MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 138



Jimmy Wei was stunned and his head was in a mess. He still could not comprehend what was happening in front of him.

At this time, Tom Wei woke up from the shock, rushed to Fade Chen and said with a smile, “Brother Fade, you’re amazing. You killed that guy with two moves. What’s the last move? It’s so awesome!”

Tom Wei did not understand so much and did not know what Fade Chen’s last move meant just now. So at this moment, he was not as shocked as Jimmy Wei and the others.

Fade Chen smiled faintly and said, “Nothing, just a little trick!”

Hearing Fade Chen’s words, Jimmy Wei came to his senses and hurried forward. He knelt on one knee and saluted Fade Chen. “Mr. Chen, thank you very much for what happened today! If it weren’t for you, we would have been killed by Kevin..”

Fade Chen helped Jimmy Wei up and said with a smile, “Uncle Long, no need to thank me. I’m Tom’s friend. It’s not a big deal.”

Speaking of this, Jimmy Wei couldn’t help but blush and he was a little embarrassed. After all, when Tom Wei brought Fade Chen to help, he didn’t believe it at all. Instead, he wanted to drive them away. However, the result was completely beyond his imagination.

Thinking of this, Jimmy Wei apologized and thanked Fade Chen again.

After Fade Chen’s courtesy, Jimmy Wei finally stopped thanking him.

At this time, Thomas Qiao and Duncan Wei came to Fade Chen and finally found an opportunity to speak.

“Uh.” However, before he could make a sound, the atmosphere suddenly became awkward.

After all, Duncan Wei and Thomas Qiao’s sarcasm towards Fade Chen was still vivid in their mind, especially Duncan Wei, who said that he wanted to take revenge on Fade Chen. Now when they think about it, they thought how ridiculous he was just now.

“Mr. Chen, I was too arrogant previously. How offensive my words were! Please forgive me, Mr. Chen!” Thomas Qiao bowed to Fade Chen respectfully and apologized.

Fade Chen snorted and said nothing.

Thomas Qiao bent deeper. “If Mr. Chen wants to punish me, Thomas dares not to resist. Mr. Chen, please punish!”

Fade Chen still did not speak. He glanced at Duncan Wei coldly.

Upon seeing this, Thomas Qiao raised his head and glanced at Duncan Wei, who was standing beside him with a reluctant look. Thomas Qiao immediately got angry. He kicked Duncan Wei to the ground and roared, “Why are you still standing there? Quickly kowtow to Mr. Chen and apologize!”

The move just now caused Duncan Wei to fall to the ground, and his injured right hand was rushed to the ground. It was painful. At this moment, he couldn’t help but looked at Thomas Qiao with tears in his eyes and said, “Master, my hand…”

Thomas Qiao’s eyes were about to pop out, and he cursed in his heart. “This guy can’t tell what matter is important at all. In front of a master like Mr. Chen, your hand is nothing.”

“Apologize to Mr. Chen, or I’ll break your other hand!” Thomas Qiao roared.

Duncan Wei had never met his master who loved him so much to be angry at him, he was really scared. He quickly kowtowed and apologized to Fade Chen.

Fade Chen looked at Duncan Wei’s kowtow coldly until his forehead was bleeding and his face was blurred by the blood. Then, he said lightly, “Okay.”

Duncan Wei breathed a sigh of relief and wanted to stand up. But before Duncan Wei could move, he was pressed to the ground by his master, Thomas Qiao, with a face of flattery and respect. He said, “Mr. Chen, Duncan is young and reckless, and offended Mr. Chen. Please don’t take it to heart.”

Fade Chen said coldly, “I can spare him this time. But don’t rely on your martial arts skills to be arrogant and bully others. This is not the teaching of martial arts!”

“Yes, thanks to Mr. Chen’s teachings!” Thomas Qiao nodded, then pressed Duncan Wei and kowtowed to Fade Chen to thank him. Then he got up.

Later, Thomas Qiao and Jimmy Wei chatted for a while and said that they wanted to leave. Jimmy Wei could not stay, so he paid the corresponding reward, and then he thanked them and sent them out.

After leaving the Jimmy Wei’s Villa, Thomas Qiao too Duncan Wei and ran as fast as he could, as if someone was chasing after them.

Qiao took Duncan Wei did not understand why his master was like this, and could not help complaining, “Master, why are you in such a hurry to leave? It’s so late now, and I’m injured. Why don’t we rest in the villa for a night before leaving? After all, you have helped Jimmy Wei, so it’s not a problem for us to stay for a night!

Thomas Qiao glared at Duncan Wei angrily and shouted, “What are we staying there for! Are you looking for death?”

“What looking for death?” Duncan Wei asked in confusion.

Thomas Qiao patted Duncan Wei’s head hard and scolded, “So I should let you stay there and let you offend Mr. Chen again, and then bury both of us there?”

“Master, why are you so afraid of Fade Chen?” Duncan Wei was a little confused. Although Fade Chen defeated Kevin Huang. But in his opinion, it seemed that he was not that powerful.

Hearing this, Thomas Qiao’s eyes almost popped out. He gave Duncan Wei another slap rudely and cursed angrily, “Do you know that we just went through the jaws of death? Any carelessness will lead us to the same fate as Kevin Huang. Do you dare not be afraid?”

“Jaws of death? No way, is it that horrible?” Duncan Wei asked in confusion.

Thomas Qiao took a deep breath and resisted the impulse to beat this stupid disciple in his heart. He explained in a deep voice, “Do you know how terrifying Fade Chen’s strength is?”

“Strength? I think he may be a master of the Black level!” Duncan Wei guessed. After all, Kevin Huang was a master at the peak of the Yellow-level. It was reasonable that Fade Chen could beat him.

However, when Thomas Qiao heard this, he immediately cursed, “Are you stupid? A Black level master? Can a Black level master defeat Kevin, who is at the peak of the Yellow Class? Can a Black level master use the Sky-Locking Finger? Can a Black level master spit Qi into a sword?”

“This, this… Master, is Fade Chen more powerful than the black stage? Earth-stage perhaps? How old is he? How is it possible?” Duncan Wei was a little doubtful.

Thomas Qiao explained with a lingering fear, “Your strength is still too weak to understand the horror of the real master. It’s hard for a master of the Black Level to defeat a master of the Yellow Level in two moves. Some top masters of the Black level may be able to do it. But it definitely won’t be as easy as Fade Chen made it to be.

“Moreover, the move he displayed is the Sky-Locking Finger, which shows that he has a good background and is likely to be from a famous sect. The Sword Exhalation of his flew hundreds of meters away before dissipating. It is probably not his inner aura, but the breath of the Genuine Vitality, which shows that his personal strength and realm are at least at the Early-stage of Earth Class.”

“Fade is a young master from a famous sect whose strength has reached the Earth Class. Why do you think i’m in such a hurry to leave?” Thomas Qiao glared at Duncan Wei and asked in a harsh voice.


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