MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1499



There was a lot of discussion on the spot, and the wooden buildings on Hexin Island were also full of liveliness. Many VIPs also did not expect such a result, and they were surprised.

Wood Tianhan been tight cheeks slack down, his face with irrepressible smile, eyes to see the direction of the source of Western Cai, hand over:. “Tsai Lord, Wendou this year, we make a commitment,”

Cai source of seeing the West, Squinting at Mu Tianhan, then shook his head, and then a sneer appeared in the corner of his mouth, and said: “Mu Jiazhu, your Mujia, Wendou may not necessarily win? It is too early for you to accept it! ”

Is it?” Mu Tianhan didn’t take it seriously, thinking that Cai Xiyuan couldn’t afford to lose, so it was so, so he laughed, “Since this, then I’ll wait a few minutes, and then congratulate the Cai family.”

“Who Congratulations to whom, but not necessarily accurate! “Cai Xiyuan sneered.

Mu Tianhan shook his head with a smile on his lips, and did not intend to continue to struggle with Cai Xiyuan. After all, the ending has already been decided. I have invited Zheng Qinshi to kill him. The Cai family lost, and Cai Xiyuan was just talking.

But when Mu Tianhan was proud, Mu Qianying suddenly pulled the sleeve of his father and pointed in the direction of Mujia Lantern. He said anxiously, “Dad, look, you hurry. Over there, Lantern -”

” What’s the matter? “Mu Tianhan looked at the light boat with a puzzled look, and the situation he saw at once could not help but make him feel a sigh, and an ominous premonition came out.

At the moment, Zheng Qinshi had already arrived on the Mujia Lantern. According to the plan, he should hand the lantern in his hand to the Mujia staff, and then say a few words of congratulations and support to confirm the victory of Mujia Wendou.

But now, Zheng Qinshi came to the lantern boat with the lantern, facing the Mujia staff who came to pick up the lantern, instead of giving the lantern to the other party, he looked at the direction of the wooden building and said loudly: “Brother, I have a few words Then, let Kun’er bring it to you. Let’s talk about the lanterns after you hear it. ”

As soon as these words came out, the scene that was shocked by Zheng Qinshi’s identity just now became noisy again.

Mu Tianhan’s face sank instantly, and his expression was a bit ugly.

But at this time, Zheng Kun’s mouth came to Mu Tianhan with a smile on his face, smiling Yingying said: “Uncle Mu, my dad has a few words, let me bring you.”

“Zheng Kun You say! “Mu Tianhan tried to suppress the worry in his heart, barely squeezed out a smile.

Zheng Kun said: “Uncle Mu, my dad said, as long as you promise him what he mentioned before, about Mujia joining our Zhengjia Chamber of Commerce, he will immediately send the lantern to Mujia, and then Everything is as usual. ”

” What! “Mu Tianhan heard the words, his face was shocked, his expression sinked, and he gritted his teeth,” That, impossible! ”

” Uncle Mu, you said something impossible. My dad’s The side lanterns may not be given to Mujia. “Zheng Kun said with a threat in his voice.

Mu Tianhan’s face sank like water, gritted his teeth, looked at Zheng Kun and Zheng Qinshi with resentment, and said: “Zheng Qinshi, how can he do this?”

Zheng Kun smiled and said: “Uncle Mu, what are you There is a problem. My dad and you are businessmen. Businessmen’s affairs must be dealt with in a commercial way. When Mujia joins our chamber of commerce, my dad will help you to support you on the festival of lights. It’s the business code. ” R />   ” Fair? That kind of condition is simply an insult to fairness. “Mu Tianhan gritted his teeth angrily.   On the other side, Mu Qianying and other Mu family members looked over at this moment, and Mu Qianying asked, “Daddy, what is the condition?”

Wood Tianhan the channel: “I want Zheng Qin Shi wood into their home Cheng Chamber of Commerce, and want to pay a controlling stake in our house out of wood, just give me a seat on the committee in the Chamber of Commerce.”

Heard this, wood family Suddenly fry.

“This condition is too unfair!”

“This is why let us join them, it is clear that the Zheng family wants to annex our wooden house!”

“The empty

glove white wolf, the Zheng family is too cruel .” How vicious it is! ”

” Homeowner , this kind of condition must not be allowed! ”


Mu Family, angry and dissatisfied.

Mu Tianhan faced Shen Rushui, looking at Zheng Kun and said: “Master Dad, this kind of condition, I will not agree on

anything .” “Uncle Mu, my dad knows you will refuse. So, he gave you back A choice. “Zheng Kun said.

Mu Tianhan was silent for a while, and then said: “What choice?”

Zheng Kun’s eyes rolled, and he looked at Mu Qianying, showing a greedy color to his eyes. To Mu Tianhan said: “Another condition is that Uncle will marry Mu Qianying. In that case, my dad will also give the lantern to the Mu Family. ”

” It is impossible for me to marry you! “Mu Qianying heard the words on the side and immediately showed no mercy. Refused.

Zheng Kun heard the words, his eyes slightly cold, but then he smiled and said, “Uncle Mu, this condition is much more favorable than the first condition, do you really have to refuse? In that case, there is no third option a. ”

” I – “wood Tianhan seemed intended to move.

But after a brief shake, Mu Tianhan saw her daughter’s determined tearful eyes, and then shook her head firmly, shouting her head firmly: “If you want me to marry Qianying to someone like you, this is impossible! Even if the Mu family is defeated , I will not push Qianying into the wolf den. ”

” You-“Zheng Kun did not expect Mu Tianhan to refuse so firmly, his expression was angry, and said in a cold voice,” You have to think clearly, reject our Zheng family What are the consequences! ”

” No need to say more, no matter what the consequences, my Mu family can afford it. “Mu Tianhan took his daughter’s hand and said firmly.

Zheng Kun heard the words, snorted heavily, and then shouted to the direction

of the lantern , “Dad, they refused.” Zheng Qinshi on the Mujia Lantern heard the words, narrowed his eyes, and then sighed. Then he threw the lantern in his hand directly into the air.

At the same time, on the Caijia Lantern, the hooded male Ma Wu jumped high, took off the lantern in the air, and fell back onto the Caijia Lantern, placing the lantern in the center of a bunch of lanterns.

At the same time, Cai

Xiyuan said with a loud voice: “Cai Family Cai Xiyuan, I would like to thank Chairman Zheng Qinshi’s Lantern for his support.” Zheng Qinshi smiled and said: “The Cai family is polite, the Cai family is the first family in the province of Ze.

After talking, Zheng Qinshi left the Mujia Lantern, returned to the wooden building, and with his son Zheng Kun, stood directly among the Cai family.


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