MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1497



A variety of lanterns with different shapes were continuously sent to various light boats. While the Lantern was sent to the Lantern Boat, there will be a special person who read out the name and position of the sender aloud.

For a time, various sounds kept rising and falling on the Canglang River, making the whole river surface full of excitement.

Among them, the most voices are those of the general manager of a company or the director of a department.

These identities, if they are in ordinary life, are definitely considered to be one person, and can determine the future of many people. But on such occasions, the CEO of a small company or the director of a department seems a bit unattractive.

After some fierce battles, almost all the lanterns were full of lanterns, which were splendid and gorgeous, and attracted the attention of many people.

Of course, the number and identity of the flower-senders on each lightship have also caused heated debate and even controversy. Some argue that the CEO of this company is more rich, and some argue that the director has more power. For a time, the scene was very lively.

However, when the two drums rang loudly, the scene of the debate suddenly quieted down, and everyone’s eyes all noticed the two huge light ships on the front of the Mu family and the Cai family.

Everyone knows that this drum sound means that the real highlight of Wendou is coming. That is the competition between the Mu family and the Cai family.

Although the battles and arguments just now were enthusiastic, the grade was still low. For almost decades, Wendou’s biggest attraction has been the battle between the Mu family and the Cai family.

Now, the highlight of this year has arrived, and everyone’s attention has been drawn immediately, and they have begun to discuss the battle between the two.

“Wen Dou is coming again, this year is still Mujia and Caijia!”

“The result is still doomed, Caijia is very likely to win!”

“That is not necessarily the case. Before, we thought that the Mu Family’s martial arts would definitely win, but the result was that the Cai family wore three and defeated the victory. Now in Wendou, the Mu family might give us a surprise.”

“I think it’s hard It can even be said that it is almost impossible. The main competition of the fighting is the force. As long as the relationship is sufficient or the money is enough, it is not too difficult to invite a master to support it. ”

” But the competition of the fighting is the background power. It is not something that can be solved with money in a short period of time. The Mu family wants to be surprised like the Cai family, which is probably a very difficult thing. ”

” According to you, the Cai family will definitely win. Plus before The victory of Wudou, this year ’s Lantern Festival, can be said to be the victory of the Cai family. ”

” My prediction is the result. After all, although Wudou and Wendou are tied, the previous attitude has always been that Wendou is more important than Wudou. After all want to find support for their elegant, than to find a Warrior to be a lot of difficulties. ” ”

it is also why, before this decade. wooden home victory has been resorting to violence, while Tsai is Wendou victory. but It called the first family has been Tsai, not a wooden house. ” ”

If so, then the first position Tsai family, it is surly sit tight. ”


buzz in , Mu Tianhan and Cai Xiyuan glanced at each other, and then waved their hands almost at the same time, announcing the beginning of the fighting.

Suddenly, beautifully decorated lanterns began to be sent to the two light boats.

“Mr. Li Jiaming red shopping Group President, to congratulate wooden house source of much

long, brought to light a Goddess of Mercy St. Lotus.”

“Mine Group chairman Ze Province, Xu Qili Mr. Xu, Zhu Hecai home or backgammon, sent Huangshan Welcome a pine lantern. ”

“Xie Hanmin, Director of the Ze Folk Customs Committee, presented a folk lantern, wishing Mujia to show the national style and promote the national martial arts tradition.”

” Feng Xu, the team leader of the Zhejiang Provincial Investment Promotion Office, congratulates the Cai family on all directions and rich financial resources. , Presented one of the gods of fortune. ”


As the lantern was on the ship, the sound of the two people’s reading sounded loudly one after another.

Various characters such as the president, the chairman, the chairman, or the chairman of the president, etc., were read out one by one, and the audience present could not help but burst out with cries of exclamation.

“President Li is here, it’s the Mu family!”

“In my opinion, the Xu Dong of the Cai family is powerful, and their assets have reached tens of billions.”

“Those who do business are almost the same, I want to say The real power is still those who are officials. If one person says, it may have a huge impact on your business, and that is the real power. ”

” Is it? Why I heard all of them are the directors and leaders It does n’t sound like a job title! ”

“ Oh, what do you know! Jobs like directors and chiefs do not sound good, but the county officials are not as good as they are, and they just get stuck. You can know how powerful they are by your neck. ”

” Besides, these people’s official positions don’t sound big, but you can’t tell which person is standing behind them. ”

” What do you mean? These team leaders What kind of person represents the secretary or the like behind them? ”

“It’s very possible? You also know that the current form is tightly checked. How can those real dignitaries, secretary-generals and the like come to participate in this kind of thing in person? Isn’t that public? Some of the small section chiefs and small directors under their hands came to give lanterns, but they meant what they meant. ”

” It turned out to be the case. I was taught. ”

” Never mind, I think Mujia and Cai’s attitude toward those chief leaders , More enthusiastic than the tens of billions worth of bosses just now. ”

… …… In the

discussion, the lanterns are still being sent. On the two lightships, more than a hundred lanterns have been placed, densely arranged, It’s dazzling and it’s also a project.

After all, behind every lantern, it represents a big man.

With this amount, the number of the two lanterns has slowed down significantly, and the position of the person who sent the lanterns has also grown.

Everyone’s argument became more and more tense and excited.

“Judging by the standard just now, it seems that the current situation is dominated by the Cai family!”

“Almost all the Cai family are decorated with lanterns from people from real power departments such as the China Merchants Bureau’s Finance Bureau and Personnel Bureau. And Mujia There is a part of the lanterns sent by the unpopular department of the Logistics Department of the Civil Affairs Commission. The influence is completely worse! ”

” Isn’t this a natural result? Is there any surprise! Cai Jiawen The advantage in fighting, but it lasted for more than ten years. ”

” In this way, it is very likely that the Mu Family lost Wendou and Wudou at the same time. ”


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