MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Episode 609



Just when Yu Qin was stunned, he stood steady and climbed from the ground. His face was furious and fierce, and he stared fiercely at Chen Fei. He gritted his teeth and said: “You dare to treat me like this, you give I wait, my master will not let you go, I will not let you off the door. ”

Threatening words suddenly awakened Yu Qin from the stunned god.

With a move in Yu Qin’s heart, his face instantly became somber, and he stared fiercely at Chen Fei, shouting: “Are you still in Hulai? Do you know what you are doing? How dare you shoot Mr. Chang, you—”

Chen Feimei raised his eyebrows, showing a touch of anger, and looked at Yu Qin.

Yu Qingmei also showed anxious expression on her face and said to Yu Qin: “Second Aunt, how can you say that? President Chen he–”

“You shut up for me!” Yu Qin glared at Yu Qingmei fiercely. With a low voice, then whispered, “What do you know? What is the power of the Perak Gate and who is Chang Zhi? Then President Chen has offended them and can have a good end? Now don’t clear the relationship, if it involves us, Yu Home, do you know how much trouble it will cause? ”

” But, I– “Yu Qingmei still wanted to explain, but Yu Qin didn’t give her the opportunity to speak, just waved her hand,” No need to say, I will deal with this matter. ”

Then, Yu Qin looked at Chen Fei again and shouted:” If you hear it,

please apologize to Mr. Chang! ” Chen Fei shook his head and ignored Yu Qin at all.

Yu Qin gritted his teeth and said: “I don’t care if you kill yourself, but you don’t want to involve us. You and Mr. Chang made it clear that the whole thing has nothing to do with our Yu’s family.”

Yu Qin was anxious to clear his relationship, but Chang Zhi The face was not so pretty, and he stared at the three people in front of him coldly, saying, “You Yu family, want to clear the relationship, it is not that simple. You know, the cause of the matter is because of her.”

Said Chang Zhi directly pointed to Yu Qingmei.

Seeing this, Yu Qin suddenly changed his complexion. What does she want to explain, but often fail to materialize and so she spoke directly Lengheng cry: “Do not use those ridiculous excuse to fool me, I’m not a fool!”

Yu Qin increasingly pale complexion, the face of worry Se, then stared at Chen Fei fiercely, gritted his teeth and said: “I blame him, if it weren’t for him, this matter–”

Yu Qingmei looked down a bit and said, “Second aunt, don’t shirk your responsibility This matter, President Chen was to help me from the beginning. In this case, I am willing to bear all the consequences. The whole thing has nothing to do with President Chen. ”

” Qing Mei, are you stupid? How can you– “Yu Qin heard that she couldn’t help being in a hurry and wanted to recover, but Chang Zhi looked cold at the moment, and looked at Yu Qingmei, her eyes flickered slightly, Shen said,” Since Ms. Yu has admitted herself. So, I want to ask This matter, you Yu family, how do you want to give us an explanation for the Perak Gate? ”

” I’m right. At the beginning, it was you– “Yu Qingmei wanted to argue, but Yu Qin covered her. Mouth, looking at Chang Zhi with a flattering face, said, ” Sir, the whole thing, we do have a responsibility to the Yu family, but we did not mean to, I hope, Mr. Chang to spare, dealt with leniently. To apologize to Mr. Chang, Yu family we are willing to make compensation. ” ”

Compensation? You can compensate the Yu family What? “Chang Zhi said.

Yu Qin heard that there was still a turning point when he heard things, and he quickly said: “As long as you speak, Mr. Chang, our Yu family will definitely take out everything we can and show our sincerity!”

“All things are true Is that right? “Chang Zhi’s eyes lit up, and then his eyes fell on Yu Qingmei. He looked up and down. The light in his eyes became more and more intense, and he licked his tongue. Then, let Miss Yu come to my room tonight and explain the whole thing to me! “As

soon as the words came out, Yu Qingmei suddenly changed and shouted,” Shameless! ”

Yu Qin naturally understood the meaning of Chang Zhi ’s words, and could not help but change his expression, his face was embarrassed, and said: “Mr. Chang, Qing Mei she

has— ” Chang Zhi snorted and interrupted Yu Qin directly “I don’t want to apologize and just say that, I don’t want to hear excuses.”

Wen Yan, Yu Qin’s face was even more ugly.

Chang Zhi and Perak Gate, she did not want to dare to offend. But to say that Yu Qingmei was really handed over to quell the disaster, she could not do it. It was not how much she loved Yu Qingmei, but Yu Qingmei, but the person that the big man wanted, she could not give Yu Qingmei to Chang Zhi.

For a time, Yu Qin was embarrassed.

At this time, Chang Zhi, staring at Yu Qingmei’s beautiful face and graceful figure, felt more and more hot in her heart, and the whole person had a feeling of burning.

In his heart, Chang Zhi became more and more impatient. He wished to rush over immediately and brutally pressed Yu Qingmei under him.

So he Lengheng soon, said: “how, Yu family which is made up his mind, and I want to do the right door Perak being the case, then blame me polite..”

Yuehua Jian, Chang Chi running breath, body The real element of surging began to surging, a pair of hands-on appearance.

Such a posture made Yu Qin’s expression tense instantly, and his face was full of worried expressions. But he didn’t dare to say yes to what Chang Zhi asked.

Seeing Chang Zhi approaching step by step, at this moment, a bland man’s voice appeared, “When did the Thunder Gate, become so powerful, and feel so brazen and

brave ?” “Who is talking? Dare to say that we are Thunder Door, I think you are looking for death— “Chang Zhi drank sharply, and then turned to look at the source of the sound.

When he saw the person coming, his face could not help but change, and the rest of the words choked in his throat, and he was surprised: “Yue, Mr. Yue, how are you here?”

At this time, Chen Fei A few of them also looked over to the people coming here.

I saw that the person was tall, dressed in casual clothes, wearing sports shoes under his feet, and had a slightly curly yellow hair, which looked quite young and energetic.

But when Chen Fei saw his face, he could not help but stunned. Because this man’s cheeks, although he tried his best to maintain and dress up, it was obvious that the other person was not too young, and even a white hair appeared on both cheek temples.

In this situation, it seems that it should be at least forty years old, and it does not seem to match the dress of the young man on his body.

However, when Yu Qin saw the arrival of Mr. Yue, it was as if he saw a savior. The horse fluttered with surprise, “Mr. Yue, you are here!”


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