MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Episode 607



Realizing the intention of the other party, Chen Fei and Yu Qingmei immediately looked at Chang Feilin coldly and said, “The last thing was because you and Qin always had a mistake first. Breaking your leg, too You deserve your guilt. You— ”

Chang Feilin’s face was immediately ugly, and the tone was excited after waiting for the two of them to finish his speech. He stared at the two fiercely and said,” A good sin deserves it. After decades of practice, I also interrupted my legs and made me look like I am today. Do you think that a sentence of sin deserves to end this matter? ”

” If so, then I will let you “Taste the taste you deserve.” Chang Feilin shouted and waved his hand. Suddenly, all the disciples in black dressed around the Thunder Gate, all moved, and surrounded Chen Fei and Yu Qingmei.

Chen Fei put Yu Qingmei behind him, and immediately cold his eyes, said: “Are you sure you want to do it with me?”

The questioning words made Chang Feilin froze, thinking of that day in the auction house Scene defeated by Chen Fei. For a time, Chang Feilin’s complexion changed, and his expression looked extremely ugly.

However, he immediately thought of something, his face showing a touch of color, for Chen Fei said:. “Do not think that what you kung fu cat with three legs count, we Perak door, you can not resist,”

Yuehua Jian, then a dozen black The man had already surrounded him, and he had started to work.

Chen Fei felt the strength of these people. They basically have the strength of the middle and late stages of the Huang level. More than a dozen people have joined forces, which is already a very good combat strength. However, it is a pity that they met Chen Fei, which destined their final result to be a tragedy.

Facing the siege of more than a dozen people, Chen Fei was almost standing on the spot, his fists and feet flew, and after a bang, he directly beat the dozen or so disciples of the Thunderbolt, and fell everywhere.

Such a situation, but Chang Feilin did not expect.

After all, these people are the backbone of the Thunder Gate. Although they are not too strong, they are definitely not weak.

It turned out that their joint attack was not even Chen Fei’s opponent, and they didn’t even do it for five minutes.

For a time, Chang Feilin’s complexion dimmed, and his complexion looked extremely ugly.

Chen Fei walked towards Chang Feilin step by step.

Chang Feilin’s face was even more ugly. He wanted to run away, but his body in a wheelchair didn’t move at all. He could only watch Chen Fei approaching him step by step.

At the same time, the terrifying oppression also covered Chang Feilin, making him feel a terrible coercion.

For a time, Chang Feilin seemed to recall the scene of the last hands-on with Chen Fei in the auction. Only this time, Chen Fei’s momentum was even more terrifying, even with a fierce killing intention.

At this time, Chen Fei raised his right hand, a surging light red energy appeared in his palm, like a sharp blade, continuously cutting through the air, making a slight buzzing sound.

At the moment, Chen Fei, like the god of death holding a sickle, approached Fei Lin step by step, “I gave you a chance last time, but you don’t know how to cherish. This time, it’s not so good Opportunity. “The

icy words made Chang Fei Lin suddenly sweating, and a terrible coolness poured out from the bottom of his heart.

Seeing Chen Fei approaching, Chang Feilin panicked involuntarily, his voice trembling: “Are you going to kill me? I, I am the person at the Thunder Gate.”

“So what?” Chen Fei said coldly, “And This sentence, you said to me last time. “During the

speech, Chen Fei approached a few points.

The pressure felt by Chang Feilin was even greater, the cold sweat on his body kept flowing, and the body trembled involuntarily. “I, you must know, the Thunderbolt is a mysterious force, you can’t afford it.”

Chen Fei Still no response, continue to approach, the sharp air blade of the throughput, less than half a meter away from Chang Feilin’s neck.

Chang Fei Lin panic, “you do not kill me, I’m not an ordinary Perak Disciples. I am a veteran Charlie door, the incumbent head of Perak door often fly far is my Young, you can not move I can not!”

At this At a critical moment, a loud drink suddenly sounded, and then a strong wind struck Chen Fei’s back. “Stop!”

Chen Fei turned around to avoid the strong wind that came behind him, but attacked Chang Feilin. The energy is still shot out.

Vigor surged, rubbing Chang Feilin’s neck and flew over. Finally, because of the deviation of the angle, a long blood stain was drawn on Chang Feilin’s chin, and then flew out.

Chang Fei Lin suddenly uttered a scream, immediately covering his jaw with blood, and cried out in pain.

At this time, a man in his thirties stood next to Chang Feilin, glanced at Chang Feilin, and then looked at Chen Fei fiercely, Shen Shen said: “I let you stop, didn’t you hear?”

Such an arrogant attitude made Chen Fei frown and said coldly, “Who are you, why do you let me stop?”

“Who am I?” The man snorted coldly, and then showed a token and shouted, “Open Your eyes can see clearly. ”

Chen Fei glanced at the token. The surface was a sign similar to Chang Feilin’s clothes. Among them, there was a circle of small gold patterns, but I didn’t know what it meant.

“Are you from the Thunder Gate?” Chen Fei said.

The man snorted and said, “I am the Thunderbolt-Chang Zhi! Now kneel down to me now and admit it!”

“Changzhi? Haven’t heard it!” Chen Fei shook his head, never seeing his words taken seriously.

“You–” Chang Zhi’s complexion instantly became darker.

Chang Feilin said next to him: “Boy, let me tell you. Chang Zhi is a disciple of my teacher Chang Feiyuan, the heir to the next generation of the head of the Perak Gate. You just have to kneel and apologize.”

Chen Feiwen said, Leng snorted and said: “It turns out to be the heir to the next generation’s head, what do I think it is!”

“You-find death!” The expression on Chang Zhi’s face was completely gloomy and stared fiercely. Chen Fei gritted his teeth and said, “You are dead!” During the

speech, Chang Zhi shot directly forward with a hula on the right palm, and a violent rush came out, turning into a sharp blade, turning towards Chen Fei’s chest. Stabbed hard.

This trick, fierce and venomous, with a fierce killing intention, a look that would put Chen Fei to death.

Facing this move, Chen Fei did not step back. Instead, he took a step. His right hand greeted Chang Zhi’s offensive, waved a red-red energy, and directly bumped up.


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