MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 149



“Won’t come back!” Howard Zhang’s heart raced. He was shocked and excited, “Master Xie, do you mean that your family had sent someone…”

Lincoln Xie interrupted Howard Zhang with a laugh, “My family didn’t do anything. It’s just some news I heard.”

“Really?” Howard Zhang was still sceptical about this whole situation. “Fade Chen is not an ordinary person. He is a martial arts practitioner and he is very talented at it.”

Lincoln Xie didn’t care much about this. After all, this was his Uncle Watson’s plan. He believed that his uncle would not give Fade Chen a chance to escape.

So he laughed and said, “No matter how powerful he is, he can’t avoid this time! Moreover, my Uncle Watson made his move this time.”

“Your uncle Watson Xie? Howard Zhang was shocked and suddenly thought of something. “I…”

Lincoln Xie smiled confidently and said, “You know what to do the next, Master Zhang. I believe there’s no need for me to say much. You will definitely understand it.”

Howard Zhang was silent for a few seconds, unable to hide his excitement, he said, “Thank you for telling me the news. I am very grateful.”

Lincoln Xie smiled and said, “You don’t have to thank me. Just remember to invite me to the wedding of you and President Lin!”

Howard Zhang seemed to have thought of the exciting things that were to happen and said excitedly, ” Master Xie, it’s my honour to have you at my wedding.”

“Okay. I believe that you will be busy from now on.” Lincoln Xie commented.

“Well, thank you so much!” Howard Zhang hung up the phone, and his whole face lit up with excitement. He immediately called his father, Leonard Zhu, Horace Wan, and other buddies.

In no time, the entire rich society in Bay City began to hype up with Howard Zhang’s actions.

At this time, Fade Chen, who had already driven to the suburb, did not know the happenings in the city.

After parking the car in front of a steel factory, Fade Chen took out a pack of cigarettes and handed one to the old man nearby. Then he began to enquire the news about Watson Xie and Jordan Qi.

When the old man said he didn’t know, Fade Chen decisively gave the whole pack of cigarettes to him and asked him to take him to the other steel factories for questioning.

It didn’t take long for the old man and Fade Chen to obtain the news when they reached the last steel factory. A woman who was scavenging nearby said that she saw them and saw that the van continued to head north.

Fade Chen was overjoyed. He took out a few hundreds of notes as a token of appreciation to the woman and the old man. Then he drove towards the north and continued to chase after them.

After passing the steel factory area, there were a few small villages along the road. After inquiring the folks at the road side of the village and confirming that the bakery van continued to head north, Fade Chen followed suit.

He continued to drive for three or four hours. Then Fade Chen arrived at the border of Bay City.

The area was a stretch of mountains. The mountains were not tall, but they stretched for several kilometres. The trees were also flourishing. Additionally, there was no proper road to the village. Fade Chen’s car could not go further, so he had to get out of the car and go on foot.

After walking for another half an hour, Fade Chen had entered the mountain area.

Along the way, he found trails of footprints and vehicle.

Therefore, Fade Chen became more certain and chased after them. Arriving at a hill, Fade Chen found the alleged bakery van. No one was in the van. After examining the van, and judging from their traces, they couldn’t be far.

It seemed that they had driven the van forcibly into the mountainous area, however, because the road conditions were really bad, the car finally broke down at the mountain pass.

And judging from the traces left behind, it was obvious that they had went into the mountain pass.

This time, Fade Chen was even angrier. Jordan Qi was taken to such an inaccessible place. It seemed that the man not only wanted to force Jordan to give away the formula of the elixir wine, but also wanted to kill him.

“If they really harm Jordan Qi, I want them all to die together.” Fade Chen gritted his teeth and hastened his pace, but his footsteps were very light as he entered into the mountains.

By the time Fade Chen entered the mountains, the sky was already completely dark. To make the situation even more challenging, it began to rain heavily and the rain-drenched Fade Chen’s clothes.

It was pitch dark all around, and with the drizzling rain, Fade Chen, who came out in a hurry, was instantly drenched. Moreover, the rain had easily erased the traces of the other party, making it difficult for him to track them down.

However, these difficulties were nothing to Fade Chen. Fade Chen continued to track for more than half an hour. Looking at the time on his mobile phone, it was already eight o’clock in the evening.

Looking at the current situation, he knew that he couldn’t return today. So Fade Chen decided to make a phone call to Quin Lin to report his safety and exchange the latest news.

But as soon as he called, he realized that there was no signal in the mountain area.

Fade Chen put the phone back into his pocket helplessly and continued to chase.

At the same time, night fell in the office building of Fei Enterprises Holdings Inc in Bay City. Almost all the employees had gone off work. But Quin Lin’s president’s office was still well lit.

Quin Lin dialed Fade Chen’s number again, but there was still no answer tone. Quin Lin put down her phone and stared at the message on the computer screen. Her eyes flickered. She bit her lips and murmured, “Fade Chen, did, did they really catch you?”

Thinking of this, Quin Lin shook her head. She took out her mobile phone and called Lily Wei to contact Jimmy Wei in order to help track down news of Fade Chen.

When Jimmy Wei got the news, he was also very surprised. He immediately told Quin Lin about his communications with Fade Chen and that Fade Chen had ventured north to track down the kidnapper. Later, when he tried to reach Fade Chen, he couldn’t get in touch with him anymore.

Jimmy Wei mobilized his people, and the relevant news began to pour in.

Fade Chen had chased after them to the north. Someone had seen him in the steel factory, someone had seen him in the village, someone had seen him entering the mountains, someone had discovered his car. There was a bullet hole on the car, and there was blood in the car. Then, there was no more news.

These messages flooded into Quin Lin’s mind one after another, and made the once calm Quin Lin now agitated.

Then one message made her was even more annoyed and angry. Her temper sparked and she smashed the cup on the floor.

Because the message on the computer said, “Fade Chen is in our hands. If you want him to live, then fulfil our engagement.” The signature was Howard Zhang’s name.

“Howard Zhang, you…” Quin Lin gritted her teeth, and her expression twisted with anger.


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