MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Episode 605



Meng Chao heard that, his face could not help showing a look of consternation. He looked at his cousin and said: “Cousin, is that kid really that strong?”

Meng Lin looked a little unpretentious, but nodded, but nodded. Voice: “Can you beat me, do you think we can be weak?”

Upon hearing this, Meng Chao’s expression was even more ugly. He looked at his cousin sadly and said, “Cousin, what shall we do?” Could it be the case this time? We let the kid bully? ”

Meng Lin looked downcast and gritted his teeth fiercely, saying,“ How is that possible? It was against me. People, how could it be so easy to forget! ”

Meng Qiang immediately asked:” Cousin, how are you going to take revenge on the kid? ”

Meng Lin lowered his voice and said:” Don’t forget, my master Who is it? “In

this way, Meng Qiang and Han Shao’s eyes were all bright, and their faces were full of surprise.

Han Shao immediately said: “Master Meng is the vice chairman of our provincial martial arts association, Master Ma Dongfangma. Master Ma ’s strength, but reached the early stage of Xuan level, is considered top in the entire provincial martial arts industry. There is a group of strengths. Master Ma’s shot, the kid will definitely

lose . ” Meng Qiang heard it and was more excited. He quickly looked at his cousin Meng Lin and said:” Cousin, then you contact Master Ma quickly Well! It would be bad if the kid ran away. ”

” Relax, with the strength of our martial arts association, it is still easy to find someone. “Meng Lin said confidently, but he still figured it out during the speech. Mobile phone, dialed a number.

After a while, the phone was connected, and the voice of a thick middle-aged man came out, “Did I not let you go to practice? Why call me now, is there anything wrong?”

Meng Lin’s voice suddenly became cautious, and quickly said: “Master, it’s my family members who have encountered something. I’ll come out and see. In terms of practicing, I’m not lazy.”

“Are you lazy, wait five I will know when the Provincial Martial Arts Conference begins. If you do n’t perform well at that time, do n’t blame Master for being polite. ”The thick voice over the phone said.

Meng Lin nodded, a careful look carefully, as if his master was standing in front of the general, “Master, do not worry, the martial arts of the General Assembly, I will take the performance.”

Over the phone croon a cry, then He said: ”

Speak , what are you looking for me?” After hearing this, Meng Lin carefully said his request, “Master, this is the case, my cousin, and Yonghu Taekwondo. “On the other side of the museum”

, Meng Lin told them about the conflict with Chen Fei. Of course, the main thing is to render Chen Fei’s hateful and domineering.

After listening to it, the person at the other end made a cold hum: “The useless things were actually defeated by a 20-year-old Maotou kid.”

Meng Lin nodded and quickly apologized.

Master Ma at the other end of the phone just said: “Although you are useless, as my apprentice of Ma Dongfang, not everyone can move. This person, I remember.”

“Master you– “Meng Lin asked cautiously.

Phone horse Oriental Lengheng soon, said: “! You do not know what I’m prepared to do martial Assembly’s five provinces ah your thing, such as martial Assembly had to say!”

“Yes, Master we can not wait, can not wait! “Meng Lin said quickly.

“Relax, I will not forget this matter. Once the martial arts conference is over, I will help you deal with this matter immediately.” Ma Dongfang said.

“Thank you Master, thank you Master!” Meng Lin thanked quickly and hung up the phone respectfully.

Beside him, Meng Chao and Han Shao stared at Meng Lin. To see him hang up the phone, quickly asked aloud: “?? Cousin (Mengge), how things had been master of the horse he was willing to sell it”

Meng Lin croon heard, proud look of Italy, said: “I am the master What valued me most was that I personally called. Is there anything I can’t do? ”

” Great, that guy is finally finished. “Han Shao gritted his teeth, with a cold look on his face, and the pleasure of revenge.

“Cousin, let’s act quickly. I want to watch that guy get taught, otherwise, I don’t sleep well,” Meng Chao snapped.

Meng Lin stared at the two of them and said, “I’m in a hurry. My master agreed with his own words, and he can let the kid run away. However, my master is going to prepare for the martial arts meeting, the kid’s thing, etc. I will talk after the Budo meeting. ”

Hearing this, Meng Chao and Han Shao couldn’t help but show a touch of disappointment. But looking at Meng Lin’s expression, they quickly nodded with a smile.

Meng Lin’s affairs on their side came to an end.

At this time, Chen Fei and the martial arts team had finished their special training and returned to the martial arts museum.

As for the conflict with Meng Lin and Meng Chao, Chen Fei didn’t even care about it, and left the whole thing behind.

After returning from Wuguan, Chen Fei was still on the road and received a call that surprised him.

The beauty manager of Qingmei Jewelry, Yu Qingmei, called and said that she came to the provincial capital again. “Mr. Chen, I haven’t seen you in a few days. I didn’t expect you to become the boss again. This time, we have become a partner.”

“Ah, partners!” Chen Fei was a little stunned when he heard it, and didn’t quite understand the meaning of Yu Qingmei’s words.

Yu Qingmei immediately explained: “Isn’t Mr. Huang talking to Mr. Chen about the endorsement of jewelry?” When

referring to Huang Wei, Chen Fei naturally knew that it was Weitian Entertainment’s side, and immediately said: “Yu In general, I’m sorry. I haven’t managed to take care of things over Weitian Entertainment. ”

” Mr. Chen, it’s easy for you to shake your hands! “Yu Qingmei joked and explained the endorsement. Mr. Chen, you helped me a lot. Some time ago, our company happened to be looking for a jewellery spokesperson, and it turned out that Miss Huo Dongwei was very suitable. After contacting, I learned that Huo Dongwei turned out to be an employee of your company, Mr. Chen. ”

” So, this time in the provincial capital, you met Mr. Chen again. “Yu Qingmei smiled.

After listening, Chen Fei understood the cause and effect of the matter and immediately agreed to meet with Yu Qingmei.

The next morning, Chen Fei, Wei Tian and Huo Dongwei met Yu Qingmei in the company, and soon finalized the jewelry endorsement. Huo Dongwei officially became the spokesperson for the new issue of Ome Jewelry.

This endorsement of the national brand is another good advancement for Huo Dongwei’s career.

The business contract was settled, and at noon, the party immediately had a meal together.


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