MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Episode 601



It has to be said that under the strict requirements of Wei Tian, ​​coupled with Chen Fei coming and pointing from time to time, the strength improvement of Wuguan students is still very obvious.

In a blink of an eye, everyone had walked more than ten kilometers on foot, but they were all neat and orderly and full of spirit. Even a completely newcomer, Liang Pan, who had no foundation at all, was sweating, but he kept up with the team and did not fall behind.

All the way from the urban area to the suburbs, the surrounding scenery gradually changed from high-rise buildings to rural forests, the air was a little fresher, everyone couldn’t help but take a breath, and the fatigue on the body seemed to be eliminated with the fresh air Quite a lot.

After a further distance, a group of people came to the foot of Laolong Mountain.

Here, the team stopped because the martial route is not a conventional route that has been developed in the scenic spot, but a precarious and inaccessible route. It is more difficult to travel than the ordinary route.

It is for this reason that Wuguan chose this route as an exercise for all students.

Of course, in addition to exercise, the emphasis on safety is indispensable.

After some instructions, the team marched again.

At the beginning, everyone went smoothly. However, as the team entered the forest, after there was no way, the speed of travel slowed down significantly.

The undeveloped mountain trails are very winding, coupled with densely regenerated weeds and various branches, making this journey more difficult.

Chen Fei watched all the way. If there were no dangerous situations, he would not appear.

Traveling in such a way, when the crowd had just crossed the mountainside, the sky had darkened.

The team stopped immediately, and then started camping, camping and resting.

Because of the preparation in advance, although many students are camping for the first time, they still look decent. Finally, before the sky was completely dark, a group of people finally settled in.

Chen Fei checked the safety of everyone and immediately found a tent and began to take a rest.

In this way, everyone rested. Until the middle of the night, Liang Pan came to Chen Fei’s tent and woke Chen Fei.

Chen Fei looked at Liang Pan and asked, “Liang Pan, what’s the matter?”

Liang Pan looked at Chen Feidao with some embarrassment: “Mr. Chen, I didn’t intend to wake you up intentionally. It’s just that I found something ”

” It’s okay. What do you say? “Chen Fei asked.

Liang Pan said: “I just got up to use the toilet, it seems that there was a flash of light somewhere on the mountain, and there are people crying for help.”

Wen Yan, Chen Fei paused, said: “You mean, Someone in distress on the mountain. ”

Liang Pan nodded and said,” I think so. This mountain road is already rugged and difficult to add, and now that it is already November, the weather is getting colder. If someone is really trapped on the mountain It must be very difficult for this big night. So, I want to check it out. ”

Chen Fei understood Liang Pan’s meaning and nodded.” Okay, I’ll go and see with you. ”

Liang Pan suddenly looked happy. : “Mr. Chen, thank you.”

Chen Fei woke up to Wei Tian soon, and he told him to take it, and then brought his equipment and went up the mountain with Liang Pan.

Taking into account that the other party may be in danger, Chen Fei simply grabbed Liang Pan while marching fast.

In this way, in less than ten minutes, Chen Fei and Liang Pan had arrived at the position Liang Pan was referring to.

The two slowed down, and soon they saw a few hundred meters in front of them, a light flashed by, and some of them were mixed with the voice of some people talking.

So, Chen Fei and Liang Pankui walked into the past.

Soon, they saw several figures in jackets moving something in a gully, and at the same time, a wailing moan came from inside.

Chen Fei asked, “What problem did you encounter?” When the

voice was mentioned, the busy people were startled, turned their heads to see Chen Fei and Liang Pan, and suddenly appeared happy, and quickly said, “Here’s someone, Great, and finally here. We are saved. ”

Immediately, several people climbed up and down from the gully, and almost surrounded Chen Fei, shouting.

“Are you guys in the scenic spot? Quickly save us.”

“Someone in our team was injured and broke his leg. Someone’s blood vessel was cut, and bleeding is serious now.”

“Just two of you? Rescue team others What about the people? ”

There were two figures lying in the gully, and at this time, there was a continuous moan, which seemed very painful.

Seeing this, Chen Fei walked down the gully with Liang Pan and asked, “What the hell is going on?”

The people in the assault suits heard the question, and then quickly passed them by Tell it again.

It turned out that these people were from an outdoor sports fan club in the provincial capital, because they loved various outdoor adventure activities. They usually get together to do various activities and team competitions.

This time, they are preparing for another competition, but because of the adventure locations that can be played in the provincial city, almost all of them have been played by them. Therefore, this time, it was suggested that an outdoor climbing competition be held in Laolongshan.

Since it is an adventure, it is naturally impossible to take the route developed over the scenic area. So, a team of them chose this remote mountain road and wanted to explore and challenge themselves, climbing to the top of the mountain.

As a result, when they started climbing, it was found that the actual situation was much more complicated than expected. Along the way, they encountered a lot of problems, and various minor troubles followed one after another, making them unprofessional suffering.

But because of the need to compete with other teams, the captain of this team took advantage of the night to let everyone move on.

As a result, a tragedy occurred because the sky was dark, the mountain road was rugged, and the grass was dense, making the road very difficult. Coupled with the captain’s rush to rush, the result was careless. The captain stepped on the foot and fell into the gully on the mountain road, breaking his leg.

At the same time, the deputy captain behind the captain was also taken by the captain, and immediately fell down. The blood vessel was punctured by branches and the blood bleed a lot.

In a critical situation, they can only send a distress signal to the scenic spot management.

However, it may be because it is too remote, or nobody in the scenic area management noticed their distress signal. So, after a few hours passed, no rescuers arrived.

Just when they were so anxious and almost desperate. Chen Fei and Liang Pan appeared, which made them surprised.

No wonder they were so excited when they saw Chen Fei and Liang Pan coming over.


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