MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Episode 604



Chen Fei heard that he could not help but look cold, and his face instantly froze.

He and Meng Lin have explained the whole thing clearly, but whether the other party is right or wrong, they still have to force themselves. In this case, Chen Fei had nothing to say. He looked directly at Meng Lin coldly and said, “You can give it a try.” When

Meng Lin heard it, he smiled suddenly, squeezing his fist and raising his mouth. There was a sneer, and he said: “Boy, it seems that you are very confident in your own strength! Want to practice two hands with me!”

“Practice hands? In front of me, you are not qualified to use these two words!” Chen Feileng Channel.

Meng Lin looked gloomy and said in a deep voice, “Boy, I didn’t expect you to be so arrogant! Originally, I only planned to break your leg, but now, I have changed my mind. I want to change your mind Both legs were interrupted. ”

Meng Lin and Meng Chao and Han Shao followed Meng Lin’s words and ridiculed Chen Fei coldly.

“Looking for something dead, my cousin is a member of the Provincial Martial Arts Association, a master close to the peak of the Huang level. Killing you is just a matter of moving your fingers.” Meng Chao said in a wheelchair.

Han Shao was somewhat palpitated about Chen Fei’s strength, but when he thought of Master Meng Chao, he was still full of self-confidence in his heart. Strength is not something you can fight against. ”

Facing their cynicism and threats, Chen Fei looked as usual, with no change at all. Just glanced at Meng Lin, coldly said: “If that is the case, then give it a try!”

“Crazy things!” Meng Lin heard the words, shouted, and the whole person started.

The sturdy body resembled a fierce beast, and roared towards Chen Fei fiercely. The punch that was swung out, the bang came, and it seemed that Chen Fei in front of him would be completely crushed and crushed.

Facing the fierce offensive of Meng Lin, Chen Fei at the moment, not only did not have a look of fear on his face, but instead showed a sneer and shook his head gently, as if dismissive of Meng Lin’s offensive.

Meng Lin saw it, his face full of flesh, the muscles shuddered fiercely, and his teeth squeezed out a few words from the teeth, “You are looking for death!” During the

speech, Meng Lin burst into shock again, instantly After exerting his greatest strength, he screamed and fisted like a tiger, hitting Chen Fei’s chest.

Seeing such a fierce offensive is about to hit Chen Fei, at this moment, Chen Fei snorted directly, then reached out with his right hand and grabbed Meng Lin’s fist.

Seeing this, Meng Lin showed a disdainful look in his eyes, “Look at my fist shattering your arm!” The

confident Meng Lin fisted fiercely into Chen Fei’s palm.

However, the moment the two collided, the expression on Meng Lin’s face changed instantly.

Because he felt that a huge force came from Chen Fei’s palm, which was not something his fist could resist. That kind of power came to him like a wave, leaving him with no resistance at all.

A huge wave of force came violently, directly impacting on Meng Lin’s right arm.

Immediately, a crackling sound sounded, Meng Lin’s right arm fell down weakly, his forehead was covered with sweat, and his face fell blue to the ground.

“How do you–” Meng Lin looked at Chen Fei with some incredible expressions, his face full of incredible expressions.

It was originally that he was going to shatter Chen Fei’s arm with a punch, but now, it happens to be reversed in real time. The huge strength that Chen Fei had on his palm shattered his arm.

The pain in his arm and the huge shock in his mind made Meng Lin’s face inexplicably complex at this moment, and the whole person looked at Chen Fei inexplicably.

Meng Chao and Han Fei, who were originally full of faith, are also stupid at the moment.

Especially Meng Chao, in his heart, the nearly invincible cousin, was defeated by Chen Fei at the moment. For him, it was like an earthquake, shaking his whole person a little shaky, his expression stiffened in his face.

At this time, Chen Fei’s cold eyes looked at him and said coldly: “Do you want to continue?”

Meng Lin’s face changed, and a look of terror appeared on his face.

Han Shao was terrified, and suddenly felt that the situation in the Wei Tian Wu Pavilion that day would reappear.

As for Meng Chao, because he was still in a wheelchair, he could not escape at this moment. He was so anxious and scared that he almost cried out.

Seeing their appearance, Chen Fei didn’t even bother to continue to compete with this level of guys, so he sneered and said, “Today you will break your arm. If there is a next time, it will not be that simple. Go! ”

Wen Yan said, Meng Lin and others suddenly became amnesty and quickly left quickly and returned to the car.

Close the door quickly, and then fled the scene quickly. Until they could not see the figures of Chen Fei and their party, Meng Lin and they were relieved.

In the car, several people were silent for a while, and the atmosphere was a little bit tense and oppressive.

In the end, Meng Chao still take the lead in the opening, broke the silence, “cousin, Chen Fei that interrupt your hand, this thing, we do not just forget?”

Did not say okay, heard that, Meng Lin Suddenly angry, he glared fiercely at Meng Chao and shouted, “No, what should I do? Are you crippled to fight him?”

Meng Chao heard that, his face suddenly changed, and he quickly explained: “Cousin, I do n’t mean that. I just said that you are a member of the Provincial Martial Arts Association, but now you are being bullied by a kid. There must be a saying! ”

” An argument, what can be said? In our martial arts world, strength is the best argument. “Meng Lin roared with displeasure.

Immediately, the more he wanted, the more angry he couldn’t help but spread the anger on Meng Chao and Han Shao.

“It’s all your good deeds that provoke the other party, and even the other party’s strength is unclear. As a result, I was scrapped by one arm.”

Han Shao faced Meng Chao’s anger, terrified, and didn’t dare to do much. Say what.

As for Meng Chao, there is still some hesitation at the moment, asking aloud: “Cousin, is that guy really better than you? Isn’t that his, his current martial arts strength, has reached the level of the yellow peak?”

Meng Lin The face sank like water, nodded, and said: “A person who can beat me with a punch and shatter my arm can’t be underestimated. I’m not far from the top of the Huang level. The strength of that guy is only Follow this. I guess it is very likely to be the peak of the Huang level, and even to reach the level of the Xuan level is also possible. ”


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