MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1939



At the moment, even Chen Fei is curious about why Huang Yong mentioned it. Does this guy really want to speak for himself? However, Chen Fei does not believe that it is possible.

When people questioned him, Huang Yong continued: “just remember this. Among the four dark list masters killed, Adam and Eve are from the United States, and Eve is from the Addis family of the United States. ”

“This time, the international young warrior competition was held in the United States, not far from the headquarters of the yadis family.”

Xu Junshan took a look at the crowd and said, “today, I was going to preside over the meeting. But something happened that made me late. ”

However, in the face of the famous Xu Junshen, no one dares to question him now.

As soon as the words came out, the scene could not help but be quiet, and the faces of the warriors could not help changing. The look in Chen Fei’s eyes also changed. Many people really don’t understand how Chen Fei can be liked by Xu Junshan.

“About Chen Fei’s quota, it’s really decided by me. I think Chen Fei is worthy of the quota. ”

After hearing this, Xu Junshan’s face remained unchanged, but he nodded slightly. Then he looked at the crowd and said in a voice, “I’ve heard what you think.”

Zhao Kejin whispered in Xu Junshan’s ear and quickly told the situation at the moment.

Xu Junshan nodded and sat in the middle seat.

It was the Chinese Army God, General Xu Junshan, who ranked second in the Dragon list.

Zhao Kejin, who presided over the meeting, immediately got up and said, “General Xu, you are here.”

In an instant, the scene quieted down, almost all of them couldn’t help standing up and looking at the man.

Suddenly, they saw a man with short hair in a military uniform, standing upright, stepping in.

But at this moment, the door of the conference room was pushed open, and everyone’s eyes were all gathered in the past.

Seeing this, Zhao Kejin frowned, patted the table and was about to make a sound.


“Is general Xu deceived by him?”

“Why? I don’t believe it’s General Xu’s decision. ”

“Why did General Xu appoint Chen Fei? Is there any inside story? ”

However, there are still some whispers and comments.

This kind of words really shocked many people for a time.

Zhao Kejin scanned the audience coldly, and then said in a voice, “I don’t care what you think. But let me tell you, General Xu himself decided on Chen Fei’s quota. If you have any dissatisfaction, you can talk to General Xu. ”

In an instant, the scene was quiet.

The scene became more and more chaotic. Zhao Kejin frowned, clapped his hand on the table, and said in a fierce voice, “all be quiet for me.”


“Ha ha, young man, I don’t know the sky is high and the earth is thick. When it’s time to hit the wall, I’ll regret it.”

“It is said that within the yadis family, there are more than 30 heaven level warriors. That’s not counting the people they brought in from the outside. ”

“Does he know what the Addis family stands for?”

“This boy, too crazy!”

A lot of martial arts people also talked about it.

“Ha ha, you didn’t pay attention to the Addis family? What do you think you are Huang Yong sneers.

Chen Fei looked proud and said in a voice, “of course I’m not invincible, but I’m just an ADIS family. I really don’t pay attention to it.”

“It is said that there are five masters of heaven level in a manor of the yadis family. Do you really think that when you reach the heaven level, you will be invincible? ” Huang Yong looks at Chen Fei with a sneer and sarcasm.

“Will you solve it? How do you solve it? ” Huang Yong sneered, “the yadis family is one of the top ten plutocrats in the United States. It has been handed down for more than 300 years. The family is extremely powerful and has penetrated into all walks of life in the United States and even the world.”

“I’ll take care of the Addis family.” Chen Feidao.

Huang Yong rolled his eyelids. “What I’m arguing with you now is not these. It’s whether going to the United States will affect the safety of our other team members and even the whole team because of you, and even the results of Huaxia.”

Chen Fei cold voice way: “that I killed her, what is wrong?”

“That’s not what I mean.” Huang Yong shook his head.

Chen Fei snorted coldly, swept the crowd, finally looked at Huang Yong, and said: “according to vice president Huang’s idea, when Eve entered China illegally, we should arrest her and let her do it recklessly?”


“Vice president Huang’s words are worth considering.” Shao Donghua, also rarely expressed his attitude directly.

“It’s safest to change people.” Mei Changlin made a cold voice.

“It’s not good that what he does affects other people.” Master Huizhi of thousand Buddha Hall said in a deep voice.”Yes, it’s a big problem. Chen Fei can’t be selected!” Lu Xuanling made a direct voice.

The warriors below also burst into excitement. Among them, especially at the entrance just now and Chen Fei did not deal with several forces, at this time is even more can’t wait to shout.

When Ke Yong finished, he looked at Zhao Jin.

“What I want to ask is, if that happens, what should we do then?”

“Besides, even if the Addis family won’t assassinate. Making some small moves in the dark, or even just making noise to make our players sleep hard, are likely to affect the results of the game

But Huang Yong immediately continued: “I know that some people want to say that the organizers will guarantee the safety, or that our competitors are very strong. I do believe that, but I have to guard against accidents. ”

Hearing this, Zhao Kejin has realized what Huang Yong wants to say. He can’t help but frown and want to say something.

“You know, the Addis family has always been protecting their weaknesses and repaying their enemies. At that time, if the yadis family retaliates against Mr. Chen because of Eve, it is likely to threaten the safety of Mr. Chen and other members of the team. ”

“I don’t worry about the strength of our young Chinese warriors. I believe they can achieve good results. But I’m worried that they won’t be able to compete at all. ”

“You can think about what our Chinese team will encounter when they arrive at the United States and the venue.”

“I don’t think you need to repeat the power of the yadis family.”

Xu Junshan took the initiative to mention these things, which immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

After a pause, he continued: “I believe that what happened will soon spread. Even if I don’t tell you, you will soon know. So I’m here just now to tell you about it. ”

Such a remark raised people’s interest. All of us are concentrating on looking at Xu Junshan.


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