MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 148



“Jordan Qi is missing!” Fade Chen’s heart skipped a beat. He had a bad feeling, but he didn’t say much. “Jordan Qi may have met something urgent. Let me contact him. Director Huang, please help take care of the workshop.”

“Okay, President Chen!” The technical director hung up the phone.

Fade Chen had no time to finish his meal. He immediately dialled Jordan Qi’s number, but no one answered. Then he dialled Housekeeper Wong’s number. Again, Housekeeper Wong had no news about Jordan Qi.

After several calls, there was still no trace of Jordan Qi. Fade Chen felt a strong sense of uneasiness.

After thinking for a while, Fade Chen dialled Uncle Long’s number and asked him to call his brothers in the gang to keep an eye on Jordan Qi’s whereabouts.

At the same time, Fade Chen rushed straight into the dining hall towards Quin Lin.

Quin Lin frowned and wanted to remind Fade Chen. But when she saw Fade Chen’s serious expression, her heart skipped a beat. She put down the bowl and chopsticks and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Fade Chen said, “I couldn’t reach Jordan Qi. He was called out from the workshop two hours ago, and then there was no news of him ever since.”

Quin Lin searched in her mind quickly. She immediately took out her mobile phone and informed the HR department of the company to call the police and at the same time, retrieve the surveillance videos of the workshop and the roadside for investigation.

After arranging these things, Quin Lin looked at Fade Chen and asked, “Do you have any suspect in mind?”

In front of his smart wife, Fade Chen had no reason to hide anything. He nodded and said, “Yes, the Xie family.”

Quin Lin’s expression tweaked slightly, but she did not show too much surprise. Instead, she looked at Fade Chen and said, “To send someone to investigate the background of the Xie family!”

“Okay!” Fade Chen nodded, then turned around and said, “I’ll go out and look for him. You take care.”

“Okay!” Quin Lin replied. She looked at Fade Chen’s back as he proceeded downstairs. She couldn’t help but said softly, “You too, be careful.”

Fade Chen drove away from Fei Enterprises Holdings Inc and headed to the Life Elixir Wine workshop.

On the way, Quin Lin called and explained that she had found some information about the Xie family. Lincoln Xie’s third uncle, Watson Xie, the vice president of the Xie’s Wine Enterprise, had come to Bay City yesterday.

Watson Xie had always been known for his calmness and boldness. He was usually rigorous and careful. He would do a lot of research and make the best final decision based on the data he collected.

Additionally, the great success of more than a decade made him somewhat stubborn. He would not allow himself to fail. Especially in recent years, in order to gain success in business negotiations, or more so to maintain his personal pride and honor, he would use unscrupulous means.

He even began to use illegal methods to assist the business negotiation, and was brought to court several times. However, because of the lack of evidence, these cases could not be established and were eventually dismissed.

Watson Xie’s visit to Bay City this time probably had something to do with the acquisition of the wine.

After hearing the news, Fade Chen was even more convinced that this matter had something to do with the Xie family. He immediately contacted Uncle Long and sent Watson Xie’s information to him, asking the gang brothers to pay more attention to this person.

Fade Chen arrived at the health elixir workshop. Director Huang and the others had received the news long ago. They retrieved the surveillance video of Jordan Qi in the workshop, and handed it to Fade Chen.

Fade Chen checked the surveillance video and soon found that a man in his 30s was the one who asked Jordan Qi to go out. The man was wearing a loose windbreaker with a hat on his head, which covered most of his face. Fade Chen couldn’t make out his face.

However, Fade Chen could tell from the man’s movement and the gesture of his hands and feet, that he was a martial arts practitioner with good skills. He might be at the middle stage of Yellow Level.

A master of middle stage Yellow Level, disappeared with the powerless Jordan Qi. The situation needed no futher explanation.

At this time, a message came from Uncle Long saying that a few of his fellows had found Watson Xie two hours ago, sitting inside a bakery van and was driving towards the Bay City’s north suburbs areas.

That area used to be Bay City’s old steel factories area. Later, many small factories closed down due to environmental pollution. The factories that were left behind were gradually abandoned and became home to the homeless people and illegal immigrants.

This news had absolutely ascertained Fade Chen’s suspicion. He was sure that the Xie family, upon failing the acquisition negotiation for the health elixir, had kidnapped Jordan Qi to grind him for the formula.

Fade Chen was furious just thinking of that. He said through gritted teeth, “Xie Family, you’d better make sure Jordan Qi is ok. Otherwise, I will make you pay a heavy price.”

Then, Fade Chen quickly drove towards the direction of the suburbs at the northern part of Bay City.

Just as Fade Chen left the city center, in the hotel where Lincoln Xie was staying, he received a message from his subordinate. With a smug smile on his face, he looked at the stack of documents on the table and said, “Uncle Watson, you are really amazing. Uncle had predicted Fade Chen’s whereabouts.”

“Now, it’s time for the next step.’ Lincoln Xie smiled to himself.

He took out his mobile phone and dialed a number. “Master Zhang, it’s me, Lincoln Xie!”

“Master Zhang! I’ve been in Bay City these few days and I heard a piece of news. I heard that Master Zhang was engaged to President Lin of Fei Enterprises Holdings Inc. But now the Chen boy has become President Lin’s husband, this…”

The person on the other end of the phone was Howard Zhang. He was a little surprised to receive a call from Lincoln Xie. He had wanted to pacify him, but didn’t expect that Lincoln Xie would mention his engagement with Quin Lin.

Suddenly, Howard Zhang was a little embarrassed. After all, his engagement with Quin Lin was known all over Bay City However, it was ruined by Fade Chen who showed up halfway. Fade Chen not only had Quin Lin’s hands but his presence was a huge slap in the face for Howard Zhang.

This matter almost made Howard Zhang a laughing stock in the whole of Bay City. Therefore, during this period, almost no one dared to mention anything about this engagement in front of Howard Zhang.

“Master Xie, I don’t want to talk about this.” Howard Zhang said glumly.

Lincoln Xie chuckled a little and said, “Don’t be angry, Master Zhang. I don’t mean to tease at you. On the contrary, I called you this time because I have a good news to tell you about your engagement.”

“Good news?” Howard Zhang was somewhat confused yet curious.

Lincoln Xie said smiling, “I tell you, Fade Chen has just left Quin Lin’s side. It’s very likely that he won’t come back this time!”


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