MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Episode 603



Chen Fei and Liang Pan returned to the campsite, and Wei Tian then came over and greeted with concern.

Chen Fei and Liang Pan told Wei Tian of the rescue just happened. After listening, Wei Tian was also very angry. “That guy is really funny, obviously he is unprofessional and aggressive, leading to an accident. The result. He also complained about the unfavorable rescue of others, and even made threats, which is really ridiculous. ”

” This kind of person, I am not at the scene, otherwise, he will definitely slap him. ”

Chen Fei waved his hand and said,” Well, don’t say that guy, Disappointment. Sister is all right! ”

Wei Tiandao said:” It’s okay, everything is going well. ”

” Well, continue to rest, we will continue tomorrow. “The

next day, Chen Fei and they continued their special training, all the way to the top of Laolong Mountain. .

After the punch card was completed, the group began to continue down the mountain. Downhill is a lot easier than going uphill. Everyone’s interest is also much higher, and all the way back to the mountain with a smile.

At the same time, in the triangle scenic spot, in a hospital.

Meng Chao was cast on the right leg, and the whole person was lying on the hospital bed, with resentment in his eyes.

At this time, the door of the ward opened with a click, and two young men came in.

One of them was burly and strong, with a bright head, and his face was full of flesh, and his expression was very fierce. Behind the man, followed by a man with blue hair.

As soon as he saw the bald man, Meng Chao immediately excitedly said: “Cousin, you are finally here, I was bullied.” The

bald man looked at Meng Chao’s appearance, and suddenly his eyes were cold.

Meng Chao talked about what happened soon, of course, in his mouth. The whole thing is almost the fault of others, especially Chen Fei. It has become a villain who can’t save himself from death.

After listening, the bald man nodded and said, “Relax, that guy would dare to treat you like that, I will never let him go.”

Meng Chao nodded, and then glanced at the blue-haired man behind his cousin. Dao: “Cousin, is he?” The

bald man immediately pointed to the blue-haired man next to him and introduced: “He is the Yonghu Taekwondo Gym, and Han Hu is his dad.”

Meng Chao heard it and suddenly understood, nodded. Tao: “Oh, I know. It’s the Taekwondo hall where Master Ma has a stake.” The

bald man nodded, and his master’s name was Ma Dongfang, the uncle Ma Shao Han was looking for. A few days ago, Han Shao was angry, but his father was bullied by Weitian Wuguan, so he secretly went to Ma Dongfang for help.

As a result, Ma Dongfang, as the vice president of the Provincial Martial Arts Association, was very busy recently because of the affairs of the five provincial martial arts conferences. Therefore, Ma Dongfang handed over the matter of Han Shao to his apprentice Meng Lin.

Therefore, Han Shao then followed Meng Lin, waiting for Meng Lin to help him go to Weitian Wuguan to find his face.

Originally, the two of them were going to the martial arts hall. As a result, Meng Lin received his cousin’s request for help, and when he put it down there, he hurried over.

Meng Lin looked at his cousin and waved, “It’s not a way to live here, let’s go, I’ll take you back!”

Immediately, Meng Lin took Meng Chao into the car, and Han Shao followed, ready to drive back to the city.

But just when the car started, not far away.

Meng Chao looked out the window, suddenly his eyes lit up and said, “It’s them! Cousin, stop!”

Meng Lin was shocked, and then the car stopped, turning around and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Meng Chao’s eyes were scarlet, pointing to a group of people who were coming down the mountain outside the window, and said, “Cousin, they are the ones. My person is inside. “When

Meng Lin heard it, his eyes suddenly sank and his face looked across, looking at the group of people,” Who is it? ”

Meng Chao pointed at Chen Fei in the crowd and said out loud “It’s him!”

“Look, let’s get off, let’s get off and teach him a meal!” Meng Lin opened the door and said.

At this moment, Han Shao suddenly exclaimed, “It’s him!”

Meng Chao and Meng Lin both turned their heads and looked over. “What’s the matter?”

Han Shao stared at Chen Fei with fierce eyes, He gritted his teeth and said: “Meng Brother, the man who started our Taekwondo gym before was him. He was called Chen Fei.”

Wen Yan, Meng Lin’s face sank, and then he said: “Good boy, I didn’t expect your enemy to be The same person, since this is the case, then I will be here today, and I will solve him at one time and give you two revenge. “During the

speech, Meng Lin strode towards the group of people and stopped in front of them. Pointing at Chen Fei, he shouted sharply: “You are Chen Fei, get out of me!”

Chen Fei and others were talking, hearing their voices, then turned around and looked over.

“Who are you? I don’t seem to know you!” Chen Fei frowned lightly, and looked at the burly bald man Meng Lin.

Meng Lin sneered and immediately let go, Meng Chao and Han Shao behind them all appeared in Chen Fei’s eyes.

“It’s you!” Seeing Meng Chao and Han Shao, without further ado, Chen Fei naturally understood what was going on.

“Everyone knows! Then I don’t need to say more. Come over and kowtow to admit your mistake!” Meng Lin snorted and looked directly at Chen Fei’s command.

Chen Fei said in a deep voice: “Knocking confess? What am I

doing wrong?” Meng Lin heard, but could not help but look down, said: “Your kid is still quibbling! You hurt my cousin’s leg, almost injured and left a disability . Then I also started the Hanjia Taekwondo Hall and robbed them of their business. ”

” These things, nothing happens, I Meng Lin will not let you go. And now, if you have committed both, it is death. ” Meng Lin Shen Sheng shouted at Chen Fei.

Chen Fei heard, and could not help but sneer: “These things, you will reverse the black and white, put the black pot on my head in one breath, but they will shirk their responsibilities!”

“The Han Family Yonghu Taekwondo Hall, the first thing is They went to their own door to find fault, and then we passively repelled and repelled. What’s wrong with me? ”

” As for your cousin Meng Chao’s affairs, that’s even more ridiculous. He risked himself and broke his leg accidentally. We rescued and shouted. In the end, I chose not to save. What’s wrong with it? Is your cousin a master who cannot wait and ask us to save him? ”

Chen Fei asked with a loud voice, suddenly letting Meng Lin look like one Changed, the expression was a bit gloomy, could not help but looked at Meng Chao and Han Shao.

However, soon, Meng Lin snorted and looked at Chen Fei again, “Even if it’s really what you said, how?”

“You moved my Meng Lin’s people, then you must pay everyone!” Meng Lin stared at Chen Fei and shouted fiercely, “Now, kneel down for me!”


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