MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1487



Now, on this occasion, he was asked to apologize to Chen Fei, an unknown kid, in the presence of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands.

If this is done, his old Xu face, where to put it in the future, I am afraid that there will be no face mixed in the circle.

Thinking of this, Curator Xu said to Mu Qianying: “Ms. Mu, I know the owner of Mu, and I am considered a friend. I did make a mistake in this matter, and I will pay back later. But now, it is not early Let ’s still advance to Hexinyu Island! ”

He wanted to procrastinate deliberately, slowly turning things from big to small.

But then, a thick voice sounded, completely dispelling the curiosity of Curator Xu.

“You and I are friends? Why don’t I know!” After the

words, a burly 40- to 50-year-old middle-aged man wrinkled step by step and looked seriously at Curator Xu.

When Curator Xu saw the man, his face froze in an instant, “Wood, Mu Family Master. You, why are you here? I, I–”

“Someone calls me a friend, and bears my name against me. Friend. How can I not come to such a thing! “Mu Tianhan Shen Sheng asked.

That kind of mighty warrior’s coercion instantly made Xu Guan’s head sweaty and almost paralyzed.

And Liu Chang captured another meaning in the curator Xu ’s words, “True friend, would n’t that mean—”

As Liu Chang looked at Chen Fei, Mu Tianhan and Mu Qianying’s father and daughter , Toward Chen Fei.

Mu Qianying jumped over with a smile, and leaned over to Chen Fei, “Brother Chen, I’m sorry, I’m late and made you feel wronged.”

Immediately, Mu Tianhan also came over and bowed slightly, Actively reached out and greeted: “Mr. Chen, you are here.”

Chen Fei reached out and shook hands with Mu Tianhan, said lightly: “Uncle Mu doesn’t need to be so polite, just continue to call me Xiao Chen.”

Mu Tianhan nodded, then looked at Chen Mochi and Chen Ziling, another greeting.

Others looked at this scene with shock. They originally thought that Chen Fei was Mu Tianhan’s friend, which was enough shock. But looking at the current situation, it seems that Mu Tianhan respects Chen Fei very much.

This is shocking and reverie. Many people began to secretly guess Chen Fei’s identity and background.

On the other side, Curator Xu and Liu Chang looked stupid at this time, and the whole person was stunned. The body seemed to be frozen, stiff in place and completely unable to move.

“Xiao Chen, what’s going on?” After greetings, Mu Tianhan pointed to Curator Xu and asked Chen Fei.

Chen Fei said indifferently: “It’s not a big deal, but there was some conflict with them two days ago. They used their power to suppress people and want to do something wrong. I was taught a lesson and now I want to retaliate.”

“What!” Mu Tianhan immediately His face sank and he said with a deep voice, “curator Xu, it’s time to change your position.”

Wen Yan, curator Xu couldn’t bear it anymore, his legs softened and fell to the ground with a click. The whole person looked like mud, “Mr. Mu, I got it wrong, no, don’t–”

Although Mu Tianhan was not his boss, nor was he a person in the system. But in the status of Mujia, it is necessary to get him a museum curator, which is just a matter of one sentence.

And, even worse, offended the Mu Family Master. It is

almost impossible for him to be Curator Xu in the provincial capital and even the whole province of Zhejiang.

Therefore, Curator Xu couldn’t care about his vanity anymore, and he cried and begged for mercy on the ground.

However, Mu Tianhan and Chen Fei were not interested in ignoring such people, and waved their hands to order the bodyguard to drag Curator Xu and Liu Chang out.

Solved the matter of Director Xu, immediately, Mu Tianhan personally led the way in front of him, ushered them into Chen Fei, and followed the wooden bridge to Hexinyu.

Compared with the lively and bustling shore, the Hexinyu Island is much quieter despite its small size.

Around Hexin Island is a circle of bricks and stones forming a pan embankment, and the most central location is a three-story wooden building. The wooden building is exquisitely decorated with gorgeous colors and radiance, which is quite eye-catching.

Under the wooden building, a group of gorgeously dressed people chatted and talked to each other, just like turning this traditional festival of lights into a high society reception.

There is no doubt that Mu Tianhan is one of the focal points of this reception.

He went out to greet the guests he brought, and naturally became the focus of everyone’s attention. For a time, many people stepped forward to greet the toast with a passionate attitude, which made Chen Fei a bit overwhelmed.

After some greetings, Mu Tianhan took Chen Fei to the highest floor of the wooden building.

There are fewer people here, only a few exquisite wooden tables with fragrant tea and snacks, and several guests chatted softly.

Obviously, those who can come to the third floor of the wooden building are the VIPs. Mu Tianhan brought Chen Fei to the third floor, which also showed Chen Fei’s status to a certain extent.

Mu Tianhan walked in, a middle-aged man got up and greeted him with a smile, “Brother Mu, you are finally back.”

“Brother Zheng, I am really embarrassed to keep you waiting. I apologize to you.” In front of this brother Zheng, Mu Tianhan’s attitude was relatively low.

“We are all brothers, Brother Mu, you apologize, that’s too much.” The brother Zheng made a bold voice, and then looked at Chen Fei behind Mu Tianhan. Their eyes looked slightly and opened his mouth

Said, “These are the honorable guests you brother went to meet?” Mu Tianhan nodded and then introduced with a smile: “Brother Zheng, this is Mr. Chen Fei Chen I told you before. He Not only a distinguished guest, but also the life-

saving benefactor of Mu Tianhan. ” ” It turns out that he is that Mr. Chen. “Brother Zheng looked over his eyes, his attitude was not very enthusiastic.

The wooden-day Han Chen Fei Xiang now introduce each other, “said Zheng Qin Shi is the president of the Chamber of Commerce of our southern provinces, is also member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC industry and commerce, real power big shot.”

“Wood brother, too, before. I ’m just the president, where can I be a big man. ”Although Zheng Qinshi ’s mouth is modest, the expression on his face still looks very proud.

At this time, a young man who looked like a 28-year-old boy shouted “Dad” to Zheng Qinshi, and then walked over to this side.

Seeing this, Mu Tianhan immediately introduced: “This is Zheng Kun Zheng Shao, the son of Brother Zheng, young and promising!”

Chen Fei turned his eyes and saw this Zheng Shao, his eyes narrowed slightly. This Zheng Shao, the one he met when he met Mu Qianying in the hotel two days ago.

At that time, Zheng Kun and Zheng Shao’s attitude towards him was not good.

Sure enough, when Zheng Kun saw the person coming as Chen Fei, his eyes suddenly froze, and an unpleasant and disdainful expression flashed across his face.


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