MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 141



When Yuri Zhang saw this, her face turned red. She covered her mouth and chuckled, “Brother Chen, the water was ordered by you!”

“Ah!” Fade Chen smiled and then continued, “It’s your treat, so I have the chance to order some water, appetizing water.”

“Brother Chen, you are so good at joking.” Yuri Zhang said with a smile. She felt relaxed and free when chatting with Fade Chen. She liked this feeling very much.

The two chatted. After a while, the dishes were served. It was still the same waitress who served the dishes just now. Although there was still a smile on her face, Fade Chen could still see the unhappiness in her eyes.

Ignoring the snobbish waitress, Fade Chen and Yuri Zhang started to eat while chatting.

Fade Chen asked about Yuri Zhang’s signing of the company, worried that she would be bullied. After all, with Yuri Zhang’s introverted and kind temper, she might not be used to be in the entertainment industry.

Yuri Zhang also admitted that she was not used to it, but fortunately, with the support of Fatty Huang, the young master of the entertainment industry in Bay City, the top management of the company had to take care of Yuri Zhang.

Originally, according to the plan of the Fatty Huang, he would directly use his influence to make Yuri Zhang famous with a lot of money. But Yuri Zhang herself felt that it was not good. It seemed that it was not fair and would let others talk about all kinds of rumors behind her back.

Therefore, Yuri Zhang rejected Fatty Huang’s plan. She wanted to take time to make good music with her own strength.

Therefore, in addition to attending classes, Yuri Zhang often went to the entertainment industry in her spare time and received guidance from the professional music teacher of the company. Although Yuri Zhang was talented in music and had a good voice, she had never received professional music training after all, so she had to learn some things from scratch.

The two chatted freely and soon, half of the food was eaten. The plain water on their table was soon finished. Fade Chen was going to ask the waiter to pour some more water.

At this moment, there was a broadcast in the restaurant. “The latest health-preserving wine that is popular in Bay City has just reached out shop. Every bottle of it is sold for 888 dollars. There is a limited number of it. It’s on a first come first serve basis…

Generally speaking, luxurious restaurants like this would not broadcast radio advertisements that would disturb the dining atmosphere. But this Life Elixir Wine was a different matter. After all, recently, from the retirement banquet of Mr. Wu, the rumors about it spread like a wild fire among the rich in Bay City, attracting a lot of rich and powerful people.

However, the number of Life Elixir Wine was limited. In the beginning, it only supplied to some of the rich and powerful people in Bay City. Recently, the production of the wine increased, but it was not many. So only some luxurious restaurants can received the wine.

It was not easy for this restaurant to get the Life Elixir Wine in. As soon as the goods arrived, the owner immediately made a radio advertisement to attract people to buy it, and also to raise the level of the restaurant with the reputation of Life Elixir Wine.

After all, in the entire Bay City, there were not many restaurants that could provide Life Elixir Wine.

Not long after the advertisement was broadcasted, there was a burst of discussion in the restaurant. Many customers began to talk about it, and some of them immediately called the waiter and ordered the Life Elixir Wine.

After all, this restaurant was of good quality, and the people who came here were all rich people. They could afford to pay a few thousand yuan.

Fade Chen was surprised to hear the broadcast from the radio. He didn’t expect that the health-preserving wine he made had become something for the rich in Bay City to display their identities and status.

He was not interested in this advertisement. After all, the wine that was machine-made on a larger scale was not as good as the ones made by himself.

But at this moment, listening to the advertisements and the surrounding discussion, Yuri Zhang’s eyes began to shine.

Suddenly, she waved her hand at the waitress, “hi!”

The waiter came over. This time, the smile on her face disappeared. She directly pulled a long face and said coldly, “Hello, Miss, what can I do for you?”

Yuri Zhang nodded and said, “Please give us a bottle of the Life Elixir Wine mentioned in the broadcast just now.”

Yuri Zhang’s words shocked not only the waitress, but also Fade Chen.

“Miss, do you really want some Life Elixir Wine?” The waitress stared at Yuri Zhang in surprise and couldn’t help but look at Fade Chen with a trace of suspicion.

Yuri Zhang nodded and said seriously, “Yes, l’l have one bottle!”

The waiter immediately smiled sincerely from the bottom of her heart. She nodded and said, “Okay, Miss, I’ll go get you the Life Elixir Wine right away.”

As she said this, the waitress turned around and left. Her footsteps were much lighter, but some murmuring could still be heard and that made Fade Chen frown.

“I didn’t expect that this poor couple would be so generous to order such expensive Life Elixir Wine.”

“What’s wrong with that woman. Anyway, since she has ordered this wine, I can get hundreds of commission!”

Ignoring the waitress’s words, Fade Chen looked at Yuri Zhang and asked, “Yuri, why do you suddenly order such expensive wine?”

Yuri Zhang looked at Fade Chen and said, “Brother Chen, heard about this Life Elixir Wine when I was in school. I heard that our headmaster got a bottle with great efforts and drank it secretly for more than a month! Moreover, I just heard from them that this Life Elixir Wine is very good for the body, especially for people who practiced martial arts. Brother Chen, you are practicing martial arts. This kind of Life Elixir Wine will be very beneficial to you.”

“Brother Chen’s martial arts need not be improved by Life Elixir Wine! Besides, this wine is too expensive, nearly 7,000 yuan!” Fade not expect that Yuri Zhang would order the wine for this reason.

Moreover, the effect of Life Elixir Wine was getting more and more outrageous. Although the wine had some effect of strengthening the body, it had little to no effect on the improvement of martial arts.

Yuri Zhang tilted her head and looked at Fade Chen, saying, “I don’t think it’s expensive to spend money for you, Brother Chen!”

Fade Chen suddenly felt warm in his heart. At the same time, he was thinking whether he should tell Yuri Zhang that he was the one who made this Life Elixir Wine. So he could actually get the most authentic wine.

Just as Fade Chen was thinking, the waitress came over with a small bottle of wine in her tray with a smile.

Fade Chen looked at the wine which was as small as a coca cola bottle on the tray and couldn’t help scolding those profiteers for going too far. They repackaged the liquid into smaller bottles. The price was too high for this little wine.

But just as the waitress was about to come over, the door of a private room next to it suddenly opened and a head popped out. When a person saw the Life Elixir Wine in the waitress’s hand, his eyes lit up and said, “Waitress, give us three bottles of this Life Elixir Wine!”


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