MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1493



There was silence at the scene, and then a burst of lively discussion broke out.

“Winning again, the Mu family is too fierce!”

“I knew that the Cai family would lose, but I didn’t expect the Cai family to lose so badly!”

“That is, it’s too embarrassing to be dressed in two!”

“This counts What, it may be worn three times in a moment, that is the real embarrassment. ”

” It seems that this time the Cai family can only find the place on Wendou. ”

” However, the weight of Wendou has always Heavier than the fighting. The Cai family still has the possibility of victory! ”

” Wendou is heavy, but don’t lose too much in the fighting, otherwise it is too ugly. ”

” Moreover, the Mujia invited a guest. . In Wendou, you do n’t have to lose. ”

……… In the

voice of discussion, Mu Tianhan and others on the wooden floor smiled brighter. On the other side, Cai Xiyuan’s indifferent complexion finally changed. He waved his hands and nodded to the housekeeper. He said, “Please come out!”

With Cai Xiyuan’s words, the Caijia Lantern, the rest of the original The famous warrior retreated, but came up with a tall man.

The man had a black hood on his head and could not see his face clearly.

But from the movement of his hands in his pockets, as well as the wagging walking posture, he was very relaxed, and he didn’t seem to put the burly man on the opposite side in his eyes.

Such a situation suddenly made everyone on the scene stunned, and the discussion came out.

“Cai’s substitutions, is it still possible?”

“Aren’t you locals? Wudou can make a temporary substitution, but it’s not something that is only now. It was like this more than ten years ago. There can be a chance for a temporary substitution. This is a rule that everyone has agreed on. It is normal for the Cai family to do this. ”

” Who does the Cai family change? Can’t see the face at all, is it a master? ”

” Should it be! Otherwise, he will not be replaced at this critical moment! ”

“So, there is hope for the Cai family to make a comeback?”

“What do you want again? Make a comeback? How is that possible? The Cai family wants to make a comeback now, so you have to wear three suits, and the Mujia warriors are not vegetarian. In my opinion, the temporary substitutions of the Cai family just want to defeat at least one other warrior, so as not to let themselves lose too ugly. ”

” It should be like this, after all, the Cai family is inferior in martial arts, and everyone has been aware of it. ”


buzz, the wooden house burly man staring across the hood male, Chen Sheng said:. “take off your hat, I do not hide the head shrink the brain of a test of people”

across the hood male Gee smile, issue With a mocking laughter: “You still Let me qualify hat off! ” ”

You – “burly man instant rage, thunder stepping out directly attacked,” That which I will knock you, and then personally take off your hat. ”

This time, The burly man seemed to be really angry, struggling step by step, shaking the big light boat.


The fist of the burly man hit hard.

The hooded man on the opposite side, facing this powerful punch, did not dodge any movement, but sneered and directly reached up with his hand.

“Fight against me, you are looking for death!” The burly man shouted sharply.

Immediately, the fists of the two sides collided together. Immediately afterwards, a surprising scene happened.

The hooded man’s fist turned into a palm immediately after the collision, grabbing the burly man’s fist. Then, a huge force struck and directly lifted the burly man.

The hooded man treated the burly man like a wooden stick. He hurled up in the air, and finally threw it away, throwing it away like a shell, hitting the light house of the wooden house and banging and breaking many decorative objects.

Immediately, the hood man’s footsteps lightened a little, and the whole person jumped up instantly, fell on the Mujia Lantern, and stepped on the burly man. He said lightly: “You, lose!”

Although the burly man was unwilling, but After struggling a few times, I found that I couldn’t break away. In the end, he could only bow his head sadly, and said, “I lost.” The

hooded man kicked the burly man away, looked at the two remaining Mujia warriors, and sneered: “Now, it’s your turn. ”

Such a scene, it is really not expected by everyone. They may think that the warrior put on by Cai Jiaxin can win, but they did not expect that he won in such a neat and even crushing way, and gave the burly man only one move. Crushed.

You know, this burly man is called Mumeng, and as a martial artist, he has reached the level of Xuan level peak, and he is a member of Mujia and even the whole Ze province. The hood man can crush the wood fiercely, and his strength level may have reached the prefecture level.

This really made everyone a little unexpected, the waves suddenly started, and there was a heated discussion on the spot.

On the wooden floor, Cai Xiyuan, who had not been shocked and had no expression change, at the moment a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, glanced at Mu Tianhan’s side, and then returned his gaze.

Mu Tianhan, who had been confident and smiling before, saw his face slightly dignified.

He paused and said to the housekeeper around him: “Let Mulong go ahead, this game must win. This is a dead order, you know!” The

housekeeper nodded and turned around.

When people around me heard this, their expressions changed slightly, and each had their own thoughts.

Many people familiar with the Mu Family know that this Mulong is Mu Tianhan’s left arm and right arm. In addition to Mu Tianhan, Mujia is the only prefecture master.

Originally, under normal circumstances, the strongest wooden dragon must have been arranged in the third appearance to deal with the Cai master.

But now, the person that the other party put on temporarily seems to be a prefect. This made Mu Tianhan have to disrupt the plan, and replaced Mulong in advance to cope with the Cai family’s offensive.

Although worried, Mu Tianhan was very confident in Mulong.

Although Mulong is only the initial level of the prefecture level, in fact, he has reached this level for five years. The strength is sharpened and the foundation is solid. There is not much distance from the mid-level realm.

It can even be said that in the face of some general prefecture mid-level warriors, Mulong can also defeat each other.

Above Mujia Lantern, Mu Tianhan’s order was conveyed over there. Mulong stood up step by step, met the hooded man, and said coldly: “Next, it’s me who fights you.”

With Mulong’s appearance, the audience warmed up and the atmosphere was Instantly skyrocketed.

“Mulong is here, and Mujia is also a little anxious.”

“I don’t think it’s necessary, but Mu Tianhan wants to be more safe!”

“Mulong’s appearance, it means that this is a battle between two prefecture masters.”



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