MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Episode 608



In an instant, the two energies collided together.

The expected collision did not happen. Instead, Chen Fei’s crimson vitality directly shredded Chang Zhi’s vitality, and then split into Chang Zhi’s chest.

Chang Zhi didn’t expect such a situation at all. He was shocked, and was directly struck by this force, the clothes on his chest shattered directly, and a splash of blood came out.

“You–” Chang Zhi immediately turned pale, and took a few steps back, with a surprised look on his face, looking at Chen Fei.

Chen Fei Chang Chi did not care about the words, direct and waved play a Qi Jin, Chang Chi will again fight off a few steps, and shouted:. “I do not want to hear your nonsense, roll now, you can keep a life,”

Chang Chi As a disciple of the head of the Thunderbolt, the heir of the next generation of heads has been so humiliated. Suddenly written on his face, he stared at Chen Fei fiercely and gritted his teeth: “You dare to move me, my master will not let you go.”

“Such nonsense, don’t talk about it, It’s a waste of time! “Chen Fei snorted coldly and slapped Chang Zhi with his right hand.

But just when Chen Fei shot, he suddenly screamed and said, “What are you doing?”

Chen Fei looked down at the voice and saw that Yu Qingmei’s second aunt who had left before returned.

At the moment, she looked cold color glared Chen Fei, da da footsteps of the way, the cold chill, almost knocking Chen Fei face here, “I ask you, what are you doing?”

So the situation, let Chen Fei had to put away the attack on Chang Zhi, and then glanced at Yu Qingmei, then pointed at Chang Zhi and explained: “He wants to bully Sister Qing Mei, I will help out!”

“Bull Qing Mei, You come to help? “The second aunt stared at Chen Fei with suspicion, and then looked at Yu Qingmei.

Yu Qingmei nodded quickly and explained to Chen Fei, “Second Aunt, Mr. Chen is indeed helping me. Don’t get me wrong, we–”

But, wait for Yu Qingmei to explain clearly.

Chang Zhi next to him looked at Yu Qingmei’s second aunt for a while, and suddenly thought of something, said: “Are you the Yu Qin of Yu Family in Yuxi Province?” The

identity was recognized by the second aunt Yu Qingmei. Turning his head, he looked at Chang Zhi, his face puzzled and cold, “Are you?”

Chang Zhi saw this, a look of pride appeared on his face, and snorted coldly: “I am-I tell you, I am Chang Zhi, Perak Gate Chang Zhi! ”

Yu Qin’s face suddenly changed when he heard Chang Zhi’s words, and his original cold face became a little surprised and panicked at the moment,” You are the Perak Gate’s Chang Zhi, Chang Feiyuan’s head Biography disciples? ”

” That’s me! “Chang Zhi said proudly. Immediately, he snorted, glanced at Yu Qingmei and Chen Fei, and then said to Yu Qin, “Your Yu’s family is really good. Now that we who dare to break the gate dare to move? Not only was my teacher unused, Now I have to fight against me. I think your Yu’s family is in the west of Chongqing. Is it going to be overturned? ”

Chang Zhi, a junior, now shouted at Yu Qin with such a condemned attitude.

At this time, Yu Qin did not dare to have any rebuttal. Instead, his face was full of panic, and he quickly waved his hand and explained: “Mr. Chang, our Yu family absolutely does not have this meaning, and we will never be against the Perak Gate. Among them, there may be some misunderstandings!”

“Misunderstanding “Chang Zhi snorted, then pointed to the blood stains on his chest, coldly said,” Is this also a misunderstanding? Or that they are not two of your Yu family? ”

Said, Chang Zhi pointed Yu Qingmei and Chen Fei.

Yu Qin looked over and stared at Yu Qingmei fiercely, then asked with a serious tone: “Qing Mei, you tell me, what’s going on?”

Yu Qingmei’s face changed slightly, but he still came to Yu Qin and quickly talked about the conflict between the two sides.

As a result, Yu Qin looked silent for a while after listening, and then looked over to Chang Zhi.

Seeing this, Chang Zhi snorted and said, “Why? Your Yu family still have to fight against our thunderbolt door?”

Yu Qin quickly waved his hand, his serious face filled with flattering looks, and some flattered mouth said: “No , Mr. Chang, you misunderstood, our Yu family definitely did not mean that. ”

” Then today, how do you want to give me an explanation? “Chang Zhi asked proudly.

Yu Qin changed his face and remained silent for a few seconds, then immediately looked at Chen Fei and immediately shouted: “What are you still doing, don’t quickly apologize to Mr. Chang!”

Chen Fei said, frowning and frowning immediately. To Yu Qin.

Yu Qingmei was also taken aback, then pulled Yu Qin’s arm and said anxiously: “Second Aunt, what are you doing? President Chen is helping us, how can you–”

“What is helping us?” Yu Qin interrupted Yu Qingmei’s words and sneered. “Offended the Thunderbolt, does this count as helping us?” After

stopping Yu Qingmei, Yu Qin looked at Chang Zhi again with a flattering look and pointed his finger. Chen Fei said: “Mr. Chang, this guy has nothing to do with our Yu family. In the whole thing, he has always been his hands. If you want to find an enemy, Mr. Chang, he is the biggest enemy. Our Yu family, It has nothing to do with him. ”

Such a naked shirk of responsibility can’t help but let Chen Fei’s expression sink, and his eyes are a bit cold.

Yu Qingmei also said anxiously: “Second Aunt, you can’t do this? Mr. Chen is just to help me–”

“You shut up and no more nonsense!” Yu Qin sneered, then stared at Chen Fei And shouted, “Have you heard me, I will ask you to apologize to Mr. Chang?”

Chen Fei looked at Yu Qin coldly and said, “Why do you make me apologize? Is there anything I have to do with you?”

Yu Qin froze, and then looked sullenly: “You don’t know who you offended? Mr. Chang is the next generation heir to the Perak Gate, and the Perak Gate is the Xuan-class forces. It is also one of the best in our western Chongqing province. ”

” Xuan-class forces only? In my eyes, it is not worth mentioning. ” Chen Fei disdain.

“Crazy! You don’t know the horror of the Thunderbolt at all. You make rants here, and when Mr. Chang teaches you a meal, you will know how powerful it is.” Yu Qin heard the words and shouted.

Chang Zhi also shouted to Chen Fei: “I will immediately kneel down and apologize!”

Chen Fei didn’t say much, and immediately patted Chang Zhi on the palm, rumbling, flipping Chang Zhi on the ground, and rolled on the ground A few times, this stabilized his body.

At this time, Chen Fei glanced coldly at Yu Qin and said lightly: “What is the lesson you said?”

This situation made Yu Qin stunned for a moment. He did not expect Chen Fei to dare. She shot Chang Zhi and really knocked down Chang Zhi, which made her feel a little weird. After all, Chang Zhike has the strength of the early Xuan level and is definitely a master of martial arts.


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