MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1490



Paused, wood Qian Ying continued: “In order to fill the gaps in this regard, my dad went out deliberately trip, the acquaintance of many years Zheng Qin Shi Zheng Bobo invited to come.”

“Zheng Bobo is co-president of the Southern Provinces Chamber of Commerce, At the same time, he also served as a standing committee member of the Zhejiang Provincial Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He has a good influence in the political and business circles. If our Mujia is supported by the Zheng family, we can make up for the weaknesses, overwhelm the Cai family, and eventually recapture the first family in the provincial capital. location. ”

Chen Fei listened, nodded, he understood wood Tianhan idea, but some could not understand her daughter do Tianhan wood chips move, so some question asked,” in order to get the Cheng Support, so your dad asked you to get engaged to that Zheng Kun? ”

Mu Qianying heard that and shook his head:” Actually, my dad didn’t force me. At the beginning, my dad never thought about the engagement. It was only after Uncle Zheng and Zheng Kun arrived at my house two days ago that the next day, Uncle Zheng proposed to my dad. ”

” Uncle Zheng was only a proposal, and my dad did not directly agree, but said that he and I Zheng Kunzai Get along with it, and so we are familiar with the talk! ” ”

I do not feel anything for Zheng Kun, and later to find someone to find out a bit Zheng Kun reputation locally, it seems not very good, especially in terms of male-female relationships. This coupled with Zheng Kun I ’ve been haunting me for a few days, and I want to do

something with me from time to time, so frivolous. So, I do n’t want to get engaged with him at all. But my dad was worried about the relationship between the two of us, so I waited and waited until the end of the Festival of Lights to mention this matter. ”

” My family didn’t refuse, and as a result, Zheng Kun thought he had agreed and thought that I like him. I usually move my hands more often, and even wanted to ask me to go out and drink alone last night. ”

Hearing this, Chen Fei understood the whole thing.

This so-called engagement is just a statement from both fathers, and there is no confirmation at all.

The Mujia side, considering the relationship, did not immediately refuse. On the other hand, Zheng Kun was too proud, thinking that Mu Qianying didn’t directly refuse, just like herself, so she started to move more and more frequently.

To understand this, Chen Fei patted Mu Qianying’s head lightly and said: “Qianying, don’t grieve yourself. If you have any ideas, just make it clear. If your father is in trouble, wait, let me go Tell him. ”

Mu Qianying nodded with a smile and said ,” Brother Chen, thank you. But it’s okay, just wait tonight. ”

After that, several people continued to shop for a while. , Suddenly, a huge and bright fireworks exploded in the air, all of them attracted all eyes.

Seeing this, Mu Qianying said to Chen Fei: “Brother Chen, the Lantern Festival is about to begin. Let’s go back to Mulou. You can see it most clearly over there.”

So, several people immediately returned to where Mulou was. In the wooden building, many people have gathered at the moment, but obviously, everyone still determines their position according to their status. The higher the status, the higher the floor.

Chen Fei and several of them returned to the third floor. Compared with the empty space just now, there were obviously more people on the third floor at the moment.

Among them, the piece centered on Mu Tianhan is mainly the people of Mu Family and the VIPs invited by Mu Tianhan.

On the opposite side of the Mu family, it is the gathering place of the Cai family. Mainly the current Cai family owner Cai Xiyuan and guests invited by the Cai family.

In the middle, they are the top gangsters in various industries in the province, and they are also the witnesses of this festival of lights.

Chen Fei and they returned to the Mujia crowd. Zheng Kun’s eyes suddenly looked at him badly, and he made a disgruntled cold hum.

Zheng Qinshi also turned his eyes and said with a touch of official tone: “Qianying and Mr. Chen are back, just have a good time below!”

This is nothing, but with Zheng Kun’s expression, you can see Zheng Father and son’s displeasure and questioning.

Seeing Mu Tianhan on the side, his face could not help changing, looking at Mu Qianying, Shen Sheng said: “Qianying, what did you do just now,

I apologize to Zheng Kun and Uncle Zheng.” ” I- “Mu Qianying was a little surprised, and she seemed a bit dull for a while.

Chen Fei frowned, and there was a little displeasure between his eyebrows. He lifted his legs and stepped out, ready to solve the matter. Even if he offended Mu Tianhan, Chen Fei didn’t care. He didn’t want Mu Qianying to be wronged.

But before Chen Fei stepped out, Mu Qianying pulled Chen Fei’s sleeves, a pair of water-spiritual eyes looked at Chen Fei, shook his head gently, bit his lip, “Brother Chen, I’m fine ”

Then, Mu Qianying walked towards Zheng Qinshi and Zheng Kun, bowed his head and apologized:” Uncle Zheng, Zheng Kun. Just now I was wayward and accidentally offended Brother Kun, I apologize to you. ”

Wen Yan, Zheng Kun’s face There was a look of complacency on the face, and she deliberately looked over to Chen Fei, Mei Fei Se Wu raised her eyebrows, and then took the initiative to support Mu Qianying, and said: “Sister Qianying does not need to apologize, it is no big deal, I have forgiven you ”

Zheng Qinshi on the side also smiled and looked at Mu Tianhan, and said,” It’s normal for a child to be noisy and a little bit emotional, which little couple is not like this, and finally come together Okay. ”

” It’s just that the matter of the two people is still handled by themselves. It is unnecessary for outsiders to intervene. “When Zheng Qinshi said the following sentence, his eyes deliberately looked at Chen Fei, with a look The color of warning.

Seeing this, Chen Fei narrowed his eyes, not taking Zheng Qinshi’s warning to heart. Instead, he looked at Mu Qianying, revealing encouragement.

At this moment, the atmosphere seemed a bit embarrassing. Mu Tianhan made a haha ​​and smiled: “Look, the festival of lights begins.”

So, the eyes of a group of people looked at Canglang River.

At this moment the night had come completely, and all the exquisite and gorgeous lanterns on both sides of the Canglang River were lit up.

Different shapes of lanterns, combined with colorful lights, create a splendid and magnificent world of lights.

The lights on the shore are reflected in the river surface, and together with the gorgeous fireworks in the sky, the entire Canglang River has become a colorful world, lively and beautiful.

In addition to the exquisite flower lanterns, the use of modern high-tech also allows traditional flower lanterns to play a new trick. There are various lanterns floating along the river, and there are arrays of lanterns constructed by drones in the air, constantly changing various shapes, which is dazzling and amazing.

The guests under the wooden building and on both sides of the river bank were so excited to see such a beautiful scene, cheering and shouting, and even the sound of taking pictures.


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