MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1491



It must be said that this Canglang Lantern Festival is really good. All kinds of exquisite lanterns and all kinds of gorgeous performances are very attractive.

On this occasion, many couples on both sides of the river bank took pictures and even knelt on one knee to beg for marriage. The scene was very lively and warm.

Chen Fei’s wooden building is in an excellent location, and the performances they watched are better, which can be said to be a good visual experience.

After a visual bombing, the lights at the scene gradually dimmed, and the scene slowly returned to calm.

“Is the Lantern Festival coming to an end? So fast?” Just when Chen Fei was puzzled, the flashing lights above the river slowly approached towards this side.

The guests on both sides of the river bank were excited when they saw it, cheering one by one, the scene became lively again.

As the lights approached, Chen Fei also saw clearly. Those lights flashing on the river surface were beautifully decorated light boats.

The light boat is decorated with various shapes and themes, and it is colorful and eye-catching on the river.

As each lightship approached, a group of people on both sides of the strait gave a warm cheer.

“What’s going on?” Chen Feizheng felt a little strange, and Mu Qianying was aware of Chen Fei’s doubts next to him, pointing to the flying flags on the bow of the ship, and to Chen Feidao, “Brother Chen, look at those flags!”

Chen Fei fixed his eyes. Look, I just noticed that on the bow of every light ship, there was a waving flag. The flags are marked with names similar to “Zehuang Huangjia”, “Zechang Changwu Group” and “Zejiang Business Association”.

“This, these lanterns, are not officially organized?” Chen Fei looked at Mu Qianying.

Mu Qianying nodded and introduced Chen Fei: “The Lantern is not officially unified, but is arranged by each well-known power unit in Ze province.”

“Because there are many people participating in the Lantern Festival every year, and the number of Lanterns Limited. Therefore, it is not a simple force to get a light boat on the Canglang River in the Festival of Lights. ”

” To a certain extent, these light ships can be regarded as an advertisement of these forces, but also a variety of forces. An occasion to compete with each other. ”

After listening to Mu Qianying’s introduction, Chen Fei nodded and understood.

It turns out that this Festival of Lights is not a festival of pure play, but also a variety of forces and competitions.

Thinking of this, Chen Fei could not help but look at Mu Tianhan and Cai Xiyuan, and asked Mu Qianying: “Mu Jia and Cai Jia also prepared the corresponding light ship?”

Mu Qianying nodded and whispered: “My dad A lot of preparations have been made for this festival of lights. The Cai family is also over there. “The words

just fell, and a burst of warm cheers suddenly broke out in the field, instantly attracting all the attention of the scene.

Chen Fei looked up and saw that in the river ahead, two huge light ships approached slowly.

The various lightships have been gorgeous and delicate just now, but compared with these two lightships, they are immediately inferior.

The first is the size. The two lamp captains are more than thirty meters long, nearly ten meters wide, and more than ten meters high. The part on the water has three floors, like two tall buildings that suddenly appeared on the Canglang River.

In terms of the gorgeousness and exquisiteness of the decoration,

These two lightships are also significantly better than the previous lightships. All kinds of expensive materials and exquisite patterns are perfectly suitable for decorating the light boat. Together with the exquisite lighting, the whole light boat is rendered into a huge mobile palace, which is amazing.

From an overall perspective, the two lightships also spent a lot of thought.

One of the lantern ships was decorated in a dragon shape as a whole, just like a giant dragon about to leap into the sky. It was impressive and impressive.

The other light ship is an image of a majestic mountain, magnificent and magnificent, giving a oppressive momentum, it seems to be able to press down everything.

“These two lightships should be Mujia and Caijia’s lightships!” Chen Fei guessed, and then his eyes fell on the banner of the bow, which soon confirmed his mind.

The dragon-shaped lantern is from the Mu family, while the mountain-shaped lantern is from the Cai family.

With the advent of the two lanterns, the atmosphere on the scene became more and more heated, and various arguments rang out.

Ordinary passers-by discussed the exquisiteness and magnificence of the light ship, and some people who knew the situation began to analyze the situation on the spot.

“The Cai family and the Mu family are worthy of our No. 1 and No. 2 families in Ze province. The light ship’s appearance is different. It’s shocking.”

“The No. 1 and No. 2 families are right, but this time, who is the No. 1 One, who is the second is a bit uncertain. ”

” What do you mean? ”

” Isn’t that clear? A few days ago, Cai Xize, the head of the Cai family, and Cai Han, the young master, died for some reason, and the Cai family was not damaged. .Mujia took this opportunity to want to rise and overwhelmed Cai. ”

” Looking at Mujia’s lantern, the soaring dragon shape clearly shows Mu Tianhan’s ambition! ”

“To put it this way, the shape of the giant mountain over the Cai family also shows the determination of the Cai family to suppress everything. It seems that the two are going to confront each other.”

“That’s for sure, these two The Festival of Lights will be confronted. It’s just that it wasn’t as intense as before. This time, it seems that there is a good show. ”

… …

The sound of disturbing arguments came over and fell into the ears of the three-story wooden building.

Everyone knows these things well, but no one has pointed out this. But one by one pretending to be unseen, talking and laughing with a smile in the corner of the mouth, maintaining a superficial harmony.

However, when the two lightships traveled to both sides of the front of Hexinyu, the speed gradually slowed down, and finally stopped at the oblique front of both sides of Hexinyu. The eyes of everyone on the three-story wooden floor could not help but change a little.

Mu Tianhan and Cai Xiyuan glanced at each other with a slight stern look, then withdrew their eyes and their expressions became serious.

Among the gangsters in the middle of the province, they walked out a gray-haired old man, glanced at each side, and then said aloud: “It’s almost time, since this is the case, this year’s lantern festival competition, you can Started. ”

With the voice of the white-haired old man, Mu Tianhan and Cai Xiyuan nodded almost simultaneously, waved their hands, and said,” It’s time to start. ”

With their voices, Chen Fei immediately saw that the two Three figures appeared on the light boat. These silhouettes are all short and short, with muscles on their bodies, exuding a true sense of vitality. At first glance, they are powerful warriors.

“This is a contest?” Chen Fei saw this and looked at Mu Qianying with a little surprise.


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