MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 144



The boss was still in a daze, but another shop assistant ran over in a panic and yelled, “Boss, bad news, bad news.”

The boss was a little numb at the moment. His eyelids twitched and he asked, “What happened again?

The clerk said, “Boss, a group of people came to the door of the restaurant. They said they were from Long Enterprise. They surrounded the door of the restaurant and scared the guests. The guests do not dare to come in.”

“What? Long Enterprise? Isn’t that Uncle Wei’s man? Why are they here? We’ve just personally greeted them awhile ago?” The boss said in panic.

The clerk did not know why, but said, “Boss, they said that their guests were treated unfairly in your restaurant. They wanted justice. Uncle Wei said it himself.”

“Uncle Wei’s guest! The boss was really stunned. Then, he turned his head with difficulty and looked at Fade Chen.

At this time, when he looked at Fade Chen’s indifferent smile which reminded him of Fade’s statements just now, he couldn’t help but tremble in his heart and he was extremely terrified. He forced a smile and said to Fade Chen, “Sir, it is really a huge misunderstanding. I, I can….”

Fade Chen waved his hand and interrupted the boss coldly, saying, “There’s no need to explain. Your restaurant chose to treat customers like this. It has to bear the corresponding consequences.”

After that, Fade Chen took Yuri Zhang’s hand, paid the bill, and left the restaurant directly.

The boss behind him was very disappointed. He almost collapsed to the ground.

At this moment, Lincoln Xie, who was next to him, saw this and was puzzled. He said to the boss, “Boss, isn’t he just a kid? What threat does he have to you? When you cooperate with our Xie Family, we can guarantee that your restaurant business will be prosperous.”

“That bastard dared to attack me, I will let him pay the price!” Lincoln Xie looked at Fade Chen as he left and snorted.

“You are from Long City. Don’t you know who I have just offended? That is Uncle Wei’s distinguished guest, my business will be screwed. How can I cooperate with you now?” The restaurant boss was very regretful. This time, in order to please Young Master Xie, he had offended a big shot. This was really a trouble.”

However, the boss did not dare to say these words in front of Lincoln Xie, so he could only nod and thank him for his generosity.

Lincoln Xie didn’t want to eat anymore so he left without paying the bill. Seeing this, the boss’s face turned gloomy and he was upset, almost to the verge of crying.

He turned around angrily and immediately saw the waitress standing next to him in a daze.

Suddenly, the boss was angry and scolded the waitress angrily, “Have you got eyes? I have warned you many times not to judge people by their looks. But now you have offended a big shot, and my restaurant is going to be ruined. Can you bear the responsibility?”

“Boss, I… Young Master Xie just said, I..” The waitress still wanted to defend herself, hoping that the boss would not fire her for Young Master Xie’s sake.

However, when the boss heard the name of Young Master Xie, he was even angrier. He directly waved his hand and shouted, “Get out, get out of here. You are fired.”

The waitress was stunned and reluctantly walked to the door.

However, after a few steps, the shopkeeper behind him suddenly shouted, “Stop!”

The waitress suddenly had an idea. She thought to herself, “Did Young Master Xie’s words work just now? The boss wants me to stay!”

However, just as she was fantasizing, the boss walked over with a cold face and snatched the 10,000 yuan in her arms. He said coldly, “My restaurant is going to closed down, and you have a great responsibility. This 10,000 yuan will be your compensation to the shop.”

“No, the money is mine, I..” The waitress still wanted to explain, but the boss waved his hand and called the security guard. She was scared and dared not say anything more. She lowered her head and walked out of the restaurant in disgrace.

As soon as she came out of the restaurant, she was shocked when she saw dozens of men with dragon tattoos at the door. She was terrified and said, “Who on earth is that guy just now? He actually has such great power. He closed down our boss’ shop with just a phone call, he is not even afraid of Young Master Xie. If I had been kind to him just now, I wouldn’t have offended him, I might have..”

For a moment, the waitress’s heart was full of regret.

At the same time, Lincoln Xie, who left the restaurant, suddenly felt unhappy when he thought of the slap by Fade Chen. He took out his mobile phone and made a phone call, saying, “Young Master Zhang, I am Lincoln. I have something to ask you to help me. Do you know a guy, he…”

Half an hour later, Howard Zhang and Leonard Zhu appeared in a western restaurant simultaneously. Lincoln Xie was sitting opposite them.

As the rich young masters in Bay City, they certainly knew Lincoln Xie’s identity. They knew that this young masters is the son of the Xie family from Long City. Although Lincoln Xie was not a real young master in the Xie family, the Xie family was much more powerful than the Zhang family and the Zhu family. Therefore, Howard Zhang and Leonard Zhu were very respectful towards Lincoln Xie, even with a hint of flattery.

Lincoln Xie complained about what he had just encountered in the restaurant to Howard Zhang and Leonard Zhu and asked them to investigate who the guy was. After all, he was beaten in Bay City, so he had to find out his identity.

Hearing Lincoln Xie’s description, Howard Zhang and Leonard Zhu didn’t need to ask people to investigate. They had already guessed the identity of the man.

Suddenly, the two looked at each other and couldn’t help smiling bitterly. They couldn’t say anything.

The losses they suffered in Fade Chen’s hands were much more than that of Lincoln Xie. In addition, in recent days, their companies had lost a lot of business under the joint attack of Fei Enterprises Holdings Inc and the Galaxy Plaza Enterprise, which made the elders in the family very dissatisfied with them.

It was all because they offended Fade Chen that they started the series of revenge.

Thinking of this, the two of them was too heartbroken to cry.

Lincoln Xie looked at their expressions and was confused. He frowned and said, “Why? Is that guy very powerful? You guys can’t even deal with him?

Leonard Zhu nodded and wanted to speak out Fade Chen’s identity. He also advised Lincoln Xie not to make trouble with this guy because those who got into trouble for him would eventually lead to greater troubles.

But just as Leonard Zhu was about to speak, Howard Zhang’s eyes suddenly lit up. He thought of something, so he secretly pulled the corner of Leonard Zhu’s clothes under the table.

Leonard Zhu was a little confused, but he still closed his mouth in time. He just sighed and did not speak.


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