MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1494



In the heated discussion, Mulong’s face was serious, his breath exploded, and he was confident.

The hood man on the opposite side, when seeing this situation, grinned, revealing a sneer of sneer, and said: “You are very confident?”

Mulong stared at the hood man, and said in a deep voice: “Is there any Confident, you will know immediately. ”

” Really? “The hooded male questioned a little, but persuaded Mulong to come,” I think it is not easy for you to practice, it is even more difficult to reach such a level. I don’t want you to regret it for life Now, if you admit defeat by yourself now, maybe it’s still too late. “As

soon as this word came out, everyone at the scene suddenly blew up, and the sound of the discussion rang out.

“The Cai’s hood man, the words are too arrogant! It is a joke to let Mulong admit defeat by himself!”

“If people have arrogant capital, then it is not arrogant, but normal, understand?”

” but early wooden dragon-level state of the Warrior, the strength of extremely tough. ” ”

but hood also male-level master ah! who wins, but also maybe it! ” ”

you are mistaken, this is the psychological hood male War. Intentionally saying this can put pressure on Mulong and change his mental condition. In case Mulong is really afraid and admits defeat, he will earn a lot. If he does not admit defeat, then the hooded man There is no loss. This is a psychological warfare that has been calculated. ”


Listening to people saying this, many people suddenly had a sudden expression of emotion, and they all felt so. There are still so many details that can be pondered in the battle between the masters at the ground level.

Now that the battle has not started, the contest between the two sides has already begun. This is really something that ordinary people do not think of, which is surprising. At the same time, it also raised the appetite of everyone, and was anxious to know who would win in the end in the battle between these two prefecture-level masters.

However, at a time when everyone was filled with emotion and full of anticipation.

The hooded man lipped the corner of his mouth and chuckled, “Haha, so much analysis, it really looks decent! But, unfortunately, I don’t have so many ideas.”

“My idea is very simple, that is What I mean in my words. This wooden dragon, if there is no surrender now, there is no chance. ”

Hearing the hood man’s words, everyone at the scene was stunned, and then a more heated argument broke out.

“I’m relying on that guy, that’s what it really means!”

“It turns out that it’s not a psychological warfare. I just thought so much because I was embarrassed.”

“If it’s not psychological warfare, the hooded man’s words seem a bit arrogant ah! ”


burst of sound from the discussion, male hood raised mouth, cold channel,” arrogant? Well, you’ll soon see, what is the real arrogant. ”

Carter, pocket The man in the cap jumped, pulled out a residual image, and quickly rushed towards the opposite wooden dragon.

Mulong snorted coldly, and immediately moved to meet the hooded man’s offensive.

The two acted very fast, and between the flashes, they bumped into more than ten strokes. The sound of the collision sound bursting together, making the ear almost burst, but the eyes could not capture the trace of the two fighting.

“Hoo!” In the

end, after a fierce battle, the two flashed quickly

The figure finally separated and fell onto the deck. Looking at the other person with a serious face, his body remained motionless, as if the fierce battle just now did not exist.

However, some powerful warriors discovered anomalies at this moment.

The two seem calm as usual, but the situation is a little different at the moment.

The hooded man slightly relaxed and stood almost in the same place as before, as if there was no fighting. But the wooden dragon on the opposite side was still cold and serious, and his body was still very natural.

But if you look closely, you can see that his muscles are tight and he can’t relax at all. Moreover, his arms were shaking with a very slight frequency.

The Mujia warrior who was aware of this could not help but look down, his expression worried. Look to the wood Tianhan the channel: – “master of the house, his wooden dragon”
“!! I know, but I believe that Wood Dragon” waiting for him to finish, wood Tianhan looked at him, Chen Sheng said

after listening to At this point, Mujia Wushu could not help but shocked and shut up and retreated. He can see the difference of Mulong. The wood Tianhan with higher strength than Mulong naturally can also see the difference of Mulong.

But now that the matter is over, Mu Tianhan has no other choice. The only option is to continue to believe in Mulong and believe or expect him to overcome the hooded man and win the fighting for Mujia.

However, although Mutian Chinese speaks firmly, at this time, his hands on the railing of the wooden floor are holding the railing tightly, and his finger joints appear white because of the force.

“Does he have no confidence in Mulong?” The idea emerged in the mind of Mujia Warrior, and his faces could not help showing a worried look.

At this moment, on the deck of Mujia Lantern, the hood man spoke again. “There is still some strength. You are really good. I was thinking that it would be a pity if you were abandoned.”

“However, I have just given you the opportunity to choose, but you have no choice. It is no wonder that others, so, next, prepare for your tragic future!”

Mu Long said with a serious expression and gritted his teeth. : “Don’t be arrogant, you haven’t won yet!” At

the moment of speaking, the two jumped again and thundered into the air.

It’s just that this collision did not fight more than a dozen rounds like the one just now.

Within three strokes, among the two fighting in the air, a violent call suddenly sounded, and then a figure fell down from the air, thrashed heavily on the wooden lantern deck, and directly smashed the deck into a big hole , The body fell into the cabin.

At this moment, I will focus on the remaining one in the air. Everyone can clearly see that it is a hooded man.

Suddenly, the scene was silent. After almost three seconds of stunned everyone, then they recovered, and then there was a burst of discussion.

“Here, is this true? Mulong was defeated, and it was so miserable!”

“Who is that hooded man? How could he be so powerful? Where did the Cai family invite him out?”

“This Xiamu family is awful. The strongest wooden dragon has been replaced by the second one, and the result is still lost. Now there is only the last person left, that person cannot be the opponent of the hooded man!”

“So, The last person of the Cai family really wants to wear threes and defeat the victory to win the fighting for the Cai family. ”

” The Cai family beat the Mu family in the fighting. This is the first time in more than ten years. ! ”


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