MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1492



Mu Qianying nodded and said: “We Mu Family and Cai Family will compete in all aspects. On the festival of lights, it is mainly divided into Wendou and Wudou. Now what is going on is Wudou, each of which sends three martial artists, Compete in turn. ”

” Finally, the three warriors on either side lose first, then the other side will live victoriously and win the battle. Correspondingly, the losing side will pay the corresponding price afterwards. ”

Chen Feiting Finished, my heart is clear. The fighting on the Lantern Boat seems to be that the two have exchanged private battles in such an open way.

“Are Uncle Mu confident?” Chen Fei glanced at Mu Tianhan and then asked Mu Qianying.

Mentioning this, Mu Qianying smiled and said: “In Wendou, my Mujia may not be as good as the Cai family, but in Wudou, my Mujia is still confident. In the past ten years, our Mujia is in Wudou In terms of items, they have always won, and the Cai family has no chance. ”

Chen Fei listened and could not help but nodded, understanding in his heart. Although the Cai family is more powerful than the Mu family in the political and business sectors, after all, the Mu family is a century-old martial art family, and Mu Tianhan also values ​​the development of martial arts, so it is normal to outperform the Cai family.

Just when Chen Fei asked, the warriors on the two lightships simply greeted each other and immediately started the competition.

The first appearance of the Mu family was a burly warrior in his thirties. He had a strong tendon, Kong Wu was powerful, and his legs slammed on the deck of the light ship. The whole person jumped up and jumped directly to ten. On the deck of the Cai family light ship, many meters away. The tremendous impact caused the entire lightship to shake.

The Mujia Warrior’s performance immediately caused a cheer, and the scene became warm.

After all, Mujia took the initiative to attack, and jumped on the other side of the light boat for the test. This is definitely a confident performance.

“The fighting is about to start, there is a good show.”

“Quickly adjust the camera and shoot the video.”

“You said, who will win this time?”

“It must be said that it must be Mujia! Mujia has won the battle for more than ten years.” a. ” ”

that is, there is wood home advantage in resorting to violence, Tsai has an advantage in Wendou. Many years, it has always been this pattern. ” ”

However, this pattern may change ah! ” ”

how to say ? ”

” In the case of the Cai family, the Mu family seems to be going further. Maybe it will be over the Wen family, and it will overwhelm the Cai family. ”

” It is possible, but in terms of Wen family, the Cai family’s advantage seems to be very Big, it ’s difficult for Mujia! ”“ It

’s very difficult! But I heard that this time, Master Mu invited a distinguished person to come over and help, maybe there is a chance to overwhelm the Cai family. ”

……… in the

numerous arguments, Above the Cai Family Lantern, the burly man of Mu Family smiled with a confident expression. “Which of you, Cai Family, come first!” The

three martial artists of the Cai family glanced at each other, and their expressions seemed a little serious. The man stepped out and said, “I will meet you.”

“You! This year it has improved and reached the late Xuan level. However, you still have no chance to play against me. “The burly man said confidently.

The middle-aged man across the Cai family heard the words, and his expression became serious. At a glance, the other party saw

his realm of martial arts, which for him was undoubtedly a huge psychological oppression.

He gritted his teeth fiercely, and the middle-aged man snorted and jumped out of his body.

Seeing this, the burly man of Mujia shook his head, then squeezed his fist and shocked. Suddenly, the two sides fought together, and a crackling sound rang.

The sound of fist to flesh, and the constant sound of real-aura collision, under the light of the gorgeous lights of the light ship, the two people’s battle became more intense and splendid, winning a burst of cries, the scene was very lively.

After fighting for about five minutes, Mujia’s burly man smiled at the corner of his mouth and shook his head: “I’ve played enough, and then it’s time to end.”

Immediately, in the stunned eyes of the other middle-aged man, the burly man thundered Stepping out, he punched out fiercely.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise, and the middle-aged man was directly shot out, his body flew straight out like a shell, smashed the wooden ship’s side, and he flew out of the light ship, and fell into the river with a puff, causing a shock. sound.

Although someone in the Cai family immediately went into the water, the middle-aged man was rescued without danger to his life. But the result of such a disastrous defeat still made everyone unaware that the sound of various discussions buzzed.

“The Cai family was defeated again, and the fighting still had the same result!”

“I thought about it long ago, but I didn’t expect that the Cai family was even worse than last year, and the strength is weaker. Is the Cai family really no one?” ? ” ”

after all happened and Cai Cai Caesar the things Han, defeated Tsai, also a normal thing. ” ”

now the key is how, in the end who can beat Cai Jiawu several wooden home Warrior it! ”


buzz Not so nice. When it reached the wooden floor, the expressions of Mu Tianhan and other Mu family members became obviously happy and excited.

On the other side of the Cai family, Cai Xiyuan and Cai Hai looked as usual, and did not seem to be affected by the defeat of Cai Jiawu.

At this moment, the Cai family light ship, the comparison continues.

The Mujia strong and brave man just now continued fighting. This time, the Cai family responded to a thin woman. The woman was flexible and fast, relying on the advantage of speed, and constantly circling around the burly man. She attacked from time to time, leaving a blood mark on the burly man.

After a few minutes, the burly man’s body was stained with blood, and the situation looked bad.

Just when everyone thought that Cai Jiawu had a chance this time, the burly man touched the blood at the corner of his mouth and looked at the flexible woman on the opposite side. The corner of the mouth raised, revealing a grin. It’s time for me to be real. ”

” You— “The other woman’s expression made her suffocated, a little surprised and stunned.

After a short period of sluggishness, she immediately recovered and continued to jump, dodge the attack of the burly man.

But the burly man seized this opportunity and launched it instantly, the big fist of the bowl banged out, and the majestic true breath directly locked the woman’s movement track, so that she could not escape at all.

In the end, in the frightened eyes of the woman, the burly man’s fist accurately bombarded the woman’s abdomen, and the huge force brought the woman’s body into the air, crashed into the deck with a bang, and fell into the cabin , Causing a riot of cries.

“I, won again!” The burly man smiled in the corner of his mouth, his expression on his face was very proud.


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