MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1940



With a calm face, Xu Junshan said in a voice: “our intelligence personnel have just received clues. It is said that the dark dragon of the skeleton society has successfully refined a new pill, and will soon choose to close the door and make a breakthrough.”

As soon as the words came out, everyone at the scene was shocked.

In particular, Chen Fei’s face is full of surprise at the moment.

However, they just believe, but they can’t convince the public. After all, it’s a matter of taboo. No one is willing to give up easily.

This made many martial arts people stunned. Unexpectedly, Xu Junshan believed Chen Fei so much.

Xu Junshan gently frowned and said, “Chen Fei’s strength is enough to qualify for the quota. I believe I can’t be wrong.”


“General Xu, we need a fair way.”

“Yes, he is not a disciple of Tianji sect, and his strength has not been confirmed. Why is that so?”

“General Xu, we don’t understand why Chen Fei can get a place alone?”

Mentioning this, the attention of the warriors was drawn for a while, and their eyes focused on Chen Fei again.

Then, Xu Junshan continued: “continue to talk about quota.”

As soon as this remark came out, many of the people who talked about it stopped talking.

At the moment, Xu Junshan also said in a deep voice: “we will not force anyone to do anything that they do not want to do. At that time, we will explain the situation. If you don’t want to participate, you can quit. ”


“Ha ha, I’m just talking. You think too much.”

“If you dislike danger, then the disciples of your sect will not participate. Let’s transfer the quota to us! ”

“But it’s still too dangerous.”

“I don’t think so. If young warriors want to make rapid progress, they have to go through bloody battles. In the greenhouse, there is no real master

“Is it too dangerous? After all, they are all top young fighters in various countries! There are a lot of casualties, a lot of accidents

“This is to use the young warrior contest as a bait to lure the people of the skeleton society?”

Speaking of this, many of them were surprised and thought of something.

With that, Xu Junshan paused, his eyes showed a cold and fierce color, and said in a low voice: “the competition is their chance to attack, and it’s not our chance.”

In the face of everyone’s worries, Xu Junshan said in a deep voice: “you don’t have to worry about this. We have taken this into consideration. The competition will still be held on time, and we will deal with the protection of young warriors. ”

If at that time, the dark dragon will kill all the young warriors. It can be said that the whole martial arts world suffered a heavy loss, and even led to a great change in the world pattern.

Young people who are able to participate in the international young martial arts competition are among the best in the world. It can even be said that it is the future of the whole world.

Speaking of this, many people immediately worried.

When the scene quieted down, Zhu Kuishan thought of something and asked in a voice: “General Xu, will the dark dragon affect the international young warrior competition. After all, the skeleton society has a great influence in the United States. If the people of the skeleton society attack the competition at that time, I’m afraid — ”

seeing this, Xu Junshan clapped his hands and said,” it’s good for everyone to know about this. Don’t let it out so as not to cause panic. ”

At the moment, the scene was shocked and everyone was talking in a low voice.

It was precisely because the result was so serious that after learning the news, all countries immediately contacted to discuss the matter. Xu Junshan was in a hurry to discuss the matter, so he was late for the Wufeng meeting.

In this case, if you really let the dark dragon smoothly break into the divine level. I’m afraid the whole skeleton society will expand here, and even affect the pattern and peace of the world.

The warriors of other countries are similar to or even inferior to China.

In the whole of China, perhaps only Xuanyuan Jiangshan, the number one in the Dragon list. As well as several legendary hidden world experts can have this strength.

As you know, Xu Junshan, the current Chinese military God, has only reached the realm of demigod, which is still some distance away from the realm of God.

This dark dragon, one of the top warriors in the skeleton society, reached the realm of demigod more than 20 years ago. Now it is more likely to break into the divine level.

In addition, there are several top experts in the skeleton society, who are deterring the warriors all over the world.

On the other hand, the skull society is very powerful. In terms of scale, a skeleton would be bigger than the four Tianji sects in China.

In this case, it can be said that it is extremely difficult for us to unite to destroy the skeleton society.

But it is more difficult to unite the warriors of all countries than to destroy the skeleton society. After all, everyone has his own mind, and there are all kinds of tricks hidden in the dark. There are even people who secretly contact with skeletons to deal with their own enemies.

If they could unite, skeletons would never exist for so long.

But over the years, the enemy has been living well and even growing up secretly. If skeletons and skeletons are opposed, they will be more powerful than many others in the world.The skeleton society has become the enemy of the martial arts world all over the world.

Moreover, with the skeleton society as the center, there are numerous assassinations, kidnappings and other incidents around.

Over the years, skeletons have done all kinds of cruel things, such as killing people and stealing goods, offering sacrifices to living people, and refining medicine by human body, which have harmed many people.

But the skeleton society is different. It’s a group of extreme warriors. They can do anything in order to become stronger and go further on the road of martial arts.

Although there are many martial arts organizations in various countries, some of them are fierce in style and fierce in means. But on the whole, they are still subject to the constraints of the armed forces and governments of various countries. Keep peace and discipline in a big framework.

After all, the reputation of skeletons in the whole martial arts world is notorious.

Now, Xu Junshan tells you that dark dragon has successfully refined the elixir and wants to break through into the divine realm again. This is a huge impact on the whole martial arts world.

But Xie ningshuang inadvertently took the Jiuyou blood pill away, which triggered a more than 20 years of pursuit and entanglement.

Dark dragon, the master of skeleton society, has reached the realm of demigod above the top of heaven level more than 20 years ago. It is absolutely the top master. At that time, he refined three Jiuyou blood pills and wanted to break through to the divine level.

You know, from the nine you ice lotus seed in his wife Lin Qiuhan’s body, Chen Fei has been entangled with the skeleton. Later, from wushuangloukou, Chen Fei learned what happened to his mother-in-law Xie ningshuang.

“General Xu, your personal belief can’t be used as a basis for judgment, can it?”

“We want to know the specific selection criteria.”



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