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Mu Qianying explained to him: “Brother Chen, you know, in the martial arts world, if you can reach the level of heaven, you can be called the martial arts master. And the senior Ma Wanli of Luokong Mountain, more than ten years ago it has entered into ground-level peak state, has now been polished for a long time on the ground level peak state, the strength is very powerful, almost only one step away from day-level realm. ” ”

there are even Wu said that Ma Wanli predecessors strength, has been no less Some martial artists in the early days of the Celestial Class. However, in the cultivation of the realm, Senior Ma Wanli has not yet broken through to reach the realm of the Heaven. Therefore, people call Senior Ma Wanli a half-step master, to show his strength and strength in martial art The status of the world. ”

” And this Ma Wuyi is the son of Ma Wanli’s predecessor. He became famous as a young man, and he is very talented in martial arts, even more powerful than Ma Wanli’s predecessor. reached the mid-level state, and now the latter is also not far from ground level. ” ”

people speculated that a future Ma Wu achievements in martial arts a way, it should be able to go beyond Ma Wan predecessors, true to Wu Daozong division. ” ”

Ma Wan and Ma Wu a father and son, in our piece, is very Warrior fame and prestige. There was a lot of people came all the way Luo empty mountains, want to visit the two, asking them to hand to help But they were rejected by them in the end. ”

” But I didn’t expect that this time the Cai family actually invited Ma Wuyi’s shot. So everyone would be so shocked. ”

After listening to Mu Qianying’s explanation, Chen Fei was Knowing the situation, he nodded involuntarily and said, “It turns out so!”

At this time, Mu Tianhan looked at Chen Fei with a worried look, and said with a pleading look: “Mr. Chen, I —— ”

Although I understood the situation and knew that the Mu family is now facing the result of a very likely defeat in combat, Chen Fei did not change his mind. He didn’t mean to help. After all, no matter who the Cai family asks for, this is a competition within the rules, he does not want to intervene.

So, Chen Fei said to Mu Tianhan: “Mu Family Master, I’m sorry!”

Needless to say, Mu Tianhan immediately understood Chen Fei’s meaning. There was a loss of color on his face, his mouth moved, and he wanted to continue begging for something, but in the end he still didn’t speak.

He stepped forward and whispered something to the butler. It didn’t take long for the referee to get the news, and finally announced that the Mu family’s third person gave up the fight and automatically conceded defeat.

In this way, in the fighting stage, the Cai family finally relied on Ma Wuyi’s one-for-three to reverse the victory in the fighting.

And Mu Tianhan made this decision, which is also the result after thinking. The best option, please ask Fei Chen to take action, this is no longer possible.

So, you can only choose downward. Moderate choice, he personally shot, if it is a hooded male identity exposed, he may choose this method. But now, the hood man’s identity is exposed, and he is also a well-known warrior like Ma Wuyi.

This made Mu Tianhan worried. Although his level of strength reached the late prefecture level, it was higher than Ma Wuyi. But the name of Ma Wanli’s half-step master is too loud. Ma Wuyi’s strength has long spread to the southern martial arts circles. This made Mu Tianhan have to be scrupulous. If he shot in a shameful manner and eventually lost, the result is definitely tragic.

It is precisely because of these considerations that Mu Tianhan finally

made the initiative to admit defeat. After all, this can actively save the strength of the Mujia, there is no direct battle defeat, and it is passable on the face.

On the other hand, it was also because Mu Tianhan had expectations in Wendou. Even if the battle is defeated, it is possible to win back a city in the more important literary battle. After all, he spent a lot of effort this time, and he invited his old friend Zheng Qinshi to support him. This can definitely kill the Cai family by surprise.

Thinking of this, Mu Tianhan’s eyes fell on Zheng Qinshi and said, “Brother Zheng, next, it’s all up to you.”

Zheng Qinshi narrowed his eyes slightly and nodded to Mu Tianhan: “Brother Mu, rest assured, I won’t let you down.”

“Thank you, Brother Zheng!” Mu Tianhan’s mouth showed a smile, thanking Zheng Qinshi Road.

Zheng Kun on the side saw that, his face was proud, his head slightly raised, and he was very excited. He glanced at Chen Fei intentionally, and then said to Mu Qianying: “Qianying, you just said that some people are more powerful and powerful. But the result? When you encounter a well-known warrior like Ma Wuyi, some people retreat without a fight, and they are directly weak, which is ridiculous! ”

” Zheng Kun, don’t talk nonsense. Brother Chen– “Mu Qian Ying strives to defend Chen Fei.

But Chen Fei didn’t care. He pulled Mu Qianying and said: “Qianying, don’t waste your tongue on some unnecessary people, this doesn’t make any sense.”

“You–” Zheng Kun heard, When I saw Chen Fei and Mu Qianying’s intimate contact, I couldn’t help but feel very angry. I stared at Chen Fei very fiercely.

At this moment, a burst of drums rang loudly, and the atmosphere at the scene became lively again.

Someone shouted aloud, “The next item, send the lantern stage, start!” The

voice did not fall, the scene burst into a burst of warm cheers, the whole scene boiled.

The Cai and Mu families on the wooden floor also glanced at each other, and then showed a look of confidence.

Seeing this, Chen Fei was a little puzzled and said, “It’s just a flower lantern. Is it worth the excitement?”

Mu Qianying explained: “Brother Chen, this flower lantern is not a simple flower lantern. This is actually the rest. Wendou link. ”

” Is the flower lantern a Wendou? “Chen Fei looked surprised.

Mu Qianying explained in detail to Chen Fei: “Brother Chen, compared with the lantern sender is not the lantern itself, but the person who sent the lantern.”

“In this link, the forces behind each lantern ship will call their own friends and relatives. , The talents from all walks of life came to help send lanterns. In the end, which lanterns have a large number, and the person who gave lanterns had a powerful position, then it means that this family of friends rely on many people, which is the victory of Wendou. ”

After listening to the explanation This is Chen Fei’s realization.

It turned out that this so-called literary struggle was not a literary skill in my imagination, but a comparison of poetry and song. It’s the nobles behind the competition that finally fell to the powerful competition.

It is precisely because of this that Mu Tianhan was so respectful to Zheng Qinshi and Zheng Kun father and son. After all, the names of the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Zheng Qinshi and the Standing Committee of Industry and Commerce are very useful on this occasion.

When Chen Fei returned to his mind and turned his eyes to the Canglang River, the scene of Wendou had gradually become lively.


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