MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Episode 606



After lunch, I went home after separation. Chen Fei rested for several hours. In the evening, Yu Qingmei called again.

Chen Fei answered the phone and smiled, “Mr. Yu!”

“Mr. Chen, do you have time? Can I have dinner with you at night?”

Yu Qingmei’s invitation made Chen Fei stunned for a moment, after all At noon, I had just eaten together. In the evening, Yu Qingmei came to dinner again, and the tone of his speech seemed strange.

When Chen Fei was silent, Yu Qingmei at the other end of the phone was somewhat lost and said: “If President Chen has no time, then next time!” In

this way, Chen Fei felt a bit wrong when he heard it, so he immediately said: “Yu In general, I have time. Dinner together, where are you, Mr. Yu? ”

Yu Qingmei’s tone showed a surprise, and the speed of the speech accelerated a bit. He said:” I have booked a restaurant, Mr. Chen, come over here It

’s okay . ” ” That’s good! President Yu, wait a minute, I’ll come over immediately! See you later! “Chen Feidao said.

Hanging up the phone, Chen Fei’s brow wrinkled gently. He could feel that Yu Qingmei at the other end of the phone had something wrong. She was definitely in trouble.

Thinking of this, Chen Fei immediately changed his clothes and hurried to the agreed hotel.

Chen Fei hurried to the door of the hotel, Yu Qingmei greeted him with a smile on his face, and extended his right hand to shake hands with Chen

Fei . Sister Qingmei, this is not about official business, and me, what are you doing politely. “So

, Chen Fei would step forward and hug Yu Qingmei. But at this moment, Yu Qingmei walked out of a middle-aged woman in her fifties.

The woman with short hair, wearing a black tight jacket, meticulous, even the highest button under the neck, also tightly buckled.

The middle-aged woman came to Yu Qingmei and said with a cold voice: “Qingmei, you can just welcome me.” The

middle-aged woman stepped over to Yu Qingmei and looked at Chen Fei, then I made a gesture of invitation, and my voice was so cold that it almost contained no emotion. “Mr. Chen, please.”

This situation made Chen Fei feel a little stunned. After looking at the middle-aged woman, she looked at Yu Qingmei. , The look of inquiry appeared in his eyes.

At the moment, Yu Qingmei stood behind the middle-aged woman with a somewhat embarrassed and helpless smile on her face. When she saw Chen Fei towards herself, she could only nod her head gently, showing an apologetic smile.

Upon seeing this, the middle-aged woman could not help but shift her body, blocking Chen Fei’s sight to Yu Qingmei, then looked at Chen Fei, and said coldly: “Mr. Chen, please!”

Chen Fei can only nod, Then silently walked into the hotel.

At the hotel, Chen Fei was invited by the middle-aged woman to sit across from Yu Qingmei. Afterwards, she stood on her own and looked at Chen Fei and Yu Qingmei in a straight line.

This situation makes Chen Fei feel a little uncomfortable.

Yu Qingmei also frowned lightly, looked at the middle-aged woman, and said, “Second Aunt, President Chen and I are talking about business matters. Otherwise, you go to rest.”

Middle-aged woman But he shook his head and said, “It’s better to talk about business matters. Your business is also part of the family business. I will help you check it.”

Yu Qingmei looked helpless and wanted to explain what, but this second The aunt didn’t buy the bill at all and didn’t mean to leave at all.

In this situation, Yu Qingmei could only cast a helpless look on Chen Fei, and then started talking about the business of inviting Huo Dongwei to endorse green plum jewelry.

This is what I talked about at noon, and Chen Fei has no problem, so according to what I talked about at noon, I talked with Yu Qingmei in a word.

The next aunt listened to the conversation for a while, nodded slightly, and finally stood up and said: “Since it is a business matter, then you have a good talk, I will leave first.”

“Well, second aunt Go slowly! “Yu Qingmei said.

Immediately staring at the middle-aged woman until the other person’s back completely disappeared, she was relieved, and then smiled apologetically to Chen Fei, said: “Mr. Chen, I’m sorry. I will invite you out, the result is now The situation

is— ” Chen Fei waved his hand and said,” Sister Qingmei, don’t need to apologize to me. I know, you must have your own pains. Can you tell me, what is going on? ”

Asked this question. , Yu Qingmei couldn’t help but change his complexion slightly, his expression hesitated.

In the end, she showed a firm look on her face, looked at Chen Fei, and said: “Actually, this time I came to the provincial capital, not only to endorse the contract. At the same time there is one more thing.”

Hearing this, Chen Fei also I couldn’t help but look at Yu Qingmei and said, “Sister Qingmei, no matter what you encounter! As long as I can help you, you can open your mouth and I will do my best.”

Yu Qingmei Wen Yan, with a grateful smile on his face, nodded to Chen Fei and said, “A Fei, thank you. Actually, this matter has something to do with my birth. I–”

Yu Qingmei wanted to continue Suddenly, there was a rush of noise when I went down.

“There! People are there, hurry up!”

“All surrounded, don’t want to leave any one.”

“Control them, often come soon!”

Chen Fei and Yu Qingmei turned their heads to see when they were crying, and they saw a group of men in their 20s and 30s dressed in black, hurrying and rushing in, The two of them were directly surrounded, and they were very aggressive, and they looked like they were going to beat people.

Seeing this, Yu Qingmei couldn’t help but tremble.

Chen Fei frowned and stood up next to Yu Qingmei. He looked at the people around him coldly and said with a cold voice: “Who are you? What do you want to do?”

Chen Fei’s voice just dropped and a cold smile. The sound rang from behind the crowd, “Did Mr. Yu and Mr. Chen forget what you did to me so quickly?” During the

speech, the man in black gave way. Immediately, a man was sitting in a wheelchair and was slowly pushed in.

As soon as he saw the person in the wheelchair, Chen Fei and Yu Qingmei’s eyes flickered suddenly and said, “It’s you!”

The people in the wheelchair stared at Yu Qingmei and Chen Fei fiercely, gritting their teeth. Dao: “Since the two still recognize me! Then, the last time you made me lose everything and broke your legs, now it’s time to pay the price!”

This person in a wheelchair is not someone else. It was the last time Jewelry exhibition. Competing with Yu Qingmei, Mr. Chang Feilin, Mr. Qin who was invited by President Qin. At that time, he was defeated by Chen Fei, abolished Xiu Wei, and broke his legs.

Chen Fei vaguely remembered that Chang Feilin said at the time that he was a person from the Thunderbolt Gate and asked Chen Fei to let him go.

Now it seems that Chang Feilin’s person called Perak Gate came to retaliate.


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