MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 146



One day later, a luxury suite on the top floor of a high-end hotel in Bay City.

Lincoln Xie sat on the sofa with a man in his forties, reading a pile of documents on the table.

“Uncle, what did I say. This Life Elixir Wine is definitely a big business!” Lincoln Xie said to the man sitting opposite him.

The man was dressed in a working suit and leather shoes, wearing a pair of glasses with his hair neatly combed. He looked very professional.

After hearing from Lincoln Xie, he nodded and continued, “After my investigation, this elixir is indeed good. But the market value of the wine is not as exaggerated as what Howard Zhang and Leonard Zhu had told you. It can even be said that the market share of health elixir in Bay City is almost negligible.”

Lincoln Xie waved his hand indifferently and said, “Uncle, these are beside the point. The most important thing is that this elixir is indeed good stuff. If mass produced, it will definitely dominate the market immediately.”

Lincoln Xie’s uncle, however, was relatively calm. He shook his head and said, “According to the information gathered, the Life Elixir Wine is not so easy to produce on a large scale. Otherwise, Fei Enterprises Holdings Inc would have already entered the wine industry on a massive scale, instead of having only a small workshop like now.”

Lincoln Xie begged to defer, “That’s because they can’t do it on a large scale. Xie Family is in the wine business. There’s no problem for us to do it on a large scale.”

“Besides, even if mass production is difficult, we can still reap benefits from a small-scale production. Firstly, we can leverage on this health elixir to make friends with the rich and powerful and build valuable interpersonal relationships; Secondly, we can brand this health elixir as the high-end wine of Xie Family’s wine business, enhance our brand value and penetrate the domestic and even the international market.”

Lincoln Xie’s inception had convinced Third Uncle. He nodded and said, “Your analysis is correct. The health elixir is really good. Now the problem is how to make it ours!”

“How? With money. I don’t believe that anyone can refuse the temptation of money”Lincoln Xie said nonchalantly.

However, Third Uncle disagreed. “According to information, Fade Chen’s current wife is Quin Lin of Fei Enterprises Holdings Inc, and the Life Elixir Wine workshop is also under the company. The company has a market value of a few billions, they don’t lack money.”

Hearing this, Lincoln Xie couldn’t help frowning and said with disapproval, “With Xie Family’s reputation and status in the wine industry, as long as we request, I don’t think they can refuse?”

Uncle said, “According to previous data, Xie Family’s success rate for acquiring similar wine companies is eighty seven percent. But there are still some unsuccessful cases, therefore I can’t judge this matter.”

Lincoln Xie said, “Since we can’t judge, let’s give it a try. Tomorrow, I will visit the company. I want to see the look on Fade Chen’s face when I buy his business. Let’s see how he can still be arrogant in front of me when he lost his wine business!”

At this point, Lincoln Xie gnashed his teeth in resentment

The next day, Fade Chen went to work in the medical room as usual. It was lunchtime. Fade Chen packed up the medicine in the pharmacy and was ready to go to the canteen for lunch.

But just then, Fade Chen received a call from the president’s office to inform him that President Lin was asking for him.

“Does my darling miss me too much and wants to have lunch together? Otherwise, she won’t call for me at this hour right?” Fade Chen thought. He whistled gently and went to the president’s office.

Fade Chen knocked at the door and said on top of his voice, “Dear, I’m here.” Then he pushed the door open.

However, when he saw another person sitting in the office, Fade Chen narrowed his vision and put on his serious look. He said, “President Lin, I’m here!”

Quin Lin nodded at Fade Chen and then introduced, “Fade Chen, this is Manager Lincoln Xie of the Xie Family’s wine business in the district capital of Long City.”

“Manager Xie, this is Fade Chen, the head of our company’s Life Elixir Wine.”

At this moment, Fade Chen finally saw the person clearly, he immediately frowned and looked displeased. “It’s you?”

It was Lincoln Xie, the person he had a conflict with at the restaurant the other day.

Lincoln Xie’s expression changed too when he saw Fade Chen. His eyes flashed with anger, but he was quick to suppress the emotion.

Quin Lin signaled for Fade Chen to sit down and then said to Lincoln Xie. “Manager Xie can discuss with Fade Chen about the Life Elixir Wine. He is in full charge of this matter.

“In full charge” Lincoln Xie was slightly surprised, but then he resumed his confident and arrogant smile.

He scrutinized Fade Chen from head to toe, then cocked a brow and said, “Since Mr. Chen is the person in charge of the elixir, I won’t beat around the bush.”

“It’s best to speak frankly,” Fade Chen said flatly.

Lincoln Xie leaned forward slightly, looked at Fade Chen in the eyes and said, “Xie Family’s wine industry wants to buy your Life Elixir Wine workshop and the formula. The offer price is two million yuan. Here is the agreement. Please sign it!”

Fade Chen looked at the agreement in front of Lincoln Xie and sneered, “Manager Xie, are you kidding me? Two million yuan, that’s not even enough to build my workshop!”

Lincoln Xie curled his lips and said, “Isn’t it just money? Xie family has plenty. I can forgo the workshop. I just want the formula, please name your price!”

“Don’t want the workshop but just the formula. What a wishful thinking, Manager Xie!” Fade Chen mocked. “But Manager Xie seems to make a mistake. I’ve never said that I would sell my wine’s formula.”

Lincoln Xie’s voice sank. He looked at Fade Chen and said, “How dare you not sell it to me? Mr. Chen, please take a close look at this purchase agreement signed by Xie family, the Xie’s Wine Enterprise in the district capital.”

“Xie Family? Are they powerful? I’ve never heard of them.” Fade Chen shot a glance at Lincoln Xie and leaned back on the sofa.

“Fade Chen!” Lincoln Xie’s eyes turned cold and anger flashed in his eyes. He said in a low voice, “I urge you to think carefully, the consequences of going head-on with our family’s wine business. I can tell you that without the support of my family, your Life Elixir Wine will be crushed.”

“So what? I don’t care!” Fade Chen said casually. He really didn’t care about the wine. After all, it was just a fruity wine he had leisurely created. He still had thousands of similar wine ideas in his head.

Lincoln Xie didn’t expect to see Fade Chen with this attitude. He was noticeably annoyed. He glanced at Quin Lin and then said to Fade Chen, “Mr. Chen, you don’t care, but I don’t know if President Lin will care. My family has some businesses in the cosmetic industry. It’s a good opportunity.”


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