been poisoned by the Lanyou Herb!

It was not considered a strong and immediate poison. It usually invaded the nervous system, taking around half a month for a grown man to succumb to its effect and die.

The Lanyou Herb, however, had a unique feature. Upon encounter with the inner energy of a martial artist, the effects of the poison would speed up. It was due to this specialty that it was commonly used against martial artists.

Fade Chen had inadvertently sped up the effects of the poison by injecting his inner energy in Jordan Qi.

“D*mn it!” Fade Chen cursed in frustration. How he longed to enact revenge against Watson Xie and his men once more.

Dealing with the poison from the Lanyou Herb was not a major issue for Fade Chen. However, trying to neutralize it quickly was not a viable option. Fade Chen could not utilize his inner energy in the healing process, so he had to find and brew an antidote for the poison.

Fade Chen’s wish to return soon would have to be delayed for now.

Moving Jordan Qi to a more comfortable position, Fade Chen went back into the woods. Through the rain, he scoured the forest looking for the ingredients he needed for the antidote.

The forest was pitch black, and the rain poured down continuously, making this no easy task. Some of the required herbs were rare and difficult to find. He searched for hours until the sun rose before managing to gather all the materials that he needed.

Fade Chen began preparing the antidote in the cabin. After another hour, it was ready, and he poured it down Jordan Qi’s throat.

Checking on Jordan Qi, Fade Chen saw that the antidote was effective and was instantly relieved. Anyhow, it would take another few hours for him to heal completely.

Jordan Qi became conscious around noon and woke up groggily.

Without waiting for any questions from him, Fade Chen explained in simple terms the events that had transpired. They then made the move to leave the cabin immediately.

With Jordan Qi by his side, Fade Chen had to slow down. It took around two hours before they managed to leave the mountains behind them.


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Chapter 155
Carrying Jordan Qi, Fade Chen arrived at the place where Watson Xie had parked their cars. No cars were in sight.

Fade Chen couldn’t help wondering if his opponents had secret assistance which he did not know of.

Fade Chen continued walking. He saw his car at a distance, and hurried towards it with Jordan Qi in tow.

Reaching his car, he had a shock. His brand new car was full of bullet holes, and there were even blood stains inside.

Inspecting the car, Fade Chen discovered that the engine had been destroyed. The car could not be started.

Faced with such a situation, Fade Chen frowned, thinking carefully.

There was no other option. He had to continue with Jordan Qi by foot.

Just as Fade Chen began his journey on foot, a celebration was being held on the top floor of Bay City’s 5-star luxury hotel.

The whole floor had been reserved. Staff members could be seen decorating the place busily with milky white drapes, assortments of fragrant flowers and shiny ornaments. It was clear that a wedding was about to take place.

On the ground floor, the Bay City’s elite arrived in extravagant limousines and sports cars. The socialites, the rich and famous and the people in power, they were all here.

As they entered the hotel, they smiled and chatted with each other.

“Master Zhang’s wedding announcement was so sudden!”

“That’s right. We got the invitation yesterday, and today is the wedding ceremony. It is shocking!”

“Did you hear that Howard Zhang and Quin Lin was originally set to get married a long time ago, but due to some unknown circumstances, she decided to marry someone else? And now she is back with Howard Zhang? How utterly puzzling!”

“Speaking of Quin Lin’s husband, I think his name is Fade Chen! I remember him looking really striking and handsome at Mr. Wu’s banquet!”

“Well, his good looks aren’t going to help him now, seems like his wife is going to give her hand of marriage to someone else. Where is he though? It looks like he just disappeared into thin air?”

“Have you heard, Fade Chen and Quin Lin’s marriage was not real, it was just a front. Now that Master Zhang and President Lin’s marriage is official and authentic, he is definitely out of the picture.”

“In my opinion, Master Zhang and President Lin are the perfect match. They are young, good-looking and have rising success with their careers. They are definitely the darlings of our Bay City society.”

