MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1495



Among all kinds of discussion, Cai Xiyuan’s face showed a smile on his face, and he looked over at Mu Tianhan with a smug expression.

Mu Tianhan’s expression was serious, his brows were tight, and the whole person looked very heavy.

This result, he did not expect anyway. If Mulong is defeated, he thinks that his Mujia almost has no power to fight back. Although there is still one person left in the end, you can also choose to replace the hooded man.

However, the only remaining warrior in Mujia is stronger than Mulong, only Mu Tianhan himself.

However, if Tianmu Han participated in the fighting by himself. Not to mention the victory in the competition, the Mu Family lags behind in terms of prestige and momentum. If it is not compelled, Mu Tianhan never wants to fight in person.

But in the current situation, if he does not play, the Mu Family will lose the fight.

For a time, Mu Tianhan’s expression became solemn, thinking about how he should be.

Undoubtedly, the best option now is to find a powerful master, replace Mujia’s third warrior, play for Mujia, and defeat the hooded man opposite.

The medium choice is that he Mu Tianhan personally took the stage to fight. Regardless of the outcome, the Mujia loses first in such a choice.

The worst option is to choose to admit defeat directly. In this way, the Mu family will lose to the Cai family in their strongest fighting link, which is the result that Mu Tianhan would never want to see.

Wood Tianhan hesitant when the other side of the West Cai source initiative to the channel: “wood master of the house, this wooden house than fighting over a third player, who will be sent to play in the end, you decided yet.?”

“I -“Mu Tianhan was speechless for a moment, unable to answer.

Cai Xiyuan said with sarcasm: “If the Mu family is empty, then just admit defeat and avoid an injured person.”

Hearing this, Mu Tianhan couldn’t help but his face sank, and there was a burst of anger on his body.

But the anger was immediately replaced by a helpless expression. Now, he really does not have a good way.

The best choice is to find a great master to replace. Thinking of this, Mu Tianhan scanned his eyes and swept over Chen Fei, then he couldn’t move away.

Chen Fei’s strength, there is no doubt at all, that is the existence of the realm of masters. If you have defeated the Yinmen Jiang family master to defeat the hooded man, there is no problem at all.

But the biggest question now is how to get Chen Fei to help, and act on behalf of the Mu family.

In my heart, I quickly thought of various methods, there were sorrowful crying and petitioning, interest exchange and temptation, and even playing the emotional card of my daughter’s close relationship with Chen Fei.

But immediately, Mu Tianhan quickly rejected all these methods. He knew that in front of such masters as Chen Fei, these cautious thoughts he played had no meaning at all.

In the end, he chose the most direct and most honest way to see Chen Fei said:. “Mr. Chen, my wooden house resorting to violence in case of emergency, I want to ask Chen to represent my wooden play house”

finished, Mutian Han bowed to Chen Fei with a sincere request.

Chen Fei heard that there was silence for a while without direct speaking. His eyes narrowed slightly, staring at Mu Tianhan for a few seconds.

If it’s just a simple fight, for Chen Fei, it’s just a trivial matter, just help Mujia


But now, this fighting is related to the Mu Family and Cai Family’s struggle, and it is a key link in the power struggle between the provincial city and the entire Zee Province. For this kind of thing, Chen Fei doesn’t want to be involved for no reason.

Moreover, on the basis of Mu Tianhan’s handling of Mu Qianying and Zheng Kun’s engagement, Chen Fei was also dissatisfied with Mu Tianhan’s vague approach.

So, after thinking about it, Chen Fei decided that he would not shoot. After all, his intention to come to the Festival of Lights was to relax and play with Chen Mochi and Chen Ziling, and did not want to participate in these power struggles.

Having determined the thoughts in his heart, Chen Fei wanted to open his mouth to show his attitude.

Seeming to be aware of Chen Fei’s attitude of refusing, Mu Tianhan didn’t wait for Chen Fei to open his mouth, and asked again: “Mr. Chen please look at me and Qianying’s face and help me Mu Jia once. Exhausted. ”

Zheng Kun on the side saw an expression of disapproval on his face, and whispered:” Uncle Mu, why are you so! Such a request for such a hairy boy, when seen by others, will be jokes.

Mu Qianying argued on the side: “Zheng Kun, don’t talk nonsense if you don’t know. Brother Chen’s martial arts is very powerful, and he is a real martial arts master. My dad asks him, that’s normal, so would people be joking? ”

A real master of martial arts? Is he? I can’t believe it.” Zheng Kun’s expression didn’t believe it.

Mu Qianying heard that he was angry and dissatisfied, and wanted to defend Chen Fei.

But at this moment, a burst of exclamation broke out at the scene, and then there was an extremely heated discussion, as if the cold water suddenly dripped into the hot oil pan, and the crackling burst.

The conversation on the Mu’s side was interrupted, and everyone’s eyes looked at the light boat in full.

Immediately, they discovered the reason why everyone exclaimed. The hood man who had been wearing a hood before, when he fell from the air at the moment, was blown by the night wind, and the hood on his head slipped down, revealing his face.

It was a young man’s face with thin cheeks and sharp edges, and a smile on the corner of his mouth, giving people an inexplicable confidence.

“It’s him, it’s him!” Mu Tianhan was surprised when he saw the man, his face looked ugly for a moment, and his face was even uglier than when the wood dragon was defeated. I didn’t expect it to be him? ”

” How much did the Cai family spend, and even invited this expert to come to help out. ”

” No wonder so, now, I understand, everything can be explained. ”

around The disturbing speeches made Chen Fei bewildered at the moment and looked at Mu Qianying with some puzzlement.

Mu Qianying’s pretty face also looked a little ugly at this time, and explained to Chen Fei in a low voice: “Brother Chen, that hood man is called Ma Wuyi.”

“Ma Wuyi, is it famous?” Chen Fei frowned. A look that I have never heard of.

Waiting for Mu Qianying to explain, Zheng Kun on the side with a mocking opening said, “Still pretending, Ma Wu doesn’t even know, are you still a warrior? Ha ha!”

“I tell you, Ma Wuyi is South Luo Kongshan ’s half-master Guru Ma Wanli ’s predecessor ’s son and his own disciple. Now, do you know! ”

“ Ma Wanli? ”Chen Fei still felt a little strange about the name.


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