MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1488



Mu Tianhan didn’t notice the different eyes of Chen Fei and Zheng Kun, and he introduced them to each other with a smile on their faces.

It was Mu Qianying, who could vaguely perceive the change in their emotions, so he said: “Dad, two days ago, Brother Chen and Zheng Shao met, we already know each other.”

“Oh, I already knew, That would be better. “Mu Tianhan smiled, then respectfully invited Chen Feidao,” Mr. Chen, please come in. ”

Then, in the eyes of everyone, Mu Tianhan invited Chen Fei to the seat of the Eight Immortals table and waited After Chen Fei sat down, Mu Tianhan greeted everyone to sit down.

Although he took the initiative to let Zheng Qinshi sit in the left hand position of the upper seat, he sat in the lower right hand position. But on the whole, the position of Chen Fei as a young man sitting above the two gangsters is a bit strange.

The guests on the other tables couldn’t help squinting one by one at this moment, they didn’t know what they thought of.

Although Zheng Qinshi still has a smile on his face, there are still a few flashes of strange colors in it, which are almost imperceptible.

If Zheng Qinshi’s strange expression is difficult to detect, then Zheng Kun’s unpleasant expression at this moment is more obvious.

He followed his father for a long time in the officialdom and shopping malls. He has long been accustomed to paying attention to the respect and humility in various occasions. Whether it is the order of the seats toast, or even a simple name or the order of names, it is likely to affect To the other party ’s opinion of themselves.

Because of this, their father and son also value these things very seriously.

This time, Mu Tianhan invited their father and son to come over to support the waist. As a result, when arranging the seat, Chen Fei, such a hairy boy, was seated in the seat, and Zheng Qinshi was seated under Chen Fei.

If this is in the official mall, it is taboo.

If it weren’t for his father to wink at him secretly, Zheng Kun might have exploded directly on the scene.

Chen Fei noticed the changes in the emotions of the father and son of the Zheng family, and sighed in his heart, feeling that he did not want to find trouble, but trouble always seemed to come up on his own.

Mu Tianhan obviously did not pay attention to these small details. Although Mujia is also a wealthy family in Ze province, Mujia is a martial art family after all. Mu Tianhan is a warrior. His usual thoughts are not in these aspects. Naturally, he will not think so. many.

After a few people sat down, Mu Tianhan took the initiative to toast and greet him. The first toast was Chen Fei, which made the faces of Zheng’s father and son even more ugly.

After some toasting and chatting, Mu Tianhan drank his cheeks red, thanking Chen Fei again. Then he said to Zheng Qin: “Brother Zheng, we are old friends who have known each other for more than 30 years. This time, please invite Brother Zheng to come over, and I have to trouble Brother Zheng to help. I am here, I would like to thank Brother Zheng.”

After that, Mu Tianhan took the initiative to dry a glass of wine, his face glowed with red light. Put down the glass, and then said: “Brother Zheng, the things I mentioned to you

before- ” Zheng Qinshi heard the words and actively interrupted Mu Tianhan’s words, saying: “Brother, those things, let’s talk privately!

” Yes, yes— “Mu Tianhan nodded quickly.

Seeing this, Chen Fei knew that they had something to talk about, plus he didn’t have much interest in this kind of wine, so he got up and said: “Mu Jiazhu, if you have anything, just talk first. I’ll go and turn around first. a. ” ”

he is, all right, and I Zhengxiong do not worry, you – “wood Tianhan know the identity of Chen Fei-day master class, naturally he is very respected, almost without thinking on the open road.

The side of Zheng Qinshi heard the words, could not help but narrowed his eyes slightly.

And Chen Fei did not want to continue drinking, thinking about how to speak. At this time, Mu Qianying pulled Mu Tianhan’s arm and smiled and said: “Dad, you drink too much! Brother Chen is here to see the lights, you pull him to accompany you to drink, let Brother Chen how to play ah “The

daughter reminded me that Mu Tianhan recovered, and quickly patted his forehead:” Yes, yes, I was confused, confused. Mr. Chen, you go down to play. Or, I will send a The guide is for you. ”

” Dad, with my guide here, what more guide! “Mu Qianying pouted, and then took the initiative to walk to Chen Fei, to Chen Fei Road,” Brother Chen, let’s go play. ”

Another On the one hand, Zheng Qinshi saw this and glanced at his son Zheng Kun. He said, “Kun’er, you should also be with Qianying. You are all young people and have fun together, we old guys will not participate. ”

Well, Dad!” Zheng Kun responded and walked to Mu Qianying immediately.

Zheng Qinshi looked at Mu Tianhan and said with a smile: “Brother, let’s find a place, let’s talk!” The

two big brothers went to talk about private matters, and Chen Fei and his party came down from the wooden building. Led by Mu Qianying, they played around.

Almost all of Mu Qianying snuggled with Chen Fei all the way, constantly introducing Chen Fei to various lanterns and the traditions and stories of the Festival of Lights.

Instead, Zheng Kun, who was beside Mu Qianying, seemed to be an optional tail, which seemed a little redundant.

This situation made Zheng Kun’s face even more ugly, and looked at Chen Fei’s eyes, a bit cold and resentful.

Several people came to a huge lotus lantern, Mu Qianying was excited to introduce Chen Fei to the tradition of the lantern ship, but at this moment, a group of people walked across from him, and suddenly let Mu Qianying’s face flick and dance. Down.

“Qianying, what’s wrong?” Chen Fei asked with concern.

Mu Qianying pointed to a group of people across from him and said, “Cai Family is here!”

“Cai Family!” Hearing this, Chen Fei couldn’t help but think of Cai Xize and Cai Han who were beheaded by himself, his eyes narrowed slightly. .

On the side of Zheng Kun, his eyes lit up, and he seemed to have found an opportunity. He quickly took the initiative to stand up and said to Mu Qianying: “Qianying, don’t worry. With me here, the Cai family dare not treat you!”

Immediately, Zheng Kun took the lead, took the initiative to take a step, and met the young man who was 26 or 7 years old across the road, and said: “Hai Shao also came to see the refining light boat!”

The man opposite saw Zheng Kun, his eyes narrowed suddenly, and he said, “Who am I talking about, it was Zheng Shao!” The

two men confronted each other. Later, Mu Qianying introduced Chen Fei, “Brother Chen, opposite The man was named Cai Hai, and he was the cousin of Cai Han, the younger Cai Cai. Because the original Cai Xizen was dead, Cai Xize ’s younger brother, Cai Xiyuan, who was Cai Xize ’s father, took over.

“Cai Hai is now the head of the Cai family, his status has risen, and his personal spirit has risen.”

“So it is!” Chen Fei said, nodding his head.


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