MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Episode 610



Mr. Yue nodded to Yu Qin, then looked at Yu Qingmei with a smile: “Qingmei, you are there too!”

Yu Qingmei smiled politely and bowed slightly, said: “I have seen Mr. Yue. ”

As for Chen Fei, this Mr. Yue glanced at him and ignored him completely. Instead, his eyes fell on Chang Zhi, and said coldly: “What’s going on? Can you give me an explanation?”

Chang Zhi heard the words, his face could not help changing, and then looked at Yu Qin and Yu Qingmei Then hesitated and said, “Mr. Yue, this matter, we were forced to take shots from the Perak Gate. My teacher and the gatemen of the Perak Gate were taken by them,”

Chang Zhi said quickly about the conflict between the two parties. Came out.

After listening to this, Mr. Yue could not help but frown, and looked at a few people, especially when looking at Chen Fei, there was a displeased look in his eyes.

Chang Zhi also said at the moment: “Mr. Yue, our Perak Gate is very respectful of the Yuexi Yue family. But this time, our Perak Gate suffered such a big loss. If there is no corresponding statement, let the world see how we see Perak in the future. Door. ”

After listening, Mr. Yue nodded noddingly and said,” I can understand your words! “After hearing the words

, Chang Zhi couldn’t help but smile. But Yu Qin was panic-stricken, he quickly opened his mouth and wanted to say something to Mr. Yue, “Mr. Yue, we–”

However, Mr. Yue cast Yu Qin and Yu Qingmei a reassuring look, Then I looked at Chang Zhi and said, “I can understand the practice of Perak Gate. But Qing Mei is my friend. I don’t want to see my friend hurt. So, I hope Mr. Chang will give me a face in this matter. ”

Wen Yan, Chang Zhi’s face could not help changing, and the expression on his face hesitated.

The Thunder Gate where he is located is a Xuan-level force, and his status in the Thunder Gate is even more impressive. But in front of this Mr. Yue Qiaoyu, the power is even more impressive.

The Yue family where Yue Qiaoyu is located is the first martial arts force in the west of Chongqing, which is even better than the Perak Gate. And Yue Qiaoyu, the brother of Yue Qiaoxi, the master of Yue family, has reached the late metaphysical strength, and is comparable to Chang Zhi’s master Chang Feiyuan. He is definitely a master.

Therefore, just now the domineering Changzhi in front of Yu Qin met Yue Qiaoyu at this moment, and his attitude lowered accordingly.

However, to say that giving up revenge, Chang Zhi was a little unwilling, so at this moment, Chang Zhi hesitated for a moment.

Yueqiao Yu seeing this, his face showing a hint of displeasure color, Leng Heng soon, said: “! It seems Mr. Chang would not give me face ah Well, I personally find you fly away supremo said forget”

His words, Chang Zhi’s face suddenly changed, he no longer hesitated, and quickly said: “Mr. Yue is serious, I will not face anyone, but I will not face Mr. Yue!”

“This time, this is the case It’s over. We won’t pursue it anymore. “Chang Zhi said quickly.

Yue Qiaoyu nodded and said, “Thank you Mr. Chang for giving me a face. This time, my Yue family will remember.”

After talking, Yue Qiaoyu looked at Yu Qin and Yu Qingmei, and said with a smile: “The matter is resolved, don’t worry anymore. ”

Yu Qin suddenly smiled, almost flattered in front of Yue Qiaoyu, and thanked him constantly,” Mr. Yue, thank you very much. This is the thing, if there is no you, we really don’t know What should I do— ”

Yu Qin pulled Yu Qingmei over and urged:” Qing Mei, what are you doing for a while, thank you very much. Mr. Yue has helped us a lot this time, you can Thank you very much Mr. Yue. ”

Yu Qingmei bowed slightly to Yue Qiaoyu and said,” Thank you Mr. Yue. ”

Yue Qiaoyu quickly reached out his hands to support Yu Qingmei, and then smiled: “Qing Mei does not need to be so polite with me, everyone is a friend. Call me Mr. Yue, but strange. You call me Brother Yue That ’s all. ”

Yu Qingmei heard it, slightly stunned, and then shook his head gently, then said:“ Mr. Yue is distinguished, how can I call it at will, I still call you Mr. Yue as well. ”

Yu Qin He was a little unhappy, arched Yu Qingmei, and whispered: “Qingmei, Mr. Yue asked you to call your elder brother, you just call it!”

Yu Qingmei treated it as if she had not heard it, and did not respond. In this situation, Yu Qin is not good to say much, and can only smile to Yue Qiaoyu, said: “Mr. Yue, I am sorry. Qing Mei saw some big people like you, some do not know how to be good, so a little nervous.”

Yue Qiaoyu little bit. Head, said: “I understand, it doesn’t matter.”

And at this time, Chen Fei, who was watching this scene beside him, could not help but frown tightly.

What Yue Qiaoyu did just now is obviously a good impression of Yu Qingmei, and his words and actions all mean to be deliberately close.

But Yue Qiaoyu, who is older than Yu Qin, deliberately pretended to be close to Yu Qingmei and asked Yu Qingmei to call his brother. Such an old cow’s act of eating tender grass made Chen Fei feel uncomfortable for a while.

At this time, Yue Qiaoyu also noticed Chen Fei here, glanced at

him, and glanced lightly: “This is this?” Waiting for Yu Qin to start, Yu Qingmei quickly came to Chen Fei and Chen Fei. Standing side by side, they introduced: “This is Mr. Chen. Mr. Chen has helped me a few times. I am very grateful to Mr. Chen.”

Then, Yu Qingmei smiled at Chen Fei.

Chen Fei also nodded slightly and smiled softly, said: “Sister Qing Mei is my friend, a little busy, not enough to hang teeth.”

The original look of Yue Qiaoyu, when he saw the two of them, his eyes flickered uncontrollably, revealing an unpleasant color, and said coldly: “It seems that this President Chen seems to know Qing Mei very well?”

Yu Qing Mae nodded and was about to speak. But Yu Qin pulled her at once, and then immediately explained: “Mr. Yue, Qing Mei and him are not familiar with them. They are just business partnerships, and they just came out to talk about business today.”

“Really?” Yue Qiaoyu looked a little unbelieving. With Yu Qingmei and Chen Fei, the expression became colder.

Seeing this, Yu Qin groaned in his heart, and the secret road was bad.

Immediately, she glanced at Yu Qingmei and said, “Qingmei, Mr. Yue has just arrived. You haven’t greeted Mr. Yue to sit down and have a cup of tea.”

Although Yu Qingmei was somewhat reluctant, she didn’t want to be like the Yue family The conflict of the big family can only nod and go to pour water for Yue Qiaoyu.

But at this time, Yu Qin looked at Chen Fei, showing a formulaic smile, and said: “Mr. Chen, I have something to ask you, can you come with me?”

Wen Yan, Yu Qingmei couldn’t help but look over , A hint of worry appeared in his eyes.


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