MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 150



In the mountains of the northern Suburbs, the night was getting darker, and the rain was getting heavier.

The initial drizzling rain had now become a pouring rain.

Everything in the mountain was drenched in rain. The trails Fade Chen had been tracking were being washed off and nowhere in sight due to the heavy pouring rain.

Fade Chen looked up at the inky night, and then looked down at the intersection ahead, he was a little anxious. He had lost track of the trail and now he couldn’t tell which route the kidnapper had taken Jordan Qi to.

For a moment, Fade Chen felt irritated and his eyes burned with anger.

Suddenly, a loud scream rang into the rainy night, Fade Chen jumped. Once he confirmed the direction of the sound, he immediately rushed to the road on the left.

The heavy rain didn’t affect Fade Chen’s speed. Instead, the sound of the rain helped Fade Chen muffled his movement.

After walking along the road for about 20 minutes, Fade Chen suddenly stopped and narrowed his eyes. Between the two big trees in front of him, a wooden house came into sight. He could see the lights inside the wooden house flickering.

“Here!” Fade Chen’s heart raced and he trod more carefully. He slowly approached the wooden house.

The sound of the rain and thunders had completely muffled Fade Chen’s movement. In front of the wooden house stood a man in his early twenties, holding a flashlight in his hand, vigilantly scanning the situation on the road. It seemed that he was on guard.

Worrying about Jordan Qi’s safety, Fade Chen chose not to charge directly, but sneaked to the back of the wooden house quietly.

There were no windows on the back of the house, but the wooden house in the mountain was obviously left in a dilapidated state for a long time. There were a lot of finger sized cracks on the wooden board. When Fade Chen approached, he could see the situation inside clearly.

On the left side of the door was a broken wooden bed, and on the right was a pile of wood and other tools. Besides the woodpile was a stove made of a simple iron bucket. This house seemed to be the shelter for forest ranger who occasionally came to rest.

At this moment, a lot of wood was added to the stove and it was burning fiercely. Two men in their thirties were sitting around the stove.

In the distance, there was a thin figure all tied up with hemp rope on the broken wooden bed. He was lying sideway on the wooden bed. Although Fade couldn’t see his face clearly, judging from his figure, he should be Jordan Qi.

At this time, a man who was building fire on the stove turned his head and looked at the direction of the wooden bed. He said, “Jordan Qi, I know you are the director of the Life Elixir Wine workshop. Tell us the formula of the wine and we will release you immediately. The two million yuan cash we have promised you will be yours. How about that?”

Jordan Qi, who was lying on the bed grunted and shifted his body. Then he said in a hoarse voice, “Not to mention the fact that I don’t have the formula. Even if I do, you won’t get the formula from me. I won’t betray Fade Chen. He is my friend.”

“Friend?” The man laughed derisively. “Jordan Qi, Fade Chen is Quin Lin’s husband. His net worth is more than a billion yuan. He doesn’t even care about that small workshop. Do you think it’s worthy for you to lose your life because of this few millions?”

Jordan Qi was silent for a while and then he continued, “No matter what you say, I don’t have the formula you want anyway.”

The man was impatient. He got up and walked over, gave Jordan Qi a punch, which made him groaned. Then, the man took out his mobile phone and said, “Call Fade Chen and tell him that you want to know the formula.”

“No, I won’t call!” Jordan Qi shouted.

“No!” The man laughed grimly, “Do you think we brought you to the mountain just to frighten you? Let me tell you if Fade Chen doesn’t hand over the formula, be prepared to rot in the mountain.”

“People rarely come here. Even if you die here, i’m afraid no one could find you,” the man said.

Jordan Qi said, “No!”

The man punched Jordan Qi hard once again and then stepped back. He held his mobile phone and was ready to make a call.

But when he saw the phone’s signal, he couldn’t call out. Immediately, the man cursed and put the phone away. “Damn, it’s raining heavily. Even my specialized phone doesn’t have a signal.”

“Don’t worry. Anyway, it’s just a few more hours. When the rain stops, we’ll call again. Another man with a crew-cut hair smiled and said, “I heard that Fade Chen is a person who appreciates friendship. We should be able to get the formula this time.”

The man who punched Jordan spat and said, “What’s so important about friendship? I’m not sure about these businessmen. In the face of interests, friendship is just a piece of sh*t. I don’t think Fade Chen will come.”

The crew-cut man waved his hand and said in a relaxed tone, “It’s none of our business whether he comes or not. Anyway, we are just being paid to do the job. Let the boss worry about other things.”

“That’s true!” The man nodded. “Do you think that the formula is really that powerful to the extent that boss paid so much attention to it and even wanted to kill for it. Is it worth it?”

“If the boss said it is worth it, then it is. I don’t care so much. Anyway, I am a fugitive so I don’t mind killing one more people.” The man with the crew-cut hair said casually as if he didn’t care whether Jordan Qi would hear this.

Jordan Qi seemed to be frightened by their words. He trembled and sobbed.

Fade Chen saw everything in the house through the gap. He was angry and he locked his sight on the two people in front of him with murderous eyes. “So it’s true that Watson Xie had hired these fugitives to kidnap Jordan Qi in order to obtain the formula.”

Worried about Jordan Qi’s safety, Fade Chen did not take action immediately. Instead, he hid quietly outside the house. About an hour later, the man responsible for the stove went out to change role with the man on guard. The man came in and made the fire. Then he ate something casually and wrapped his arms around and fell asleep leaning on the wall.

It was late at night. Fade Chen surveyed the area and saw that the three of them were already sleepy and did not have much stamina to stand on guard.

Thus, Fade Chen noiselessly found his way to the wooden door and rushed out from the shadow. One strike on the neck of the man at the door and instantly knocked him out.

Before the people inside could react, Fade Chen kicked open the wooden door and dashed straight towards the two men next to the stove. He kicked them on their chins respectively, which sent them flying and hit them hard on the ground. Both men instantly passed out.

It didn’t take long for Fade Chen to subdue the three guards. Next, Fade Chen walked quickly to the bed, turned Jordan Qi around, and was about to untie the rope for him.

But just as Fade Chen reached out to untie the rope, Jordan Qi, who was lying on the bed, turned around and bounced his whole upper body up. At the same time, a dagger glistened in his hand as he stabbed hard towards Fade Chen’s abdomen.


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