MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1489



At this time, Zheng Kun and Cai Hai had already clashed with each other, perhaps in order to show themselves in front of Mu Qianying. Zheng Kun’s words were very active, he took the initiative, and his speech was fierce.

However, the opposite Cai Hai’s expression was indifferent, and even took the initiative to give in, without directly conflicting with Zheng Kun.

Instead, he pointed his finger at Mu Qianying and said coldly: “Mu Qianying, the death of my cousin and uncle, and your father and daughter can not be separated. Our Cai family, we will not give up.”

Cai Hai obviously didn’t know that Chen Fei was the one who directly beheaded Cai Xize and Cai Han, but only knew that the death of the two was related to Mujia, so the goal was aimed at Mu Qianying.

Wood Qian Ying heard this, his face showing a touch of anger, the channel: “.. Cai sea, I do not care how you Tsai wooden home but I have a clear conscience, how you want, then we will all wood home,”

“all Then? The words are pretty good, but I’m afraid you Mujia can’t take it! Hum! “After that, Cai Hai snorted heavily, and then turned and left with his party.

After hearing this, Mu Qianying’s expression sank, and there was a worry in his eyebrows.

The Cai family has developed very well over the years, especially in the political and business sectors. The acquaintance has met many nobles, and has overwhelmed the Mu family in terms of power, becoming the first family in the provincial capital.

If it was before, Mujia and Caijia had a hard time, it is most likely that Mujia would lose.

But this time the Cai family changed, the owner and the young died, and the family was in turmoil. Under such circumstances, if there is a conflict between the two sides, the probability of the Mujia winning will increase a lot.

However, it is just a possibility. No one is sure what the final result will be.

Perhaps it is also because of this that Mu Tianhan used his relationship for many years and invited his old friend Zheng Qinshi to cheer himself.

At the moment, Zheng Kun obviously thinks the same way. He quickly got up and said to Mu Qianying: “Qianying, don’t worry. My dad and I are here. We will definitely help Mujia defeat Cai’s this time. You Despite your peace of mind. ”

Mu Qianying ’s mood was not too high, but after all Zheng Kun was talking for himself, so he smiled politely and nodded his gratitude:“ Well, thank you Uncle Zheng and Zheng Shao. ”

“ Qianying, so What you do politely, just call me Brother Kun or Akun. “Zheng Kun pursued by victory,” Yes, Qianying, what did you and I have mentioned before, how did you think about it? ”

Mu Qianying looked at this matter. After sinking, his expression was a bit unnatural, and he said, “This, this, I still need to think about it. And my dad’s side,

he– ” Zheng Kun heard the words, with a look of anxiety on his face, a little excited: “Qianying, what are you still hesitating? Is there something I don’t like to you? Tell me, I will correct it immediately.”

“Zheng Kun, I, I am not–” Mu Qianying’s words flashed a little.

Zheng Kun became more and more excited, and when he reached out, he grabbed Mu Qianying’s hand. “Qianying, I really like you. I always think of you as my goddess. I want to be with you in my dreams.”

” Besides, we have such a good relationship between the Zheng family and the Mu family. We are very good for the two together. “Zheng Kun was a little excited.

Mu Qianying’s expression dodged more and more, stepped back, and avoided the big hand that Zheng Kun stretched out. He said: “Zheng Kun, I, I’m too young, these things, I didn’t think about it. I— ”

” Qianying, you don’t know me yet. We will contact and you will love me. “Zheng Kun took the initiative to approach again, ready to start again.

Mu Qianying had retreated to the railing at this moment, and there was no retreat, and his expression panicked for a moment. Seeing to be embraced by Zheng Kun.

At this moment, Chen Fei stepped forward and appeared in front of Mu Qianying, blocking Zheng Kun, and said coldly: “Zheng Shao, you are so kind to a girl, there is not enough grace.”

Zheng Kun saw Chen Fei, could not help but frown, Shen said: “What are you doing? Qianying is my fiancee, I am closer to her, what does it have to do with you?”

Chen Fei heard, and couldn’t help but sink.

While Mu Qianying looked at Chen Fei, he quickly explained: “No, it ’s not. I

’m not engaged to him, I ’m not his fiancee.” “Qianying, my dad and your dad have already mentioned That ’s something sooner or later, there ’s nothing embarrassing. ”Zheng Kun said, stepping over again, wanting to dial away Chen Fei and approach Mu Qianying.

But Chen Fei side of the body, again stopped Zheng Kun, cold channel: “.. Transnatured, Qian Ying has said that she is not your fiancee, at least not now, I think, some of you still own weight as well,”

San Francisco After being blocked twice, Zheng Kun was really angry. He rolled up his sleeves, stared at Chen Fei, and said in a deep voice: “When will it be your turn for Zheng Kun’s affairs. Get away!”

Chen Fei The expression also sank and sneered, “Are you sure you want to do it with me?” While

talking, Chen Fei’s right hand fell on the railing on the shore. Immediately removed, suddenly left a clear palm print on the steel pipe of the railing.

Upon seeing this, Zheng Kun couldn’t help but stunned him, and he woke up instantly, his face showing horror, and he stepped back and forth a few steps.

At this moment, he only remembered that Chen Fei was a kung fu warrior. It was through martial arts that he rescued Mu Tianhan and Mu Qianying once, and he was treated respectfully by Mu Tianhan.

Competing with Chen Fei for his fighting strength, he Zheng Kun can’t be Chen Fei’s opponent.

Of course, in Zheng Kun’s view, no matter how strong the martial arts strength is, it is only a thug, and the real masters never need to do it by themselves.

So, at this moment, Zheng Kun backed away and looked at Chen Fei coldly, gritting his teeth and said, “I remember you. When the lights are over, I will let you know that I am offended.”

Then, Zheng Kun looked at the wood deeply Qian Ying glanced, then turned and walked away.

Looking at the back of Zheng Kun’s departure, Mu Qianying’s eyes showed a touch of worry, and then lowered his head to Chen Fei said: “Brother Chen, I’m sorry, it’s because I’m not good, just let

you– ” Chen Fei shook his head and reached out to touch Zheng Kun. ‘S head, said softly: “Qianying, don’t apologize, you did nothing wrong. Also, what is the matter with you and Zheng Kun?”

Mentioning this, Mu Qianying’s expression couldn’t help but be ashamed Then, he sighed and said: “Our Mu family has been suppressed by the Cai family for more than a decade, and it has become more and more difficult to mix in the provincial capital. This time the Cai family suffered a change, and it happened to be the Festival of Lights. Dad wanted to take this opportunity to overwhelm the Cai family and recapture the position of the first family in the provincial capital. ”

” It’s just that the position of the first family needs a stable position and needs the support of all aspects of strength. There is confidence in the martial arts to win the Cai family. But its influence in business politics and other aspects has a certain gap from the Cai family. ”


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