There was chattering and much discourse, which livened up the atmosphere.

In the dressing room, however, Quin Lin was getting her hair done. She stared mutinously at Howard Zhang. I’ve accepted your offer. Shouldn’t you release Fade Chen?”

At the mention of Fade Chen’s name, Howard Zhang’s eyes flickered slightly with irritation. He replied coolly, “No worries, let’s go through with the wedding ceremony first.”

“After you become mine, Fade Chen will be released.” Howard Zhang relished the words. His eyes burnt with lust as he stared at Quin Lin’s beautiful and slender figure.

Quin Lin was such an exquisite beauty, and the thought of her being under his dominion filled Howard Zhang with overwhelming desire. He moved towards Quin Lin, unable to control his lust for her.

Quin Lin leaped back in shock. She grabbed a pair of scissors, placing them on her neck, and warned him, “If you touch me now, I will kill myself in front of you.”

Howard Zhang stopped, his passion cooling down. He sneered at her, “It’s alright, you will belong to me soon.”

“There is still some time before the wedding. Do be ready. I hope all will proceed as planned, otherwise.” Howard Zhang spoke and left.

Right after he left, Quin Lin collapsed in a heap on the ground, her delicate eyes filled with tears.

She had always been tough to put up a strong front. But confronted with this situation, she couldn’t help sobbing.

She bit her lip, staring at the darkening skies outside her window. “Fade Chen, you saved me once. This time, it is my turn to return the favor. We may just be husband and wife in name, but I will not let another man near me, If Howard Zhang even dares to touch me, I will kill myself. Anyways, would have been dead if not for you.” She thought to herself.

With a grim smile, Quin Lin’s determination seemed to as though signaling her defeat. Her expression became wooden and lifeless and she sat in her chair quietly. allowing the makeup artist and the hairdresser to do their jobs.

As the hustle and bustle continued at the hotel, Fade Chen and Jordan Qi finally was clear of the woods.

Fade Chen took out his cell phone. There was a slight signal. Overjoyed, he quickly dialed Quin Lin’s number. However, the connection was not good. Fade Chen had to attempt a few times before the call finally went through.

Someone picked up and immediately hung up.

Fade Chen had a sense of foreboding. He looked through the contact numbers and called Lily Wei.

After a long interval, the call was picked up. Lily Wei started interrogating him without waiting for him to speak, “Where have you been, Fade Chen?”

Fade Chen was surprised. “Lily, what is it? Do you know where Quin is? Why isn’t she picking up?”

Lily was astonished. “Haven’t you heard?”

“Heard what?” Fade Chen became even more agitated.

Lily Wei hesitated and said. ” Apparently Quin is getting married to Howard Zhang. The wedding ceremony is tonight at the 5-star hotel.”

“What?” Fade Chen listened in shock. ‘What is going on?”

“You don’t know what’s going on? Me too!” Lily Wei retorted. “Yesterday Quin made this announcement. I tried to question her but she refused to explain anything. When I tried calling you, I couldn’t get reach of you. Fade Chen, what on earth is going on?”

Fade Chen took a deep breath, willed himself to calm down, and tried to connect all the dots.

He started seeing the big picture.

Since Lincoln Xie was unsuccessful in procuring the formula to the Life Elixir Wine, he probably enlisted his uncle Watson Xie to help him. Watson Xie possibly saw the profit potential of the Life Elixir Wine and devised a series of plans to obtain the formula to it.

He first had Jordan Qi kidnapped, seemingly threatening for Fade Chen to hand over the formula of the Life Elixir Wine. However, he left clear clues on purpose so that Fade Chen would try to go in search of him.

In addition, Watson Xie deliberately brought Jordan Qi to a remote place, hidden in the mountainous forest. At first sight, it seemed that he wanted a good hiding place but in truth it was a plot to lure Fade Chen as far away as he could from town.


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