MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 139



At this moment, after hearing his master’s explanation, Duncan Wei felt a burst of fear from the bottom of his heart.

Whether it was the state of Fade Chen’s strength or his status, he could easily kill him and his master. Even their religious sect, the San Mountain, would just be like an ant in front of Fade Chen.

Duncan Wei finally understood his master’s fear when he could came out alive even when he constantly go up against such a master. At this moment, his heart was cold and fearful.

Suddenly, he no longer complained. He gritted his teeth and endured the pain in his body. He ran madly, trying to get as far away from Fade Chen as possible.

When Duncan Wei and Thomas Qiao left in a panic, Jimmy Wei and Tom Wei were holding a banquet to offer hospitality to Fade Chen.

After all, Jimmy Wei was not a member of a martial arts sect, so he did not know Fade Chen’s strength as well as Thomas Qiao. He only vaguely guessed that Fade Chen’s strength should be between the late stage of the Black Level and the Earth Level.

At the banquet, Jimmy Wei thanked Fade Chen again for saving his life. After chatting with Fade Chen for a while about martial arts, he was taken aback regarding Fade Chen’s amazing skills at such a young age. Not only his medical skills were amazing, but his martial arts strength was also so powerful, which was really unbelievable.

After expressing his gratitude, Jimmy Wei began to inquire about the martial arts world outside from Fade Chen.

Fade Chen knew that Jimmy Wei was stimulated by Kevin Huang’s statements. He didn’t want to live in this small place for the rest of his life. He also wanted to widen his view towards the world.

After all, he had been in Bay city for so many years and had run such a big industry. It was not easy to get rid of all this and go out to make a living again.

In this regard, Fade Chen did not make much opinion. He just told Jimmy Wei about some things regarding the martial arts world so that he could have a general understanding of it. As for whether he should go out or not, it was up to Jimmy Wei himself to decide.

In this way, Fade Chen stayed overnight in the villa of the Wei family and talked with Jimmy Wei. The next morning, Tom Wei sent someone to drive Fade Chen back home.

As soon as he went home, Fade Chen immediately received a phone call from Lily Wei. She learned that Fade Chen saved Jimmy last night and expressed her gratitude to Fade Chen on the phone. At the same time, she explained why she was not present last night.

It turned out that Jimmy Wei worried about his failure, so he let his men put sleeping pills in Lily Wei’s drinks in advance and transferred her to a safe place. Until this morning, Lily Wei just woke up.

After chatting with Lily Wei for a while and making sure that she would treat him when they are both available, Fade Chen hung up the phone.

Fade Chen took a nap at home after asking for leave from the company. He didn’t get up from bed until 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

When he sat up from the bed, his mobile phone rang. Fade Chen picked up the phone and saw the caller ID. It was Yuri Zhang, the little beauty. He was surprised at once. After all, Yuri Zhang was introverted and had never called him.

After picking up the phone, Fade Chen said casually, “Yuri, why are you calling me now? Do you miss me?”

Yuri Zhang, who was on the other side of the phone, did not expect Fade Chen to speak like this. She seemed to be a little flustered. After a few seconds, she said, “Brother Chen, it’s not.”

“Ah, it turns out that Yuri doesn’t miss Brother Chen! Then I’ll hang up the phone!” Fade Chen joked while dressing his clothes.

Hearing this, Yuri Zhang became anxious and hurriedly said, “Brother Chen, don’t hang up the phone!”

“Oh. You stopped me from hanging up the phone. So, Yuri, it seems like you admitted that you miss me!” Fade Chen said with a smile.

Although they were separated, Fade Chen seemed to be able to imagine Yuri Zhang’s blushing cheeks and soft voice on the other side of the phone. “Brother Chen, you, you always like to joke.”

“Well, okay, I’m not joking. Let’s get down to business. Little Yuri, why are you calling me?” Fade Chen said.

Yuri Zhang whispered, “Brother Chen, I, I want to treat you to dinner!”

“Treat me to dinner!” Fade Chen was surprised and muttered to himself at the same time. “A few days ago, Lily Wei just invited me to dinner. Now, Yuri Zhang want to treat me to dinner again. It seemed like he has been quite lucky recently.” Then he continued, “Why? Is it because you like..”

Yuri Zhang seemed to worry about Fade Chen’s misunderstanding and hurriedly explained, “No, Brother Chen, it’s not like that. I, I just want to thank you!”

“No? Yuri, I didn’t say anything!” Fade Chen laughed evilly, which made Yuri Zhang blushed again. She was speechless.

After calming herself down, Yuri Zhang said, “Brother Chen, here’s the thing. Mr. Huang introduced me to a entertainment company. I just signed it. The company gave me a deposit, so I want to treat you to a meal. Brother Chen, I want to thank you personally.”

Hearing Yuri Zhang’s words, Fade Chen immediately understood. It should be what Fatty Huang mention last time that he wanted to make Yuri Zhang a star.

Last time, Yuri Zhang said that she wanted to think about it, so she had to discuss it with her family. Now she must have made up her mind and officially signed the contract with the entertainment company.

Thinking of this, Fade Chen could not help but be happy for her and said with a smile, “That’s great. Yuri has become a star now. I should cherish the opportunity to have dinner with a big star!”

“Brother Chen, I’m not a big star. You’re making fun of me again. Yuri Zhang was a little shy, but her tone showed her excitement.

Fade Chen laughed and said, “I didn’t make fun of you. Yuri, I’m telling the truth. I believe that Yuri will definitely become a famous star. At that time, don’t forget to leave me some autographs and take photos with Brother Chen!”

Then, Fade Chen decided the time and place on the phone to Yuri Zhang. After getting up and washing up, he changed into casual clothes and drove to the agreed restaurant.

At six o’clock in the afternoon, Fade Chen reached the restaurant. After parking the car, Fade Chen looked up at the well- decorated restaurant and could not help but be surprised. He did not expect that Yuri Zhang would invite him to such a luxurious restaurant.

At this time, Yuri Zhang, who was waiting in the restaurant, also noticed Fade Chen. She ran to Fade Chen and said with a smile, “Brother Chen, I’ve booked a seat. Let’s go in!”

Fade Chen looked at the little beauty in front of him and his eyes lit up.

Yuri Zhang was wearing a light blue long skirt with small flowers over her knees. Her usual ponytail was united and her long hair hung down on her shoulders. Her face was applied with some light makeup, which made her innocent face look more delicate. She looked like the main female character in all kinds of youth movies.


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