MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1486



“This–” Several bodyguards hesitated, not knowing what to do for a while.

After all, their responsibility is to guard the entrance and prevent riots. It didn’t teach the guests the duty to teach people.

However, at the moment Xu Guanzhang looking sank, the opening of the bodyguard said: “? I know wood house wood Tianhan master of the house, if you do not listen to me, to call me master of the house over the wood was willing to do hands-on”

Hearing this, Several bodyguards shuddered, their faces changed obviously.

For ordinary guests, they have no intention of helping out. But now, this curator Xu knows Mu Family Master, things are not quite the same.

After all, Mujia is a famous 100-year-old family of martial arts in the provincial capital. It is the top two family in the entire province of Zee, almost second only to the recently developed Cai family.

Of course, some bad news happened to the Cai family a while ago. The head of the family, Cai Xize and the young master Cai Han, died in the dragon tomb, which caused great losses to the Cai family. Some people speculate that the Mu family may take this opportunity to surpass the Cai family in one fell swoop and retake the name of the first family in Ze province.

Faced with such momentum, the bodyguards hesitated for a moment and then stepped over to prepare to help Curator Xu.

Upon seeing this, Curator Xu immediately looked very proud. He looked at Chen Fei and Chen Ziling and directed the bodyguard. Come over and give it to me, and I will teach her well. ”

Speaking of which, Curator Xu glanced at Chen Ziling, licking his tongue greedily, and his expression was sour.

Upon seeing this, Chen Mochi couldn’t help but shake his body. The chill that had just been suppressed suddenly burst out, and the fierce killing intention almost went to the curator Xu.

Fortunately, Chen Ziling took action in time and held Chen Mochi, so he didn’t let him do it, and the bleeding case came.

“This gentleman, you–” Two bodyguards came to Chen Fei and squeezed their fists, one pair was about to start.

Chen Fei narrowed his eyes, looked at them, and said

with a deep voice : “What do you mean? You have to deal with us for no reason!” “Sorry, Curator Xu is a VIP. We have to listen to VIP requests.” Out channel.

“VIP!” Chen Fei snorted, then stretched his hand in his arms, and took out three invitation letters, “We are also VIPs, then you have to listen to my words?”

Seeing this, the two bodyguards could not help Suddenly, surprised, he immediately looked at Curator Xu.

The proud curator Xu and Liu Chang didn’t expect Chen Fei to even have an invitation letter, and he couldn’t help but look down. However, with a sneer, Curator Xu said coldly, “I’m not an ordinary VIP. I’m a friend of Mu Tianhan Mu’s head. It’s best to think about whether you want to offend me or offend him. ”

Wen Yan, two bodyguards suffocated, looked at Chen Fei.

Chen Fei whispered: “He is a friend of Mujia, you have to deal with me. Then I am also a friend of Mujia, and this invitation letter is still an invitation signed by Mujia personally. Listen to what I say! ”

Chen Fei opened the invitation letter during the speech. The signature position at the bottom was awesomely written by Mu Tianhan. It is completely different from other invitations.

Upon seeing this, the scene was shocked, and there was a sound of discussion.

Xu Museum

Long and Liu Chang also somewhat taken aback, but then looking heavy, sneered: “! He said that the master of the house’s signature wood, you really believe ah”

“As far as I know, only ten invitations signed by the owner of the Mu family were sent out, all of which were invited by top dignitaries. Now, you have three invitations at once.

“Are you !” Liu Chang immediately echoed aside, “Yes, your fraud is too obvious. You dare to fake the signed invitation letter of the wooden house owner, it is simply stupid.”

“You are still stunned, do it quickly. , Catch these fake guys. “Curator Xu ordered.

The two bodyguards hesitated for a moment, and then judged that Curator Xu’s words seemed to be more true, his face sank, and when he turned around, he had to deal with Chen Fei.

Chen Fei narrowed his eyes, frowned gently, and was about to fight back.

But at this moment, a clear cry rang out, “What are you doing, stop me.”

Hearing the call, the bodyguards stopped involuntarily, then turned their heads to look.

I saw a lovely little girl of 18 or 9 years old, and now came vigorously towards this side.

Upon seeing this, everyone’s eyes immediately looked over, with a somewhat surprised and puzzled expression.

Liu Chang frowned, feeding a bodyguard of a daze and said: “You froze the doing, Xuguan Zhang did not hear the words of ah, ah fast hands a chit of a girl in that nonsense, do you control her! -”

two bodyguards heard , a look at the fool’s eyes looked Liu Chang, then bowed respectfully to greet the little girl said: “Miss wood!”

“she was Miss wood -” Liu Chang and some did not regain consciousness?.

The curator Xu on the side changed his face, staring at Liu Chang, gritting his teeth and whispering: “You shut up for me. That little girl is Miss Mujia Mu Qianying. You just talked nonsense, did you want to kill me?”

“What, she is Miss Mu?” Liu Chang was really shocked, shocked, and his face paled instantly.

And here, Mu Qianying came over, glaring at the two bodyguards, and shouted sharply: “What are you doing?”

“Miss Wood, I, we just–” The two bodyguards turned to look at Curator Xu.

Curator Xu had to stand up at this moment and squeeze out a smile, and said: “Miss Mu, I let them do it. These guys are scammers, they even take the signature invitation letter from the fake Mu Family Master and want to break in. Come, I’m worried that they are doing something bad, so I just — ”

Wait for the curator Xu to finish, Mu Qianying interrupted him directly, and said coldly,” Brother Chen, they invited me personally. Yes, the invitation letter was also sent by my dad personally. Who said you are a fake? ”

” Ah-this-“Curator Xu was shocked. I didn’t expect Chen Fei’s invitation letter to be true. , And he knew Mu Qianying.

After a moment of sluggishness, Director Xu’s forehead oozed with sweat, and his brain turned quickly, and the corner of his mouth was pulling, showing a smile that was uglier than crying. I do n’t know if he knows you? I made a mistake, I made a mistake. ”

” It is enough to make a mistake! “Mu Qianying said coldly,” Don’t you apologize for wronging Brother Chen? ”

” This— “Curator Xu’s expression suffocated, his cheeks stiffened. Anyway, he is the curator of the Zee Museum, and he is also regarded as the No. 1 figure of Zee Province.


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